Choosing the Right Tub: Is There a Standard Bath Size?

By George

5th Nov 2021

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With all of your fixtures and fittings fighting for space, planning your bathroom layout can be a minefield. The size of your bathtub, however, is by far one of the most important things to get right.

Choosing the Right Tub: Is There a Standard Bath Size?

It’s not just about selecting the right style either. Often the most substantial part of a bathroom, a lot of thought needs to go into the size and shape of the tub too.

With this in mind, we’ve looked into whether there is a standard bath size, the importance of your bath’s height and depth, and how many litres are in a bath. We even cover some alternative bath sizes for trickier bathroom spaces, too.

Is There a Standard Bath Size in The UK?

While not an official ‘standard’, the most common bath size in the UK is 1700mm x 700mm and this is generally agreed to be the standard bath size.

This is equivalent to 5ft 6in in length and 2ft 3in in width. A well-balanced option, this bath size is popular due to the fact that it will provide ample room for most users to bathe in comfort - all without taking up too much floor space. The best of both worlds for Britain’s relatively small bathrooms!

Kent Single Ended Bath | Bathtub Depth: 400mm
This Kent Single Ended Bath is an excellent example of a 1700mm x 700mm bath. Its minimal style allows it to suit both modern and traditional settings.

The popularity of this size is reflected in the fact that 1700mm x 700mm baths are by far the most numerous on our site, too. We stock well over 100 types of 1700mm x 700mm baths from some of the most admired manufacturers in the industry - in designs to suit any kind of bathroom decor.

The second most popular UK bath size is 1700mm x 750mm. Though it may seem like a minor, incremental difference, the additional 50mm of width can really increase comfort and provide a more indulgent feel - especially for larger users.

Danbury Single Ended Bath with Grips - 1700 x 750mm | Bathtub Height from Floor: 550mm
This Danbury 1700mm x 750mm Single Ended Bath boasts sturdy hand grips and is made with high-grade 4mm acrylic for superb longevity.

You’ll find over 100 different styles of 1700mm x 750mm bath here at VP, so you’ll be certain to find one that matches your tastes - no matter how distinctive they may be.

What About Bathtub Height?

While plenty of thought goes into selecting the right length and width of a bath, not many of us consider the height. A bathtub’s height from the floor can have a big impact on both the visual appeal and the practicality of a bathroom space.

Choose a bath on the shorter side, and it could end up looking out of place in a large family bathroom. On the flip side, a particularly tall bath installed in a compact bathroom could lead to even the most carefully planned of bathroom layouts feeling cramped and impractical.

Your bathtub’s height from the floor can also (though not always) have a significant impact on the depth of the tub and, in turn, the number of litres of water required to fill it. Imposingly tall freestanding baths tend to be deeper and have a higher capacity. How many litres in a bath can vary wildly though, so it’s always good to check each individual product’s capacity.

For instance, this Verona Large Freestanding Modern Bath in its 1800mm x 750mm size is 580mm tall and takes whopping 213 litres to fill it from the base to the overflow. Comparatively, the technically larger 1800mm x 800mm Banbury Single Ended Bath requires just 182 litres because its internal depth is smaller.

Verona Large Freestanding Modern Bath | Bathtub Height from Floor to Overflow: 500mm
An eyecatching and indulgently deep freestanding tub, the Verona Freestanding Modern Bath makes for a stunning focal point.

We suggest taking the time to find a combination of depth and capacity that will suit your personal needs as a bather. If you’re looking for indulgent luxury, opt for a deep freestanding tub. If your priorities lie in cutting water bills and increasing energy efficiency, go for a standard bath with a lower capacity instead.

Alternative Bath Sizes

As they are seen as a necessity for many, baths are now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit even the trickiest of bathroom layouts. From stylish corner baths that can free up floor space to innovative shower baths that provide users with a larger showering area, our extensive bathroom baths collection features options for almost any situation.

Found our brief guide to standard bath sizes helpful? Want more bathtub tips? Try our recent guide on What to Consider When Hiring a Bathroom Fitter. For all sorts of other bathroom inspiration - from style guides to DIY advice - stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing Blog.



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