Colourful Sinks: An Easy Way to Upgrade a Bathroom's Style

By George

22nd Jul 2020

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With more and more bathrooms daring to ditch conventional white fittings, coloured basins have experienced a boom in popularity.

modern colourful sinks

From timeless metro tiles in bright, glossy tones to eye-catching feature walls with contrasting paint jobs. When it comes to adding all-important colour to bathrooms, designers have traditionally turned to walls and floors.

In other areas, plain white ceramics and chrome fittings have always seemed to rule the roost - so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking that they were compulsory!

However, in recent years we’ve seen colour being added to bathrooms in exciting new ways. The most notable of which is the bathroom sink.

A distinctive and stylish way to change the mood of your space, colourful sinks are now available in more colours, shapes, and sizes than ever before. Adding a well-chosen one to even the most conservative of bathrooms can provide you with an instant style boost.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together the following guide on how one could benefit you (along with a few colourful sink recommendations of our own!).

Why opt for a colourful sink?

Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or just wanting to spruce up a tired bathroom, adding a coloured basin can provide your space with a host of advantages over a standard white one. We’ve detailed a handful of examples of what they can do for you below.

Change the Mood

Something not quite right about your bathroom? If you can’t seem to put your finger on it, give its colour scheme a rethink. Colourful sinks can serve to change the mood of your surroundings, transforming a space from one that doesn’t stimulate you at all to one that evokes exactly how you want to feel. Need an energising space for those early mornings? Try a bright and bold pink colour, such as pink or orange to give you a boost. Alternatively, if you mainly use your bathroom for relaxation, opt for green and blue hues that can help to alleviate anxiety.

Synchronize Your Look

Once you’ve settled on a colourful sink, you can use its colour as the basis for a synchronised look. Choose colourful matching bathroom accessories from our extensive range, such as towels, mats and more. Be wary of overdoing it; too many corresponding colours could make your space a garish and headache-inducing nightmare! We recommend sticking to 3-5 subtly matched items that allow your coloured basin to take centre stage. If you think it’s still going to be a bit too much, go for complementary colours instead of matching ones.

Influence Your Space

The colour of such a prominent bathroom furnishing can even have an influence on how big or small your space feels. Brighter colours work well to reflect light around even the smallest of spaces to make them seem that bit bigger. Conversely, going for a darker coloured basin can make a larger bathroom seem cosier; ideal for those vast designer bathrooms that can lose that homely vibe.

Our top coloured basins

As the trend has started to snowball we’ve been seeing floods of new options for those wanting to add a splash of colour.

These latest coloured basins from the impressive Arezzo ceramics range boast a variety of cool pastel hues and striking designs to suit all kinds of bathroom.

Arezzo Matt Green Curved Counter Top Basin

If you’re looking for something that will certainly catch the eye, this curved turquoise green counter top basin could fit the bill. A delightfully bright and colourful sink that will provide any modern bathroom with a fresh look. The soothing green tones can give your bathroom a natural touch, great for pairing with plants.

Made to be mounted securely to a countertop and then combined with wall-mounted or high rise mixers, this option looks perfectly at home in both light and dark settings. With a high-grade vitreous china build, it’ll stand the test of time too.

Also available in black, grey, blue, and pink.

Arezzo Matt Blue Round Counter Top Basin

Possessing a minimalist circular design and a calming matt blue finish, this Arezzo coloured basin is our choice for those who want to keep things simple and clutter-free. This particular pastel blue hue looks great when combined with grey and white tones.

Another basin designed to be mounted to a sturdy counter top, its relatively low profile makes it ideal for being combined with stylish wall-mounted mixer taps. The basin itself is again constructed of the same high-grade vitreous china.

Also available in black, grey, and pink.

Arezzo Matt Pink Rectangular Mid-Edged Inset Basin

Vibrant and engaging without ever seeming gaudy, this outstanding rectangular coloured basin looks right at home in ultra-modern spaces. An inset basin, this is to be installed into a worktop console or vanity unit and features a small raised lip to prevent any spills.

The basin’s generous size makes it a great option for larger bathrooms and allows it to work as a unique focal point. This clean and elegant looking basin is also constructed of quality vitreous china to ensure a flawless looking sink for years to come.

Also available in black, grey, and blue.

A bit too vibrant for your tastes? Try grey basins

We get it. Vibrant pastel hues aren’t for everyone. So, if you’re not keen on the idea of a colourful sink but still want an unconventional look, we recommend you try a much more subtle grey basin. This sharp-looking square option from the Arezzo range is a good place to start.

A sophisticated matt grey basin with a single tap hole to allow you to install a mixer of your choice directly to it. Its slim profile makes it the most versatile of our selection, allowing it to be either wall-mounted or fixed to a worktop.


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