What Makes Steam Shower Cabins Unique?

By George

7th Sep 2020

6 mins read

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These striking alternatives to shower enclosures have experienced a surge in popularity in recent months, but what sets them apart?

What Makes Steam Shower Cabins Unique?

Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation or simply upgrading your shower, you are likely to have come across shower cabins.

These modern all-in-one units are an attractive and popular choice for those looking to renovate and they're now available in a wide range of styles and feature sets to complement any bathroom.

But why choose a steam shower cabin over a standard enclosure?

What’s the difference between a steam shower cabin and a shower enclosure?

With them being quite similar in appearance, you may have been wondering what the differences between steam shower cabins and regular enclosures are.

Simply put, a shower enclosure consists of glass panels that can be fitted to a shower tray (sometimes included) to form a showering area. You’ll need to purchase and install your actual shower unit separately. You’ll also need to ensure that the walls behind your shower are waterproofed to prevent damp and mould

On the other hand, steam shower cabins are designed to provide you with a spa-like experience in your own home and feature everything you need in one package.

A standard complete shower cabin will include a sturdy enclosure with a built-in base and back panel, a luxury shower system, and a reliable shower door. Most cabins will include additional indulgent features such as powerful body jets, customisable lighting, Bluetooth speakers and more!

What are the benefits of Steam Shower Cabins?

While the aesthetic differences between cabins and enclosures are minimal, it’s the lavish benefits of shower cabins that make them more than worth the investment.

A complete shower cabin will provide you with the following:

A Home Spa Experience

With a steam shower cabin you can achieve a spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Body jets to soothe tired muscles, whirlpool baths for unrivalled relaxation, and a steam-filled shower to wash away the stresses of your day.

Health Benefits

These spa features bring with them a host of health benefits too! The heat and moisture produced by a steam shower, for example, can work to promote good circulation, healthy skin, and a strong immune system. Whereas additional features, such as calming ambient lighting and oil diffusers, can help soothe the mind.

Smart Tech

With more and more parts of the home starting to adopt smart technology, a complete shower cabin is a great way to bring your bathroom well and truly into the 2020s. You’ll find cabins in our range that feature impressive speaker systems, touch screen control panels, and even FM radios (for those who prefer retro tech!).

Easy Installation

Whether you choose to install it yourself or hire a professional, the all-in-one nature of steam shower cabins makes them quick and easy to fit when compared to standard shower enclosures. The added benefit of having an in-built back panel also cuts out the need to prepare your walls, cutting labour hours even further!

Our Steam Shower Cabin Recommendations

The AquaLusso Alto W1 Steam Shower and Whirlpool Bath

If you value a good soak just as much as a steamy shower, the AquaLusso Alto W1 could be a top pick for you. In the package you’ll get an eyecatching complete shower cabin, in which you’ll find a powerful shower (controlled via a snazzy white electronic control pad), a mirrored back panel, and a stunning LED halo light.

The star of the show, however, is the cabin’s impressive whirlpool bath. Powered by a 1HP pump, the bath’s jets direct flow around you to create a rejuvenating massage effect. We can’t think of a better way to end a hard day!

The Insignia Premium Steam Shower Cabin

A dedicated steam shower cabin, the Insignia Premium excels in creating a high-end vibe wherever you choose to install it. A stylish black frame with a mirrored back panel holds a spectacular set of features. Inside you are greeted with an ultra-modern control panel, a fold-out shower seat, an overhead rain shower, and a shower handset.

To add to its seemingly endless functionality, you also get Bluetooth connectivity to a loud twin speaker system and excellent multicoloured lighting for chromatherapy. A compact corner shower cabin, this Insignia option is available in both left and right hand orientation. It’s also leak-free and fast to build thanks to Insignia’s QuickClick build system.

The AquaLusso Alto 04 Corner Shower Cabin

Our favoured option for those short on space, the AquaLusso Alto 04 is a slimline corner shower cabin brimming with practicality. Its white and chrome frame holds an overhead rain shower, a multi-function handshower, adjustable body jets, and a handy glass shelf for keeping toiletries tidy.

This cabin's low price and diminutive size doesn't detract from its quality either. The Alto 04’s shower valve is fitted with an innovative Vernet Wax Element Sensor that helps maintain a high degree of temperature accuracy, while the shower tray itself is reinforced to provide a stable showering experience.

Enjoyed our brief guide? Want to browse other options? Try our wider range of shower enclosures. For more bathroom inspiration, check out our blog.



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