WYB: Bathroom Vanities Under £150

By Alan

10th Aug 2017

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What's Your Budget? WYB takes a look at some of the best bathroom vanities under £150. Will you choose wall hung or freestanding units to add style and practicality to your bathroom?

WYB: Bathroom Vanities Under £150

Bathroom Vanities Under £150

A couple of decades ago, the thought of placing a vanity unit in a bathroom hadn’t crossed the minds of the masses, however roll on into the year 2000 and if your bathroom doesn’t have a vanity unit it really isn’t complete. Buying a vanity unit should be a simple task, but when you have multiple varieties and endless styles it can sometimes feel overwhelming. The good news is our WYB team are back and in this week’s ‘What’s your budget?’ feature we’re narrowing down your options by looking at bathroom vanity units under £150.

What are bathroom vanities?

Bathroom vanities, also known as vanity units, are storage cabinets for bathrooms which allow you to safely store essential bathroom products and accessories. They can be freestanding (floor standing) or wall mounted and come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some bathroom storage cabinets and vanities include basins and, if you have a small bathroom, you may be happy to hear that there are combination vanity units which combine a vanity unit, basin and toilet; perfect for saving space when it’s limited.

Wall hung or freestanding?

There are no rules to buying vanity units so choose one which you prefer. Wall hung vanity units require a little extra effort when it’s time to install one, but they’re great for reducing crowding in smaller bathrooms by minimising the amount of floor space used. Freestanding vanities are the easiest to install and can also be moved around with ease, should you want to. Slimline freestanding vanity units are perfect for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms if you don’t want a wall hung unit.

Can you buy bathroom vanities under £150

Don’t be surprised to see these units priced over £2000 - like this stunning Burlington curved vanity unit for example. Bathroom vanities are incredibly fashionable and practical which makes them very popular. On a positive note, they’re also offered in a wide range styles and prices which means you’ve loads of options with a £150 budget.

As always, these bathroom vanities are in no particular order, but we’ll explain why we’ve chosen them and why we think you should consider them in your bathroom or cloakroom.

Cove White Vanity Unit 650mm

The Cove vanity sink and unit is ideal for almost any bathroom. It is large enough to store the typical essentials and accessories of a modern family and has soft closing doors to add comfort.

The white gloss finish provides a stylish look whilst the chrome furnishings add a sophisticated touch which is neutral, perfectly complementing a wide range of bathroom fittings.

Unit Price = £119.95

Change from your budget = £30.05 

What could you buy with the change? 

There’s plenty of change remaining from a £150 budget so why not put this money towards this beautiful Pablo Modern Basin Mixer?

Why choose this bathroom vanity unit? 

WYB says “Stylish and highly practical!”

Milan Grey Avola Effect Floor Standing Basin Unit

The ultimate space-saver, Our Milan compact floor standing basin unit! It is a stylish slimline unit finished in avola effect which is designed to maximise space in a cloakroom or ensuite, it’s also great for adding additional storage to small bathrooms too.

These small vanity units are ideal for keeping a small space tidy, which in turn helps reduce clutter and prevent it from looking small and crowded. It features soft closing doors for a gentle, quiet close.

Unit Price = £139.95

Change from your budget = £10.05 

What could you buy with the change? 

The money left over from your vanity unit budget is not substantial but it could certainly buy you a basin waste. Or you could get the Cast Mono Basin Mixer Tap which would complement this vanity unit perfectly and it comes with a free waste.

Why choose this bathroom vanity unit? 

WYB says “Ideal for cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms!”

Arezzo Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit

The Arezzo wall hung cloakroom vanity unit is finished in MFC smooth matt and features a high quality curved ceramic basin that is designed for neat and tidy storage of essentials.

This stunning bathroom vanity unit features a soft closing drawer which prevents loud bangs. With its graceful design, the Arezzo wall hung vanity unit will provide you with a handy space-saving solution for your cloakroom or en-suite.

Unit Price = £149.95

Change from your budget = £0.05 

What could you buy with the change? 

There isn't much of the budget left over so take a look at these budget friendly basin taps to help you minimise on cost.

Why choose this bathroom vanity unit? 

WYB says “Perfect for cloakrooms and en-suites!”

Nova Wall Mounted Vanity Unit

Space in bathrooms is becoming increasingly less so we’re always trying to find ways to make use of the space provided. Another great wall mounted vanity unit is this one from Nova. It is 450mm wide with double doors allowing you to maximise on space and store away all of your bathroom essentials.

This wall hung vanity is finished in white gloss making it ideal for almost any setting. It features 2 doors for extra practicality and chrome handles for a modern look.

Unit Price = £139.95

Change from your budget = £10.05 

What could you buy with the change? 

Okay, so there isn’t a great deal of change from your budget, but the amount of space you’ll save is worth so much more!

Why choose this bathroom vanity unit? 

WYB says “Great for making use of space!”

Valencia Perla Fluted Floor Standing Cloakroom Vanity

Last but certainly not least is our Valencia floor standing cloakroom vanity unit. This is one of our most popular bathroom vanities and when you view it, it isn’t hard to see why.

Featuring a unique fluted detail on the front of the unit adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom decor. This unit is finished in a beautiful matt black that is ideal for most contemporary settings. It not only looks stylish, but it is also easy to clean and maintain as it's made from MFC that is water resistant.

Unit Price = £149.95

Change from your budget = £00.05 

What could you buy with the change? 

Not much left from the budget but you’ll probably need a new basin waste and tap so browse our wide selection to complete your bathroom design.

Why choose this bathroom vanity unit? 

WYB says “One of our most unique bathroom vanities!”

Choosing the best vanity units on a budget

As we’ve seen, there are cheap vanity units and bathroom vanities which cost a small fortune. Working with a £150 budget will still give you plenty of options without you having to sacrifice on both quality and style. Make choosing a vanity unit even easier by selecting either wall hung or freestanding units. This will help reduce the number of options at your disposal.

If you have a large bathroom then you’ll more than likely want to have standard sized bathroom vanity unit, but if space is limited then consider space-saving designs such as the small slimline vanity units or corner vanity units. Finally, once you’ve decided on something for your bathroom, here’s a helpful guide on how to install a vanity unit which you may find useful.

We hope you found this segment of ‘What’s your budget?’ helpful and believe it will certainly help you find the best vanity unit for your bathroom. If you think this will help others then please feel free to share it with friends or on social media.

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