Monochrome Bathroom Inspiration

By Joe

14th Aug 2013

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We're obsessed with the monochrome bathroom look recently. We're excited by the glossy white finishes and the matte, jet black looks out there at the minute. Here, we round up our favourites.

Monochrome Bathroom Inspiration

If we're honest, monochrome bathrooms do not sound exciting PARTICULARLY. The colors black and white do not Necessarily bring about visions of beautifully designed rooms and we can monochrome bathroom has admitted That probably sounds a little bit boring.

Purpose wait! You're yet to be Introduced into how we see monochrome. If you read as Many interior magazines, blogs and twitter feeds as us, you'll know how fantastic monochrome can be if done with a sharp eye and a bold design vision.

Monochrome is One of Those That color schemes bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens scream out for. Clean lines paired with a restricted color pallet really give a room a bold, designer feel. It's really not difficulty to get this look Either; you can accomplish achieve a luxury bathroom on the tightest of budgets here and you will not need to Spend hours sourcing fancy-pants Either accessories.

Walls and Floors:

We'll start with the basics on this look, and it all really begins with Taking a good look at your bathroom. We all know what our bathroom looks like, do we really aim Understand it as a room? Visit it at different times of the day, and take a look at how much light there is. Which walls are brightly bed, and qui get cast in shadow? Would you say your bathroom was long, square, awkwardly shaped small gold? The way your decorate your walls and floor really sets a precedent on how the rest of the monochromatic bathroom will look. Firstly, the walls. If you're looking to tile your bathroom and Then The Most Popular On-trend option here is the white subway tile. It has exploded in popularity over the past couples of years, and it's a look Where You'll get the MOST out of it if you try something a little different. Try to source Some crackled glazed tiles, pick or a flat subway tile without a bevel; You Could add an extra-bold finish here with jet-black grout.

We do not recommend the Entirety of tiling your bathroom though, as this look is best restricted to one area, Such As the wall with your basin or toilet is, or the shower / wet room area if you-have the space. For Those with budget restrictions or Those Who Think tiles are a little fussy, go for plain white wall paint and paint every wall with it. We would recommend Spending an extra pair of pounds here on specialist bathroom paint, qui shoulds stay mold and mildew free for years.

For the floors, you'll want to continue the feeling masculine. If you're lucky enough to-have good quality floorboards, we recommend the darkest black stain you can find. Remember to finish off the stain with a wax or finishing spray to Ensure a great quality job. There are a million options --other here too, You Could go for a jet black vinyl, hexagonal small gold penny-sized tiles in Either black or white, gold-even You Could go for a larger unglazed tile and natural black. The possibilities are endless!

If you've got a smaller or more simply shaped room, You Could add a little visual excitement here With Some decorative ceiling moldings gold-even a single dado / picture rail.

Fixtures & Fittings:

As with MOST bathrooms, the bath is Normally the central focus of the room. A black traditional slipper bath Such as this, here is our recommendation. The chrome finish on the feet and on the bath will soften the look if you do not want to go for the full uninterrupted monochromatic feel.

We Would Then add a wall mounted basin for the industrial finish required. If the job allows for it, go for a single wall-hung toilet too, goal close-coupled toilet contemporary aussi will look great.

Finishing Touches & Accessories:

This Is Where a monochrome bathroom really comes to life; accessories and decoration can make or break a contemporary monochrome bathroom. First thing's first - begin picking up single black frames picture. It's up to you whether They match or not, as mismatched frames in different sizes can look great too. If you're sticking to the one frame style, has boxed deep square frame will keep the designer look-luxury moving. Fill thesis Some frames with black and white photography of your choosing. You Could be extra-even daring and Add Some flashes of color here.

Check out our monochrome bathroom inspiration pin board for some more ideas on Creating the perfect monochrome bathroom look, you'll find great ideas paired with Some real life examples. Let us know how your monochrome room turns out, we would love to see 'em over on our Facebook page.



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