Bathroom Wall Mirrors: An Elegant Way to Enhance Your Space

By George

2nd Sep 2019

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Whether planning a new bathroom or simply rejigging an old one, a high-quality bathroom wall mirror should be one of your top priorities.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors: An Elegant Way to Enhance Your Space

While primarily used to make sure you’re looking presentable before leaving the house, mirrors can provide a host of other benefits and add a lot of character to bathrooms.

Reflective surfaces give the impression of depth, making small spaces feel bigger. Grand decorative mirrors can serve as focal points to distract from imperfections. Mirror cabinets offer useful storage for all your products, and some modern mirrors can even provide lighting for your skincare regimen!

With this in mind, we’ve selected a handful of our favourite mirrors, mirror cabinets, and illuminated mirrors to give you some ideas.

1. Wall Mirrors

2. Mirror Cabinets

3. Illuminated Mirrors

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Our Most Popular Standard Wall Mirrors

The Chatsworth Grey Bathroom Mirror - 600 x 400mm - A highly elegant framed mirror, equally suited to both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. This simple, traditional offering from Chatsworth is just the right size to open up your space, without being overbearing or obtrusive.

If renovating, consider pairing it with matching grey Chatsworth bathroom furniture and suite packages for a harmonious look. Updating your current bathroom? The Chatsworth’s neutral palette and subtle styling make it versatile and capable of seeming at home in almost any setup.

The Chatsworth Traditional Arched Mirror with Glass Shelf - 700 x 490mm - An authentic-looking retro-styled piece, this arched mirror from the Chatsworth collection wouldn’t look out of place in a grandiose stately home! Designed to complement the rest of the Chatsworth range, the mirror’s fetching ball joints give it a highly distinctive look.

However, it’s not all about appearances. The mirror also boasts a highly practical glass shelf, perfect for storing and displaying toothbrushes and other bathroom essentials. Understated and remarkable in equal measure, this bathroom wall mirror would make for a great addition to any traditional bathroom.

The HIB Jessica Bathroom Mirror - 600mm x 400mm - Though sharp and angular mirrors remain popular, curved mirrors are on the rise and we think they’re here to stay. So, to future-proof your modern bathroom, consider this HIB Jessica Bathroom Mirror.

Lozenge-shaped and featuring a stunning bevelled edge, the Jessica’s highly contemporary looks can serve to drag older bathrooms into the 21st century as well as amplify the style of fresh renovations.

Our Most Popular Mirror Cabinets

The Turin 2-Door Mirror Cabinet - 650 x 617mm - Minimalist in design, this Turin 2-Door Mirror Cabinet ditches the frills to put an emphasis on functionality. Best suited to ‘Scandi’-style bathrooms, the cabinet sports two mirrored doors that open outwards to reveal a spacious three-tiered shelf.

Despite its ample storage space, the Turin is surprisingly slimline with a depth of only 110mm. This makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms.

The Chatsworth Grey 2-Door Mirror Cabinet - 690 x 593mm - Another popular unit from the Chatsworth collection. This traditional take on the mirror cabinet features a sleek wood panel design and a sophisticated, muted colour palette. Its understated look is accentuated by a pair of gorgeous brass oxide handles that serve to heighten that luxury feel.

Though realistically retro, the cabinet boasts modern build quality and even utilises soft-closing hinges to gently guide doors to a close without slamming. The cabinet itself is roomy with a depth of 200mm, perfect for those larger family bathrooms.

The Brooklyn Grey Avola Fascia Cabinet - 715 x 600mm - If you’re looking to add a mirror with storage to a modern bathroom, you’ll struggle to find a better statement piece than this Brooklyn Grey Avola Fascia Cabinet.

A truly unique design, the left-hand third of this large bathroom mirror’s facade embraces a convincing natural wood effect. Brilliant for bringing a touch of the outdoors to those modern spaces that often feel a bit too clinical.

Our Most Popular Illuminated Mirrors

The Turin LED Illuminated Mirror - 800 x 600mm - This Turin Portrait LED Mirror has everything you could wish for in an illuminated bathroom mirror.

Its comprehensive set of features include touch-sensor activated ambient lighting, a shaving socket, and an innovative de-mist pad to prevent the mirror from fogging. We’re particularly fond of the way in which the mirror’s LEDs are situated vertically, ensuring even lighting without ever being overpowering.

The Calgary LED Mirror - 700 x 500mm - Calgary’s take on the illuminated bathroom mirror is just as feature-packed as the Turin equivalent, albeit in a slightly smaller form.

With a width of just 500mm, this is the go-to illuminated mirror for those bathrooms in which space is at a premium. The LEDs of this unit are also situated vertically, providing ample soft lighting without ever putting a strain on your eyes.

The Roper Rhodes Hampton - 700 x 600mm - Though illuminated bathroom mirrors are an undeniably modern innovation, traditionally-styled designs are becoming increasingly popular.

To most people, this illuminated Roper Rhodes Hampton appears to be a strikingly authentic traditional mirror. However, keen-eyed observers will notice that its subtle white frame is in fact a discrete LED light. A wonderful way to add contemporary functionality without compromising on the look of your traditional bathroom.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your bathroom in our list of recommended bathroom mirrors. If you’re yet to find one that suits your taste, check out our extensive range here. You’ll be amazed at how much of a positive impact they can have on a space.



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