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Shower Heads & Arms Buying Guide


As something we all use every day, it's important that your shower is perfect for your requirements. Quality, reliability and style are all factors you need to consider before making your purchase. In this guide we'll take a look at the various shower heads and arms which are available to you, and help you decide exactly which products will be ideal for your bathroom.

So what are my options?

When it comes to making your choice the first thing you need to know is that you can pick between either a head, arm or a combination of the two depending on what you need for your particular shower.

There are plenty of styles available so whether you want something ultra-modern or more traditional you won't struggle for choice. Choosing a head and arm package means that the products are guaranteed to fit together, however if you opt to buy separately it does offer a little more personalisation as you can choose whichever head or arm you please (provided they fit together; always check the product dimensions!)

Handsets: Besides the overhead style fixtures, don't forget you can also opt for a handset too! Unlike wall or ceiling mounted heads, these aren't fixed; they come on a hose which is usually attached to the shower rail and will allow you to hold it in any position you like while you shower.

Are they easy to install?

As with anything plumbing based it all depends on what experience you have at doing this kind of DIY really. If you've tackled this sort of work before then you shouldn't face any problems but if you're a total novice we'd recommend contacting a professional to install your new shower head for you.


Once your shower head is installed, you're going to want to keep the finish shiny for as long as possible. If left alone for a long time, chrome finishes can become dull and hard water marks can appear. Left over soap deposits can also harden and block the holes, making the shower less effective as a result. Luckily, there's a really simple, clever trick which will keep everything looking like new for years to come.

What you need to do is wrap a rubber band around the shower head (making sure it's tight fitting) then fill a plastic bag with white vinegar before using the rubber band to secure it to the head. Make sure the whole head is covered. Leave this alone for around an hour before removing the bag. You should then turn the shower on and use a clean microfibre cloth to gently buff the metalwork to a fantastic shine.

Not only will the vinegar bring the finish up really well (it won't damage the metal either unlike some harsher chemicals) but it'll also remove any dirt which may be clogging up the holes. In short, it's a brilliantly simple way to ensure your bathroom looks its best at all times.

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