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Shop our complete collection of high quality bathroom towel radiators. The best way to ensure your towels stay toasty all year round, our range includes heated towel radiator options for every budget. Offering a luxurious touch to bathrooms, en-suites or cloakrooms, they can be connected to your central heating system, function solely with an electric element or operate as dual fuel systems. Free standard UK delivery on all orders over £499.

Our towel radiators boast impeccable designs reminiscent of those found in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In addition to this, you'll also find options in striking modern finishes, such as rose gold and anthracite, to give your space a contemporary twist. For smaller spaces, we have a range of small and narrow heated towel radiators while wide and tall towel radiators are ideal for larger bathrooms.

All of our heated towel radiators are tried and tested to meet exacting standards. Built using only the finest materials, such as high-grade stainless steel, every design has longevity in mind. To sweeten the deal, the overwhelming majority of our towel radiators come with impressive guarantees against manufacturing defects.

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18 results
Venice Brushed Black Nickel Designer Heated Towel Rail (500 x 1500mm) Medium Image


Victorian Plumbing


Was £299.95

Finance from £10.87/month

In Stock

Venice Brushed Black Nickel Designer Heated Towel Rail (500 x 1200mm) Medium Image


Brooklyn Square 1200 x 500mm Black Nickel Heated Towel Rail Medium Image
Bloomsbury Black Nickel 1548 x 598mm Wall Mounted Towel Rail Medium Image


Victorian Plumbing


Finance from £11.24/month

In Stock

Delta Black Nickel Designer Heated Towel Rail 1080 x 550mm Large Image
Victorian Plumbing


Finance from £10.12/month

In Stock

Brooklyn Square 1600 x 500mm Black Nickel Heated Towel Rail Medium Image
Victorian Plumbing


Finance from £10.12/month

In Stock

Venice Brushed Black Nickel Designer Heated Towel Rail (500 x 800mm)


Savoy Black Nickel Traditional Heated Towel Rail Medium Image
Victorian Plumbing


Finance from £13.12/month

In Stock

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Diamond Heated Towel Rail - W500 x H800mm - Anthracite - Straight Large Image

Solid Piece of Kit, Looks Great

17th August 2023

Very pleased with this. Seems solidly made and was easy to install. Looks great against sandstone coloured tiles and slate floor. Also good price. No complaints here!

Darri from Edinburgh

Chatsworth Yale Traditional Wall Hung Towel Rail Radiator (630 x 1000mm) Large Image

Review From Trustpilot

16th August 2023

It looks stunning , very pleased .

roger pinner- verified purchaser

Crosswater MPRO 480 x 1140mm Heated Towel Rail - Brushed Brass Effect - MP48X1140F Large Image

Wish it was the same finish as the other MPRO range

3rd August 2023

This is shown clearly in the photos, but I was hoping it'd be shinier...the finish is dull compared to the rest of the MPRO range.

Mel from Wembley


Towel radiators offer numerous benefits, elevating your bathroom with style and efficiency. This FAQ section dives into their advantages over standard radiators, their heating capabilities, ideal sizes, preferred styles and their electricity usage. Learn how these versatile fixtures not only warm your towels but also add a touch of elegance to your space while saving both energy and space.


What are the advantages of towel radiators over standard radiators?

Towel radiators stand out with their dual functionality, heating towels while providing a stylish storage solution. They are energy-efficient, cutting down heating costs and boasting a sleek design that saves space. With diverse styles available, from modern to traditional, they seamlessly integrate into any style of bathroom.


Do towel radiators heat the bathroom?

Aside from standard convector radiators, you could opt for a towel radiator or heated towel rail in a bathroom. While these are designed to - as the name suggests - heat bath towels, hand towels and robes, larger models are also capable of heating entire rooms. This is especially the case in small bathrooms; some towel radiators are tall and slim, meaning that you are maximising the available space available. Of course, it may not be the best choice for a large bathroom but, for a cloakroom or en-suite, towel radiators can actually be more energy efficient.


What size towel radiator should I get?

Determining the right towel radiator size involves assessing your bathroom's dimensions to ensure it provides ample heating. Larger towel radiators occupy significant space, which might not be ideal for smaller bathrooms. Opting for a smaller design in compact spaces can save valuable room while still offering efficient heating for your bathroom.


What style of heated towel rail is best?

There are various styles available for heated towel rails, ensuring you'll discover one that suits your taste among the options provided. However, for bathrooms, a stainless steel towel radiator stands out as an excellent choice due to its exceptional resistance to rust. Given the moisture and steam in bathroom environments, stainless steel proves highly durable and reliable.


Do towel radiators use a lot of electricity?

Heated towel rails spare you from using the entire central heating system. However, due to the energy demands of their internal heating element, they might incur high operational costs. Performing similarly to kettles, albeit with lower immediate power consumption, electric towel radiators might seem costly to run but the reality is quite different. In fact, they tend to be more economical compared to most other heating setups and can help to reduce heating expenses by around 40%.