Small Bathroom Suites to Suit Your Style

By George

25th Mar 2019

5 mins read

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Luxury bathrooms shouldn't be off limits for those with less legroom!

Small Bathroom Suites to Suit Your Style

Little bathrooms no longer need to be shy of big ideas. At Victorian Plumbing, we’ve always made sure to stock a range of smaller bathroom suites, perfect for those wanting an extravagant experience even when space is at a premium. For this blog, we’ve handpicked some of our personal favourites to show you that size doesn’t always matter.

Miniscule modern bathrooms

Laptops, phones, cars and now bathrooms. Modern design seems to have a natural tendency to make all manner of things diminish in size as products become more and more refined. A contemporary bathroom therefor needs to be more functional and ergonomic while leaving a smaller footprint than the bathrooms of old. This is where the Series 600 Small Modern Suite steps in.

This low-cost suite by RAK Ceramics doesn’t scrimp on style either as its sharp looks keep up with the angular design trends of the day. The sink sports an extremely slim profile and is wall mounted to give the illusion of more floor space. The close coupled toilet only projects from the wall by 595mm. Lastly, the bathtub, with its delicately curved edges, remains surprisingly unobtrusive no matter what size you opt for. Consider situating this suite in a dark grey tiled bathroom and couple with statement matte black tapware (there's a blog for that too!) for an authentically modern & minimalist look.

Tiny traditional bathrooms

Contrary to popular belief, grand old bathroom styles can still be achieved in smaller spaces. While tremendous freestanding baths and dramatic vanity units may be off limits, you can still get an authentic traditional look with a smaller bathroom suite. The Carlton Traditional Bathroom Suite is a stellar example of how this can be accomplished.

This reasonably priced packaged is comprised of three stunning samples of classic sanitaryware. The sink maintains all the grandeur of an archetypical Victorian basin but without the cumbersome size. It features a slimline pedestal that only protrudes by 450mm, leaving you with plenty of precious floorspace. The toilet is similarly discrete, complete with cistern fittings and a period design chrome flush lever. However, to really adopt the look, the bathtub here is the most crucial component. This single ended tub is an elegant, ceramic, art deco-infused feature that really shines if surrounded by traditional tiles. We advise the ever popular Victoria Metro Tiles in Gloss Green; an exquisite option that will adorn your new tub with a gentle touch of much needed colour! Accompany this small bathroom suite with some vintage styled chrome tapware and your compact take on the traditional bathroom will soon take shape!

For cloakrooms

For those of you with less room to play with we offer a novel way of saving space that still remains fully functional. The Alaska Combined Two-In-One Wash Basin & Toilet offers all the functionality of two separate devices but in the form factor of a single compact toilet.

This works to magically make even the smallest cloakroom WC appear much bigger than their dimensions suggest. At just 500mm, with a sleek contemporary design that conceals all pipework, the Alaska would look equally at home as a part of a smaller en-suite. Compliment it with these airy, natural stone mosaic tiles from our Oceania range to really amplify that space.

Before you buy

If you are in the process of renovating a tired old bathroom, we thoroughly recommend that you accurately measure the size of your room. Once you’ve got rid of all the clutter you may find that you don’t need to opt for a small bathroom suite after all!

Want to explore some other bathroom suite options? Check out the rest of our range here. Need more inspiration or convincing? We've got 10 more small bathroom ideas here.



George is one of our interior experts. He loves to write about the latest bathroom trends and he's a dab hand with bathroom DIY too.

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