We're seeing a revolution over at Victorian Plumbing HQ.

Ok, so that might be a touch dramatic, but there's a certain product group that has enjoyed a rapid rise to fame over the past year. We're noticing that you really can't get enough of kitchen and bathroom taps with a matte black finish.

As of today, we currently stock over 100 taps with a black finish. Whether it's the beautifully modern Edmonton kitchen tap, with its simple scandi design, or the black version of our ever-popular Chatsworth traditional bath tap, we've seen a large sales increase across the board.

Why are our customers suddenly going nuts for noir? Why are we mad for matte? Allow us to break down why black bathroom and kitchen taps are the must have bathroom fitting for 2019.

Black taps are insta-friendly

black tap

It's difficult to scroll a few pages through Instagram and Pinterest looking for bathroom ideas without coming across a design with black bathroom taps. Our customers are pairing black bath taps with simple scandinavian and minimal finishes. To pull in the likes, go for minimal white tiles, used in a geometric way and finish the look with a statement black tap.

Matte black is easy to clean.

Whilst chrome will always be king, matte black taps tend to look cleaner without much effort. As always, clean your bathroom taps with a non-abrasive cleaner that is suitable for metal finishes. We recommend testing any new cleaner in a conspicuous area first, just in case.

Black finishes are expanding across the range.

Black bathroom basin tap | Victorian Plumbing

We always recommend matching your metal finishes across the bathroom, now it's even easier to get the full look across your new room, including bathroom taps, heating, showers and accessories.

So, that's it - you're officially 'in the know' on a big bathroom trend. Now, check out our huge range of bathroom taps and of course black bathroom taps - we stock over 2500 different lines in a wide range of styles and finishes.