How to Install Shower Wall Panels

By Trinity

14th Jun 2023

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Check out our step-by-step guide on how to install shower wall panels. Find an easy to follow breakdown of the entire process all in 6 simple steps.

White Bathroom With Black Shower Panels

Shower wall panels have become a popular option for bathroom renovations in recent years. Due to their versatile nature, they’re great for a feature wall as well as a replacement for tiles or wallpaper throughout an entire bathroom. 


If you’re considering having them fitted and want to know how invasive the process will be, or you’re an experienced DIY-er and want some guidance on how to install them, check out our step-by-step guide below and get your renovation over the finish line!


What are the benefits of using shower panels?


Whilst tiles can be a wonderful choice for your bathroom, they can often be expensive. Opting for shower wall panels can be a cost effective solution, especially if you are hoping to cover multiple walls in your bathroom. Shower wall panels can also be made completely waterproof, making them ideal for bathroom settings.


Another great advantage is shower wall panels don’t require grout. This gives them two major advantages over tiles. Firstly, grout can begin to stain due to limescale build up, dirt and mould. By eliminating the need for grout your shower space can stay looking fresh for longer! Secondly, because there is no grout this makes the installation process for shower wall panels much easier and quicker than tiles. 


There are also a great range of designs for shower wall panels. So don’t worry if you enjoy the look of tiles, you can still achieve this style with shower wall panels too. Even herringbone designs are now available to keep inline with tile trends!

What types of shower panels can I use?

There are 3 main types of shower wall panel. These are PVC, acrylic and MDF. Each has their own advantages. PVC panels are completely waterproof, light weight and have a small amount of flex in them due to their hollow centre. This makes them great for imperfect surfaces.  For acrylic panels the key features are a slimmer build, a high gloss finish and that they are completely waterproof. MDF panels when laminated are also completely waterproof, they’re easy to install and very cost effective. 


How to fit shower wall panels in your bathroom


Step 1: Measure your walls 

You’ll need to measure the entire area of the wall you want to cover. This will let you know how many shower wall panels you will need. Luckily, most shower wall panels can be installed over any surface, so don’t worry if you already have plaster or tiles on your wall. 

How to Install Shower Wall Panels Step 1

Step 2: Cut panels to size 


Hopefully only a few, if any, of your panels will need cutting to size. We have a variety of width options to make the installation process easier! To cut your panels to size, mark out the area you need to remove with masking tape. This will also protect the edges of the board when you cut the panel. We recommend using a hand saw or electric saw for this process.

How to Install Shower Wall Panels Step 2

Step 3: Sand your panels

Sand down any of the edges you might have cut to size, as well as the back of the boards you are using. This should create texture and make the board coarse which will allow adhesives to stick better to the surface.

How to Install Shower Wall Panels Step 4

Step 4: Add sealant to the back of the panel 

Next you need to add the sealant to the back of your shower wall panel. How much you will need will depend on the sealant you have but be sure to roughly cover the area of the board.

How to Install Shower Wall Panels Step 4

Step 5: Fit the panel to the wall 

Now you can place your panel onto the wall. It’s best to start in the corner and work your way across. Many panels have a tongue and groove fitting feature to lock the panels together. Ensure these are locked in as you press the board against the wall. To keep them in place as they dry it’s a good idea to place tile spacers below each board. This will also allow for room for sealant along the bottom of the boards to ensure a waterproof seal. 

How to Install Shower Wall Panels Step 5

Step 6: Repeat the process

Repeat this process across the rest of your wall ensuring that any tongue and groove joints are connected for a seamless finish.


How to Install Shower Wall Panels Step 6


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