WYB: Wet Room Walk In Showers Under £350

By Alan

9th Feb 2018

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What's Your Budget? WYB takes a look at some of the best walk in shower enclosures under £350.

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Walk In Showers Under £350

This week’s ‘What’s Your Budget?’ (WYB) feature takes a look at wet rooms and walk in showers for under £350. What’s Your Budget for walk in showers? Can we find a walk in shower for under 350 pounds? Let’s find out!

Wet rooms and walk in showers explained...

wet room is essentially an area within the home where a shower is the main feature. It’s designed to contain water in such a way that the user can freely shower within the room without having to worry about splashing everywhere due to the tiles used for walls and floor. A feature drain (also known as a waste), usually positioned in the centre of the wet room, will eventually remove all the water leaving it dry shortly after use...

A wet room walk in shower enclosure can be a practical bathroom feature offering lots of flexibility as well as a totally stylish space within a modern bathroom without going whole hog on a complete wet room design. If you don’t like the confined feel of typical shower enclosures with doors or you’d prefer to just walk into your shower without the need for doors, and having to watch your step, then a wet room walk in shower is ideal for you.

Are there walk in shower enclosures available within a £350 budget?

A budget of £350 is a rather substantial amount of money and it should get you most items needed in a bathroom but, can it get you a wet room walk in shower? Well, the simple answer to this is yes but, here at Victorian Plumbing we’re going to show you five fine examples of walk in showers that you can buy for less than £350.

Here are a few worthy wet room walk in showers for less than £350


Matrix 8mm Walk In Shower Enclosure

This nice and neat walk in shower enclosure by Matrix is one of our best sellers. If you’re looking for value for money it is so easy to see why so many customers choose this budget walk in shower.

Manufactured to the highest of standards yet ultra-modern in style it creates a minimalist feature worthy of the most modish of homes. This package includes:

● Main Screen Width: 830-850mm
● Glass Height: 1900mm
● Return Panel Width: 240mm

Price = £299.95

Change from your budget = £50.05

What could you buy with the change? This walk-in shower comes in under £300, which gives you enough money left over to put towards a wet room shower lay to finish the look and the money saved from your budget will certainly go a long way towards one!

Why choose this walk in shower? WYB says “Unbelievable value for money!"


Nova Square Walk In Shower

If you are short on space then this walk in shower enclosure from Nova will certainly look the part in your bathroom.

Ideal for small bathrooms and en-suites, this luxury Nova frameless wet room is great for creating a minimalist and stylish showering area. In this package you'll receive:

● Wet Room Screen
● Durable Stone Resin Shower Tray
● 5 Year Guarantee

Price = £269.95

Change from your budget = £80.05

What could you buy with the change? Take a walk on the styled side and splash out on one of these shower heads with arms! This is another great budget walk in shower that costs less than £300.

Why choose this walk in shower? WYB says “Unique styling and excellent value!


Nova Wet Room

If the large showering space of the Nova Wet Room doesn’t bring a smile to your face then the easy clean toughened safety glass feature certainly will!

It comes with a slimline shower tray which boasts a bespoke design and the easyclean technology makes for an effortless task when it comes to doing the cleaning. Here's what you'll get:

● Wet Room Screen - 700mm
● Rectangular Stone Resin Shower Tray - 1200 x 800 x 400mm

Price = £339.95

Change from your budget = £11.05

What could you buy with the change? This doesn’t give much change for your £350 budget but, you could certainly buy an easy clean shower tray waste to complete the look!

Why choose this walk in shower? WYB says “Easy clean and slimline design!


Arezzo Tinted Glass Wet Room

For an ultimate wet room style look no further than the Arezzo walk in enclosure with 8mm thick grey tinted glass and quality shower tray.

The On-Trend Arezzo wet room screen features a stunning matt black profile and grey smoked tinted glass that will bring a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. It’s also no surprise that this a very popular enclosure for those looking for an easy clean walk in shower that really looks and feels superb. This package contains:

● Rectangular Walk-in Shower Tray With Drying Area (1600mm x 800mm)
● Wetroom Screen - H1850 x W900mm

Price = £299.95

Change from your budget = £50.05

What could you buy with the change? You have enough to buy your self a sleek round towel ring that will complete the look of your bathroom.

Why choose this walk in shower? WYB says “Stylish and easy to keep clean!

What’s Your Budget Going To Do For You?

We understand that there’s loads to choose from when it comes to walk in showers but, when you throw a budget into the mix, it generally squeezes the life out of your options. The good news is that there is still a fantastic variety of walk in enclosures to choose from around £300 - £350 and they don’t just look great.

When you’re spending all that money you want to be sure that you’re buying quality so it’s important that these are built to high standards and some are backed with really long guarantees! Other options come with all the bits you need whereas some options may not include a waste or tray. It’s always a good idea to double check what each package includes before making your decision.

We really hope our WYB guide to wet room walk in shower enclosures has given you a great place to start. The walk in enclosures above are not in any particular order but they’re all popular models picked by our customers on a regular basis. And, no wonder when they reward you with plenty of change from your budget to spend on other bathroom products in most cases!

Please leave your questions and comments below and don’t forget to share this with somebody who might find it useful!

Are you thinking about going for a shower enclosure instead? Why not view our shower enclosures buying guide here for some helpful advice and information.



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