What is a rainfall shower?

Quite simply, a rainfall shower or rain shower is a shower that spreads the distribution of water across a wide surface, creating a rain like effect as if you were standing outside during the British summertime. Rainfall showers and shower heads have been growing in popularity for a number of years, but now that they're more affordable than ever we’ve tipped 2022 to be the year that they truly take over.

Trends come and go but we’re pretty certain this one is going to be around for quite a while. We’re here to give you a complete guide to rainfall showers and rainfall shower heads. Whether you’re looking to revamp your bathroom for 2020 or just generally looking to add some hotel-style glamour, a rainfall shower is a perfect option.

Why Choose a Rainfall Shower?

Considering a new shower? To make your decision easier, we're here to give you the lowdown on all of the benefits of choosing an exciting new rainfall shower.

Innovative rainfall showers typically have larger shower heads when compared with your average shower. Their aim is to simulate a steady rainfall in the comfort of your own shower. Although gravity does most of the work some manufacturers also choose to add an air injection to enhance flow and stop the chance of drizzle.

Tipped to be the ‘in’ thing in 2021, the biggest benefit of installing a rainfall shower is their ability to make every shower feel like a luxurious spa visit.

Designed to replicate natural rainfall and provide a drenching experience, The Milan Shower Package rainfall shower is perfect for those looking to start the day off with a fully immersive, energising shower.

Milan Shower Package (Inc. 400x400mm Square Rainfall Shower Head + Wall Mounted Handset)
Milan Shower Package

The Milan is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Its completely concealed look helps to add a minimalist designer vibe to your home.

Similarly, the Cruze Shower Package is another of our faves. The quality shower comprises of a triple concealed thermostatic shower valve with built-in diverter, allowing you to further enhance your showering experience by switching between 3 different outlets - without compromising the rainfall spray.

Cruze Shower Package (Rainfall Wall Mounted Head, Handset + Freeflow Bath Filler)
Rainfall Wall Mounted Head

Ideal for renewing the style of your bathroom easily and affordably, the Cruze Shower Package is one of our best sellers and known for its modern style and undeniable quality.

Rainfall Shower Heads

When it comes to choosing the perfect rainfall shower head we understand it can be overwhelming. Square or circular? Flat fixed or wall-mounted? Dual waterfall or rainfall? The level of choice is phenomenal. So here’s what you need to know about these clever devices that let you sing in the rain while indoors! Unlike a regular shower head, a rainfall shower head has a much larger surface area, as such water spread is much wider, softer and reminiscent of a refreshing summer rain.

Ideal for those looking to save water, on average only around 11 litres per minute (lpm) of water are released from the highly efficient shower heads, a stark decrease compared to pre-1992 shower heads which would emit around 25lpm of water. Putting water-saving and an immersive shower experience aside, one of the main reasons rainfall shower heads are going to boom in 2020 is due to their ultra-modern and minimalist design.

Take the Cruze Rainfall Shower Head for example. Ideal to complement a modern chrome bathroom the Cruze shower head is simple to fit and an affordable method to upgrade your bathroom.

Cruze 200mm Slim Rainfall Shower Head with 1.25m Flexible Hose
Cruze Overhead Rainfall Shower

Featuring rub clean nozzles the Cruze is one of our best selling rain shower heads.

Looking for a modern rainfall shower head but with a traditional look? Sadly we’re going to have to rain on your parade. Just kidding! Check out the Chatsworth Rainfall Shower Head. This classic design still offers the excitement and exhilaration of a rainfall shower head but means you don’t have to compromise your bathroom's style.

Chatsworth 200mm Rainfall Shower Head with 1.25m Flexible Hose
Chatsworth Rainfall Shower Head

Suitable for all plumbing systems the Chatsworth rain shower head is a sure bet when it comes to adding a touch of classic luxury to your home.

Alternatives to Rainfall Showers?

We fully understand that rainfall showers are not to everyone’s taste. With this in mind we've decided to give you a quick rundown of our favourite alternative types of shower:

Shower Towers

Much like I did, you’re probably asking yourself what is a shower tower? A shower tower is a tall panel in which a shower head, hand shower, body jets (ooh fancy) and controls are installed. These showers are great for those who are looking to add a real modern designer feel to their bathroom. Although quite large in size, shower towers are great for adding a minimalist look to your bathroom as all fixtures and pipes are neatly hidden away.

The black slimline shower is tipped to be on-trend throughout 2020 so why not get the jump on your friends and upgrade your bathroom now.

Digital Showers

Are you fed up of your water going cold when someone turns on a tap? Then a digital shower is for you. Unlike traditional showers, the digital thermostat is built into the shower unit, meaning water temperature is controlled directly from the unit an not from water input. Ideal for those in a busy household who don’t have time to wait for the water to heat up each digital shower is packed with clever technology and lots of great features, a digital shower will certainly improve your showering experience.

All of our digital showers offer smart, simple showering at the push of a button. Many contain varying features such as: LED light indicators which flash whilst the water temperature is warming, and then remain on once the water has reached the correct temperature. An additional on/off remote control can also be included that is placed outside the shower and just to blow your mind that little bit further.

Looking for a new shower? Why not check out George’s blog on ‘Why Are Black Framed Shower Screens so Popular in the Bathroom?’. to complete the look.