Toilet Seats: Unsung Hero of the Bathroom?

By George

25th Apr 2019

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While they're rarely given a thought, sturdy and functional toilet seats can make any bathroom experience that bit more comfortable

Toilet Seats: Unsung Hero of the Bathroom?

Despite constant use, they largely go unnoticed unless they’re uncomfy or something goes wrong. All sorts of unfortunate bathroom mishaps can occur as a direct result of an unstable toilet seat! To combat this we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite toilet seats, all feature-packed and wallet friendly, to give you a more comfortable lavatory experience.

We think you’ll be surprised at how far toilet seats have come in recent years; incorporating all sorts of new technology from antibacterial coating to inbuilt shower sprays. We think a toilet seat should be a simple to implement, cost effective way of enhancing comfort in your bathroom. The three we’ve picked should all serve to make your bathroom experience that bit more pleasant, all for under £30. While we understand this may not seem the most glamourous of upgrades, it’s amazing how much difference a little change can make!

The Rapid Fix Soft Closing Toilet Seat

Overall: 9/10 | Hygiene Rating: 9/10 | Value: 9/10 | Install Time: 3 seconds

Curiously, toilet seats and their fittings always seem to be worse for wear; especially if not regularly maintained. If they’re not thick with grime, they’re guaranteed to be wobbly and noisy.

The Rapid Fix Soft Close Toilet Seat tackles this issue, without consuming too much time.

So, how long do you think it takes to fit a toilet seat? An hour? 15 minutes? Try 3 seconds. I know, we couldn’t believe it either. However, once you’ve removed your old seat and given the pan a good scrub, it really is as simple as lining up this Rapid Fix seat and pressing it’s lever down gently. See for yourself below.


Unlike traditional screw fixed seats, this quirky rectangular toilet seat boasts a patented ‘Strong Fit’ design that uses an expanding mechanism to ensure it won’t loosen over time. This, in turn, makes the toilet seat fitting far more hygienic than a traditional one as you can also easily remove it to clean those hard to reach spaces. On top of all this, the Rapid fix uses one of those fancy, soft close lids. Now your late night toilet missions can now be accomplished in complete silence! The best all-rounder of the lot!


The Bemis Anti-Bacterial 5000AR Toilet Seat

Overall: 8/10 | Hygiene Rating: 10/10 | Value: 7/10 | Install Time: 10 minutes

Any germaphobes out there? The competitively priced Bemis Anti-Bacterial 5000AR Toilet Seat is our most intriguing option. Available in a wide variety of colours, the 5000AR offers comfort, durability, some clever technology.

A traditional, curved design, this seat’s unique selling point is its clever anti-bacterial coating. This ingenious feature works to inhibit the growth of microorganisms; giving you peace of mind that your toilet seat remains relatively sanitary between cleans.

Crafted from moulded wood and finished with thermoset for added reliability, these seats are attached using durable plastic fittings that are adjustable and designed to fit all standard pans (just be sure to check the dimensions of your pan beforehand). With 11 different colour options, you’ll be sure to find one to suit your bathroom’s unique colour scheme. This sky blue variant would look incredible in a Scandi-style bathroom.

The Alaska Soft Closing Toilet Seat

Overall: 8/10 | Hygiene Rating: 7/10 | Value: 10/10 | Install Time: 10 minutes

The biggest bargain of the bunch, the Alaska Soft Closing Toilet Seat is the cheapest way to achieve a silent bathroom.

While you don’t get the colour options of the Bemis, the Alaska’s design more than makes up for this with modern curves and a gloss white finish. However, the true distinguishing feature comes in the fact that the Alaska is a soft closing toilet seat.

For under £15 you can get a durable, good-looking seat with that blissful soft closing function! No more accidentally waking your partner in the middle of the night again. Your children won’t be able to slam the lid off its hinges either. In all, the Alaska is a seat of outstanding value; a minimalist, complete with a 12 month guarantee.


The Aqualona Antique Pine Toilet Seat

Overall: 7/10 | Hygiene Rating: 6/10 | Value: 8/10 | Install Time: 12 minutes

At the higher end of our budget is the Aqualona Antique Pine Toilet Seat. Perfect for those with a penchant for traditional style, the Aqualona is beautifully designed period seat crafted with moulded wood. Its pine effect finish is expertly coupled with robust zinc chrome hinges that can support up to 150kg. This glossy varnish is simple to wipe down and looks exquisite in good light.

Unfortunately, this one lives up to its retro styling; lacking any modern features such as soft closing toilet seat fittings. However, this could be a worthy sacrifice to make if you're planning on situating it in a stunning classical bathroom!


So, there you have it. Our selection of seats to improve your bathroom for under £30. What’ll it be? The Rapid Fix; a rectangular toilet seat, with easy installation and stellar build quality? The Bemis with its anti-bacterial feature? Or the great value of the Alaska? Pick whichever best suits your needs. For a wider choice of toilet seats we recommend having a browse of our massive collection here. In search of more bathroom inspiration? Check out our bathroom inspiration blog.



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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