Our own stunning Arezzo range of black framed screens has been flying off the shelves. In light of this, we thought we’d take a closer look at why this fresh new trend would make an ideal upgrade for your tired old shower screen.

Why Are Black Framed Shower Screens So Popular?

Colour - They come in any colour; so long as it’s black. We previously revealed that matte black had started to dethrone chrome as the standard in shower heads, taps, and other fittings. The matte black revolution rages on with black framed screens to support it.

Arezzo W1100 x H1950 Matt Black Grid 8mm Wetroom Screen Inc. Support Arm
A sleek and extravagant example of our Arezzo range of black grid shower screens.

It’s easier to clean, more neutral to style, and all the rage with Instagram influencers.

Versatility - These matte black screens can be as ostentatious or understated as you like depending on the environment you decide to put them in. They’re equally at home in a range of styles; from traditional to industrial, right through to art deco and modern. Let your shower be the scene-stealer by coupling the screen with a black Arezzo shower head and allowing it to stand in stark contrast to more conventional fittings.

Arezzo Round 250mm Matt Black Fixed Shower Head
A matching matte black fixed shower head can serve as a scenestealing acompaniment to a black shower screen.

Alternatively, immerse your new screen by adopting matte black for everything. The Arezzo range covers anything you could possibly need in black, from towel rails to thermostatic showers.

Modularity - Space-savers and mansion-dwellers rejoice! Here at Victorian Plumbing HQ, we stock a plethora of different sized black framed shower screens. The Arezzo range of screens can even be interconnected through the use of a 'T’ piece section.

Arezzo Matt Black T-Piece Section
These small T-Pieces give you the ability to shape your Arezzo black shower screen to fit your space.

The range starts at 700mm (suitable for the smallest of wetrooms) and maxes out at a whopping 1400mm! Link a couple of these together and you’ll have plenty of room for two!

Pricing - For shower screens as luxurious as these you’d expect to pay a premium, right? Wrong! While other purveyors of black framed screens sometimes expect to fetch in excess of £1000, the Arezzo range starts at over five times less. Keep hold of that saving for a rainy day or, better still, invest wisely in some matching accessories for that beautiful new Victorian Plumbing bathroom of yours.

Are Black Framed Shower Screens for Me?

So, if you’re looking to rejuvenate your home, a black framed screen could just be the perfect solution. A smart, high-end style that’ll remain contemporary for years - our Arezzo range won’t break the bank either! They can quickly spruce up contemporary bathrooms and will add a quirky modern twist to more traditional spaces. So treat yourself to a bit of grandeur, we know you won’t regret it!

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