4 Style Ideas for Keeping Your Small Bathroom Organised

By Ally

22nd Feb 2016

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Got an en-suite or cloakroom bathroom that you are struggling to keep organised?

Brooklyn Cloakroom

1. Organise a multitude of products with a vanity unit
2. Add a towel hook to your door
3. Keep your products close
4. Create a decorative display with shelving

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Got an en-suite or cloakroom bathroom that you are struggling to keep organised? More and more people are having multiple bathrooms fitted in their homes, which is great for avoiding daily arguments over who gets to use the bathroom first, increasing property value (if you are looking to sell), and are ideal for when you have friends or family visiting.

Although having a spare bathroom is a great addition, they often have a premium on space. Sometimes people opt for a minimalist feel in these rooms to avoid the room from looking ‘cluttered’. With some clever space saving solutions you can create an organised en-suite or cloakroom bathroom quickly without having to sacrifice style.

If you are looking for some small bathroom ideas that will help keep clutter at bay, here at Victorian Plumbing we have come up with some tips and products that may help you stay organised. After all, it is the small things that make a big difference!

1. Organise a multitude of products with a vanity unit

Don’t have the space to add a basin and worktop separately? A vanity unit is the perfect solution for combining the two as it allows you to store all your products in the one place, and adds to the overall look of your room. Wall hung vanity units are great for smaller rooms as they help create the illusion of space due to them having less visual weight.

2. Add a towel hook to your door

An area that is sometimes overlooked but adding a towel hook to your door can provide you with a great storage solution, and will allow you to display your towels in style.

If a towel hook isn’t your cup of tea, and you have space in your bathroom, why not add a heated towel rail? Perfect for keeping your towels nice and warm in the colder months, they can provide you with real focal point in any bathroom setting.

3. Keep your products close

Make your daily shower routine a lot easier by keeping all your favourite products nearby with a shower caddy. These are a great way to keep your daily products close to hand when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Want to add a period feel to your bathroom? If you have a bath and not a shower, a bath rack is a practical solution that will add a classic feel.

4. Create a decorative display with shelving

From corner shelves to freestanding designs, bathroom shelving will allow you to display your makeup and bathrooms products in style. Plus it will help you decide which products to keep or throw away, which will help get rid of any clutter. You can organise your products using boxes or jars that complement your décor. Why not upcycle a certain coffee jar and use it for makeup storage? There’s lots of inspiration on Victorian Plumbing's Pinterest page for upcycled storage ideas that will inject some personality to your bathroom and make it stand out from the crowd!

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and provide you with some ideas on how you can get your smaller bathroom organised! Got any style tips you’d like to share? Don’t forget to send them over to us!

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