WYB: Ceramic Kitchen Sinks Under £275

By Alan

18th Apr 2017

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In this week's 'What's Your Budget' feature we take a look at 4 ceramic kitchen sinks you can buy for less than £275!

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WYB - Ceramic Kitchen Sinks Under £275

Kitchen sinks, kitchen basins, call them what you like - we all need them don’t we. Finding them is easy but choosing the perfect one for your kitchen always seems to be a slightly trickier task, but don’t worry, the WYB team are back and this week we’ll be dissecting your options to see which ceramic kitchen sinks you can buy for less than £275.


What is a ceramic kitchen sink?

Okay, i’m sure we all know what a kitchen sink is, but apart from that thing you wash your dishes in or empty your kettle or sour milk, for many people the kitchen sink is a very practical area which can also create an attractive corner of your kitchen - should you get it right!

Ceramic kitchen sinks come in a range of styles and sizes, but unlike standard kitchen sinks which are usually made of stainless steel these basins are made from ceramic. This material makes them strong, durable and easier to clean.

A popular option right now is the butler sink, also known as a belfast sink, which is a deep ceramic basin which also comes in double bowl options or twin sinks. The double bowl option allows for extra practicality and function; such as washing dishes in one side and rinsing dishes in the other. Another function for an added bowl could be for washing things such as fruit and veg if your other sink is in use.

Other kitchen sinks include standard ceramic basins with a drainage board and single bowl ceramic kitchen sinks which can be inset into kitchen worktops or semi-inset which leaves the front of the basin exposed; ideal for farmhouse styles or a rustic look.


Choosing a ceramic kitchen sink under £275

Buying a ceramic kitchen sink on a budget will obviously restrict you slightly from some of the larger, pricier basins, but if you think you’d be short of choice you’d be happy to hear that isn’t the case.

Saving money by doing your research is one way of keeping to a budget, but have you thought about the installation. If you have a very good friend who will help you then definitely give them a call (and be nice), but if you're not so lucky then take a look at our guide for replacing a kitchen sink as you may be able to do it yourself!

If you’ve read one of our ‘What’s Your Budget’ features before you’ll know that we love finding the best options on a budget. It’s no different when it comes to kitchen sinks so let's take a look at 4 ceramic kitchen sinks under £275!


Bower Belfast White Ceramic Kitchen Sink

A double bowl butler sink for less than £275 is a rare find. It makes the Bower Belfast sink a really special pick and one that is definitely worth considering for your kitchen.

The two bowls offer you maximum practicality and this design is perfect for a pull out spray kitchen tap to get a super popular and totally resplendent look. This ceramic kitchen sink also comes with a 5 year guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Price = £249.95

Change from your budget = £25.05

What could you buy with the change? As you’ll need kitchen taps for your new kitchen sink then why not use the change from your budget to put towards the stunning pull out spray kitchen tap?

Why choose this ceramic kitchen sink? WYB says “A double bowl ceramic kitchen sink under £250!”

Rangemaster Ceramic Kitchen Sink

The Grange Belfast offers a contemporary sit-on option that benefits from a slightly larger bowl, which means it's perfect for creating a unique and stylish look.

These traditional ceramic kitchen sinks are built to last and look fantastic when combined with traditional kitchen taps. The wider design makes it large and practical for a variety of day to day tasks.

Price = £249.95

Change from your budget = £25.05

What could you buy with the change? This beautiful traditional-style butler sink will be perfectly complemented by the Dual-Lever Traditional Kitchen Tap

Why choose this ceramic kitchen sink? WYB says “An exclusive belfast sink!”


Reginox White 1.5 Bowl Sink

For a stunning ceramic kitchen sink with total practicality in mind then this 1.5 bowl with drainage board is a brilliant option. Modern and stylish it’ll fit the needs of most family kitchens.

It’s strong and durable; fully backed with a 10 year guarantee and it’s reversible meaning you can position whichever way suits your kitchen layout. Combine with modern kitchen taps for the best look.

Price = £219.95

Change from your budget = £59.05

What could you buy with the change? You can buy this ceramic kitchen sink under £250 which means the change from your budget could also go towards this matching Reginox Genesis Modern Kitchen Sink Mixer!

Why choose this ceramic kitchen sink? WYB says “Excellent quality and functionality!”


Reginox White Single Bowl Sink

Simple but stylish, this Reginox white ceramic 1 bowl kitchen sink is perfect for any contemporary kitchen. The drainer is excellent for use as additional worktop space and allowing dishes to dry.

A 10 year guarantee backs the quality build from Reginox and the hard wearing, durable finish and design makes this sink easy to clean and hygienic which is perfect for families. Partner with a monobloc kitchen tap to achieve a designer look.

Price = £209.95

Change from your budget = £65.05

What could you buy with the change? Here’s another ceramic kitchen sink for less than £250. The change from your budget will allow you to contribute towards the Reginox Elbe Traditional Dual Lever Kitchen Tap Mixer!

Why choose this ceramic kitchen sink? WYB says “Simplicity and style!”


Buying kitchen sinks on a budget

Budget ceramic kitchen sinks aren’t the cheapest kitchen sinks around, but you can certainly find a quality item for less than £275. Prices do vary and can range well over £500 however you’ll certainly have a durable and well made product for a £275 budget.

Please ensure you factor in the cost of kitchen taps as these will not come with a ceramic kitchen sink and will certainly be needed to complete your sink, unless you have an old set of taps you’ll be using. There’s nothing wrong with reusing old kitchen taps which you just can't let go of although a new sink will definitely benefit from a brand new tap in most cases.

Some kitchen sinks may not come with a drainage board or drainer but you can pick up one of these for less than £100. Here’s a ceramic belfast sink kitchen drainer from Reginox which would complement many kitchen sinks in a wide range of styles.

One other thing which is useful to note is that a £275 budget means that no matter the style of sink you want, this budget will allow you to choose any sort of ceramic kitchen sink style which means you’re not at all limited on options.

Finally, if you're serious about updating the sink area then you may want to think about the wall area too. A stunning display of kitchen tiles could create the perfect finish. A very popular option right now is the metro tile range. Grey metro tiles and white metro tiles have really dominated through 2016 right through to 2017! If you're in need of some DIY inspiration, why not take a look at our wall tiles section from our 8 Trade Tips For Perfect DIY Tiling blog?

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest ‘What’s Your Budget’ feature and found it useful. If you think somebody else may benefit from this guide then please feel free to share it with them using the social buttons provided!



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