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Bathroom Taps Buying Guide


So, you're looking for some stylish new bathroom taps to adorn your sanitary-ware? Well the good news is that no matter what your specific tastes or requirements are there'll definitely be something for you; in fact it's often narrowing things down that's the hard part! But choosing a new set of taps isn't just about their physical appearance, there are a few other things you need to think about too, which we will outline for you in this guide.

So what are my options?

You'll certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to bathroom taps as the sheer abundance of options available to you is huge.

Bath: Your choice here consists of various products such as separate taps, bridge taps, bath shower mixers, and bath fillers. You will also find numerous fitments such as wall mounted, deck mounted or free-standing taps which enables you to tailor everything to suit your requirements.

Basin: Again you have a wide selection to pick from, including conventional separate taps and mono basin mixers as well as the ultra-modern high rise and waterfall tap designs which are becoming increasingly popular. Choose a style that will complement the room and you can't go wrong really (just be sure to pay attention to the number of tap holes you have before buying!)

Bidet: Bidets are coming back in fashion again, and so your choice of bidet taps is actually very good these days. Many bidet mixers are designed to match the style of basin taps to create a more coordinated feel. You can also buy douche spray kits which offer an ideal way to upgrade these items.

Are taps easy to install?

This all depends really. A lot of basin and bidet mixers are relatively straight forward to fit yourself as long as you're completely confident in your own abilities. Bath taps can be a little bit trickier to install however as access might be more limited depending on the type of bath you have, so reaching your plumbing might not be too easy. If in doubt call in the professionals to avoid a catastrophe!

What is ceramic disk technology?

A lot of bathroom taps nowadays feature something called ceramic disk technology. One disk moves when you turn the handle while the other remains in place. Water will freely flow through the body of your tap when the disks are aligned which each other and will stop when they are no longer in alignment.

This makes things much more durable as they won't begin to leak after a while unlike the older rubber washer designs which can perish and leave you with annoying dripping taps.

Things to consider before buying

Well, that's the bulk covered but there are still a few things you should think about before making a purchase.

Water pressure: All our taps will display which water pressure is required for operation in their product descriptions. You should double check your pressure before you decide on a set of taps as they may not be compatible with your plumbing.

Tap holes: This is a really simple thing to check; but we all know how easy it is to overlook these things and get caught out so it's worth mentioning. If your basin features two tap holes then you'll need separate taps and if it only has one then what you want is a mono basin mixer. However, there are exceptions to the rule such as bridge taps, which feature a single body but require two tap holes in order to be installed correctly.

Coordination: On a final note, purely for purposes of style it's best to make sure that all the taps you have actually match. So, if you have a crosshead basin mixer, then fit crosshead style bath and bidet taps for a much neater look.

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