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Do Water Saving Taps Actually Save You Money

By Ahlam Abdulaziz

23rd May 2022

3 mins read

DIY & Technical

Whether you are looking to install a water-saving tap to help protect the environment or to keep your water bill costs down, our tap experts have compiled this guide to help you decided whether a water-saving tap is worth splashing out on!

Do Water Saving Taps Actually Save You Money?

What Are Water Saving Taps?

water saving tap is a tap that helps to reduce the water flow in the spout by using clever technology. Other benefits may include an automatic switch off or sensors to minimise unnecessary water usage, as well as pre-adjustable temperature controls. These eco-friendly taps are designed to help protect the environment. With advanced technology, they successfully help reduce your water consumption and save energy.

Why Should I Save Water?

According to waterwise, the average person in England and Wales uses 142 litres per day, 165 litres per day in Scotland and 145 litres per day in Northern Ireland. Due to population growth, the use of water per person is increasing and climate change will affect future water resources. If we are not efficient enough in the way we use water, then the UK could be hit with water shortages by 2050.

Will Saving Water Save Me Money?

With a forecasted increase of 1.7% in water bills in 2022, installing a water saving tap is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many households in the UK. The real question is, will they actually save you any money?

According to SaveMoneyCutCarbon, switching to eco taps or mixers in your home could cut your water consumption by up to 60%. This will help you save money on your water bill, whilst helping the environment.

Do Water Saving Taps Actually Save You Money

Top Brands & Water Saving Techniques

Companies worldwide are becoming more aware of climate change and the high risk of becoming vulnerable to water scarcity. In order to help reduce this risk, many have introduced efficient ways to reduce water consumption.

There are many types of water saving bathroom taps that will not only help you reduce your water consumption, but also save you money in the long run.


Hansgrohe the German bathroom specialists produce efficient water saving taps are equipped with EcoSmart technology which consumes up to 60% less water than conventional products. This means that you will be using less water and energy to heat the water, saving both your wallet and the environment.

This elegant hansgrohe single lever kitchen mixer not only features the advanced technology of EcoSmart, but it also includes CoolStart, which reduces the use of hot water unless it is needed. So when it is opened in the basic setting, cold water will flow until you change it to receive hot water. This allows for water to be heated only when it needs to be.

Another great water saving tap is the Focus electronic basin mixer, which features an EcoSmart technology that keeps water flow to a minimum. Additional techniques to help you save water are the pre-adjustable temperature. It allows you to only use hot water when you need it. The Focus electronic basin mixer also features a sensor, which triggers the water flow when your hand is near it. This helps to reduce water wastage by preventing continuous water flow when it is not needed.

hansgrohe Focus Electronic Basin Mixer

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard taps are fitted with Click Technology, allowing for water flow to be reduced by 50%. This mechanism gives you the ability to determine the maximum water temperature, for increased safety and efficient water saving capability.

If you want to save on your water bills and keep a sleek look in your bathroom, we recommend this Ideal Standard Ceraline basin mixer. It comes equipped with a 5 litre per minute eco aerated flow regulator, which is a small tool that ensures your home uses less water whenever you turn the tap on.

Another suitable Ideal Standard water saving tap is the Ceraplan basin mixer. Its simple chrome design is ideal for most contemporary and traditional settings. The Ceraplan water saving bathroom tap balances style with technology, featuring a 5 litre per minute eco flow regulator.


Bristan taps also feature simple water saving solutions, to positively impact the environment and potentially reduce your overall household monthly water bill.

The Quadrato basin mixer is equipped with an eco-click mechanism ensuring water conservation is effortlessly done. It offers subtle resistance as it reaches approximately half of its full flow capability, saving you water. The Quadrato basin mixer also incorporates an additional safety feature where you can control the temperature by repositioning a plastic collar under the control lever. This limits the use of hot water, potentially reducing your energy bills.

Another great option from the Bristan water saving range, is this Prism basin mixer tap. This tap also has the eco-click cartridge and pre-adjustable temperature option. This feature will help you save money on your water bills and minimise the use of unnecessary water. The Prism contemporary tap has an aerator flow straightener fitted for a softer flow that does not splash back.

Now that you know the benefits of water saving taps and our recommended products, be sure to check out the rest of our water-saving taps. We offer a range of contemporary and traditional styles in various shapes and sizes.



Ahlam is one of our bathroom design and DIY experts. Read her blog posts for easy-to-follow guides and insightful tips on how to elevate the look of your bathroom.

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