5 Small Family Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Space Child-Friendly

By George

27th Oct 2020

6 mins read

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We take a look at some clever family bathroom design ideas that can help you make the most of smaller spaces.

Family Bathroom Suite

Whether you’ve just moved into your first family home or already have a curious toddler or two, you’ve probably become increasingly aware of potential hazards in your bathroom.

This is all the more likely if your bathroom is a little bit on the small side. From the corners of cramped family bathroom suites to misplaced towels and toiletries, a tight space could lead to slips and bumps for you and your family.

To combat this, we’ve put together a list of 5 small family bathroom ideas that can help keep your space more organised while eliminating a few common pitfalls.

Just a few tweaks can quickly put your mind at ease. These mainly involve keeping the floor space clear, using clever tech to avoid scalding, and making sure any potentially harmful items are kept well out of reach of children.

Our Top 5 Small Family Bathroom Ideas


1. Keep clutter to a minimum with a mirror cabinet

We all know how cluttered and crowded a bathroom basin can get. In particularly untidy spaces, your toothpaste tubes, soaps, face creams, deodorants, and more can even make it difficult for you to get to a tap! While this sounds more unsightly than hazardous, an unruly basin or vanity can quickly become dangerous if you use it to store daily medicines and razors.

The best remedy for a situation like this is to install a sleek mirrored bathroom cabinet. These handy alternatives to standard mirrors provide you with ample storage to help you keep your basin or vanity completely clear of anything harmful. Some cabinets, such as the Croydex Trent Medicine Cabinet above, are lockable, adding an extra layer of security against taller, more daring children.

2. Avoid trips with walk in shower enclosures

When considering family bathroom design ideas, it’s good to think about any obstacles that could cause trips and falls. The most obvious areas for this are baths and showers as clambering in and out things, especially things with wet surfaces, always runs the risk of an accident.

The best small family bathroom ideas limit the amount of raised areas in the space. A walk in shower enclosure without a lip is your best bet here, as these completely take away the need for any climbing or lifting that could put you or a family at risk of a fall. In addition to their practical benefits, modern walk in shower enclosures can be incredibly stylish, too.

3. Keep towels tidy!

Another recurring problem in small family bathrooms. The common bath towel becomes a formidable foe when left haphazardly on a wet floor. Interestingly, it’s the grown-ups that most often fall to these, as children seem to have a penchant for placing towels precisely where you’d least expect them. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep this threat to a minimum.

Keep dry towels tucked away in vanities or out of the room entirely if you’re strapped for space. Wet towels, on the other hand, should never find themselves on the floor or draped over the bath. For these, invest in a quality towel hook or towel rail. We heartily recommend ladder towel radiators as these keep towels toasty during winter months while also taking up far less space than a regular radiator.

4. Make sure your shower is thermostatic

An almost universal issue, unruly showers that dither between scalding hot and icy cold without warning can be found in family bathrooms across the country. This can be awful for children, with bad experiences likely putting them off altogether in favour of the stable temperature of a bath.

If this scenario sounds familiar its time you invested in a thermostatic shower, such as the terrific Monza Modern Round Thermostatic Shower pictured above. These clever showers use innovative tech that ensures that the water is maintained at its set temperature, even if your cold or hot water supply should fail. This works to prevent both cold shock and scalding, making the shower far safer for young ones.

5. Choose anti-slip bath mats

This one’s a no-brainer really. Good bath mats are essential for all small family bathroom ideas. These should be placed at entrances to showers and baths as well as in the vicinity of basins to prevent slips from pooled water and increase grip.

This Wenko bamboo bath mat is ideal for a small family bathroom. The back of the mat is lined with reliable anti-slip latex which will keep it firmly in place. Additionally, the real bamboo finish can give your space a beautiful natural touch.

Cut the Cost with Small Family Bathroom Suites

If you’re planning a renovation and are stuck for family bathroom design ideas, it may be worth considering small family bathroom suites. Buying a suite offers numerous benefits over buying furniture individually. You’ll get a package, usually comprised of a basin, a bath, and a toilet, all boasting consistent designs and usually at a cheaper price than they would be if bought separately. Interested? Check out our collection of small bathroom suites, featuring compact designs for small family bathrooms.

Found our small family bathroom ideas helpful? Want to learn more? Try our previous guide on Bathroom Layout Ideas and How to Plan Them. For all other bathroom inspiration, stick with the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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