Wall hung toilets and bidets (or a wall mounted item) are a fairly recent trend and they’re taking the bathroom by storm. Although they have been around (European countries particularly) for about 35 years they seem to becoming a popular asset to the modern bathrooms of today. They create the look and appeal of a spa like atmosphere, something that everyone wants to achieve in their bathroom these days, and with a wall hung toilet or bidet this can be accomplished with ease. But, with all of the advantages that come with it there are still some small disadvantages that lurk just around the corner, and if you are thinking of purchasing anything wall hung for your bathroom, this blog post is a must for you as we explain the ins and outs of wall hung bathroom furniture.

What is a Wall Hung Toilet and What is a Wall Hung Bidet?

When an item in the bathroom is referred to as being ‘wall hung’ or ‘wall mounted’ it means that it is fitted to the wall and held up using supports without touching the floor. Generally, any plumbing or piping should be concealed and will lead directly into the wall behind leaving them hidden from view.

What are the Advantages?

A wall hung toilet or bidet in any bathroom creates a real sense of style and luxury, and is often found in boutique hotels and spas. However, one of their most appealing attributes is that they save a lot of space due to the cistern being concealed inside the wall behind the wall hung toilet pan, it is only this that takes up room. This also means that cleaning is made easier both around it and most importantly, under it. This isn’t an option with standard floor standing toilets or bidets. As they are wall hung, you have a choice of the height you feel will be most comfortable for you. Whether it is the right height to sit on the toilet or the most efficient location for your basin, the choice is yours (as long as the plumbing allows it).

How to install Wall Hung Toilets and Bidets

Installing any wall hung items can be a task that outweighs the experience of a DIYer and one that requires the help of an experienced plumber. The process of fitting wall hung items is much different to standard toilets and bidets, as they fit to the original plumbing that is already available. You’ll notice wall hung bathroom fixtures such as toilets and basins require a fixing frame, which is concealed in the wall and takes the weight of the toilet and the person using it.

What are the Disadvantages?

Although all of the piping and plumbing is hidden from view behind the wall to make for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, this does mean that being able to get to them is much harder when doing repairs. Unlike a standard toilet, basin or bidet which can be fairly easy to repair, being wall hung does prove to be an issue and during installation, it is a much more laborious task which will require an experienced plumber.

Poor installations can also become loose over time with the daily uses of the bathroom and this will mean bringing in a tradesperson to refit it again, adding to the cost.

Wall hung toilets and basins can be great for achieving a clean and contemporary look, even in a traditional bathroom. We hope your new toilet will look great in your new bathroom!