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Basin Taps Buying Guide

Introduction to basin taps

If you're looking to add a subtle upgrade to your bathroom without having to replace some of the larger items then there is a great, and very affordable solution: buying new basin taps. It feels like there's a limitless amount of styles to choose from, which means you'll be able to find something that will perfectly complement your bathroom whether it has a traditional influence or is ultra-modern in its design. This guide will outline exactly what you need to know when selecting new basin taps.

What type of basin taps are available?

Depending on the style of your washbasin, there are numerous options for you to choose. Here's some useful information about what each basin tap is and how it benefits you:

Separate basin taps: Separate basin taps are usually 2 deck mounted basin taps which provide a hot flow of water and another one which provides a cold flow. They generally come in traditional styles but some have a modern style as well.

Mono basin mixer taps: Basin mixer taps are the most common style of basin taps. They feature crisp, modern lines which really enhance the look of minimalist basins. A single lever is lifted and turned to one side for hot water and the other for cold. Mono basin mixers are practical as they save space, which also makes them a good choice for cloakrooms and en-suites.

Waterfall basin taps: If you want to have the latest look which will give your bathroom a designer feel then these taps are your best option. They feature a wide, open-top spout which allows more water to flow through, creating a 'waterfall' effect. They can even come with in-built lighting for an even more unique result. Great for fans of ultra-modern styling.

High rise taps: These freestanding basin mixer taps are designed to be used with counter top basins for creating a very trendy and contemporary feel. They are much taller than regular taps and are placed next to the basin, attached to the countertop. These taps don't attach to the basin itself as most counter top basins typically feature very thin edges which cannot accommodate tap holes.

Are basin taps easy to install?

While fitting new basin taps is easy if you've had previous experience with plumbing installations, it can be quite challenging for amateurs so we recommend seeking the help of a professional if you're a little unsure of the process involved.

Pay attention to how many tap holes your basin has as you will need either a mono basin mixer or separate basin taps depending on how many holes are present. Make sure the water supply is turned off before beginning too as this will prevent any accidents.

Wall mounted basin taps will require a further level of experience as these will need to be fitted to the wall and a professional is recommended if you haven't done this before.

What are quarter turn taps?

These items are operated by turning the handle through 90 degrees. This makes them a more practical choice for people who suffer from joint pains. They feature ceramic disks instead of rubber washers, which prevent dripping much more effectively as they won't wear out like rubber items; so there's no need to turn the tap really tight to stop those pesky drips from happening.

Are there any water saving basin taps available?

There are indeed. A large selection of mono basin mixers feature eco-friendly designs. Some of these taps feature mechanisms which enable you to switch between full and 50% water flow which allows you to cut down on the amount of water you use each day.

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