Choosing a new shower enclosure can sometimes be a daunting task, as the sheer amount of varieties available can be hard to get your head around at first. But it doesn’t have to be such an issue, as the numerous styles and sizes out there simply enable you to select the perfect option for your bathroom.

Classic or contemporary

One of the essential things you need to take into consideration when looking at shower enclosures is the existing style of the room itself. If you have decided to go for a modern look, then this opens up the option of shower cabins, as these uber-modern enclosures are all about that modern luxury feeling. However, if you have taken a more traditional approach with your décor then a simplistic quadrant enclosure or a hinged shower door will be more suitable.

The key is to avoid any clashes of style. A modern cabin, for example, is obviously going to look out of place in a classically inspired bathroom, so it’s a good idea to visualise how a specific enclosure will look once installed into your own bathroom.


Whether you have a large family bathroom which needs a new enclosure, or a smaller guest bathroom, there are plenty of shapes and sizes to pick from, allowing you to retain the practicality that is needed.

Quadrant and offset enclosures are ideal for areas which have ample amounts of space. They give off a stylish, sophisticated look to any room and are well worth considering if you want a perfect blend of looks and durability.

Bi-fold doors, and sliding doors are well suited to placement in smaller bathrooms. They have the benefit of being more versatile than other options as they can either be paired with panels to form an enclosure, or placed across the opening of a recess to keep space at a premium.

A wet room is a good option for any bathroom as it essentially involves a screen and a shower, allowing you to decide exactly how much room the area will take up.

Many of the enclosures you see will also be supplied in various sizes in order to accommodate your requirements.

New arrivals

We are pleased to announce the launch of two all new ranges of shower enclosures, the Cove and Ventura collections. These exciting new arrivals are a great choice for many bathrooms, particularly those which have a more contemporary edge.

The Cove range is our new entry-level selection of shower enclosures. The glass featured across these items is 4mm thick, which is slightly thinner than usual, however only the finest safety glass is used. If you’re planning a bathroom on a budget, but want to keep things stylish, then these wallet-friendly products will be a great solution.

The Ventura range, meanwhile, is aimed at those who want a stunning enclosure that also features a mid-level, 5mm thick glass. All items in the Ventura range come supplied with a lifetime guarantee so you are assured of the quality you are getting.

You will find various options to choose from throughout the ranges, including quadrant enclosures, bi-fold doors, and side panels, so you can easily create that perfect look regardless of the style or size of your bathroom.

Rob, Victorian Plumbing