There’s little worse than a claustrophobic toilet space. Sadly, as you’re likely already aware, tiny toilets are prevalent in homes all across the UK.

No matter the size of the property - from compact studio apartments to huge stately homes - we Brits seem to have a penchant for cramming toilets into the most unaccommodating of spaces.

Fortunately, there are many small toilet ideas that can be utilised to make these tiny toilets far more comfortable, practical and stylish.

So, to help out, we’ve assembled a list of our small toilets - all expertly designed to work well in small spaces.

The Best Toilets for Small Spaces

Slimline Toilets - When struggling to comfortably fit a toilet in your space the first port of call should be to consider a slimline toilet. With more choice than ever before, you’re now able to find stylish and compact back to wall toilets with depths of less than 500mm.

Rak Series 600 Back to Wall BTW Toilet with Soft Close Seat  | Small Toilet Ideas
The Rak Series 600 Back to Wall Toilet scales everything down without sacrificing comfort.

This RAK Series 600 toilet is our slimline toilet of choice, with its projection of just 480mm. At this size, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the toilet itself would be a bit impractical to use. However, the toilet is surprisingly roomy and even comes equipped with a soft close seat - making it a great option to add to your shortlist of small toilet ideas.

Corner Toilets - Probably the most unusual looking of our small toilet ideas, corner toilets are exactly what the name suggests; toilets that fit snugly into corners. We suggest using corner toilets for small spaces as they can work to provide you with more elbow room in particularly narrow cloakrooms and ensuites.

Vitra - Layton Corner Close Coupled Toilet (Open Back) | Small Toilet Ideas
The Vitra Layton Corner Toilet is stylish enough to act as a unique focal point.

The Vitra Layton Corner Toilet is an excellent example of a contemporary corner toilet, with its 90-degree corner cistern and lid being able to squeeze into even the tightest of spaces. Its diminutive footprint doesn’t detract from its charming look, making it one of our favourite small toilets.

Toilet & Sink Combination Units - In some especially tricky areas, you may find it difficult to install both a toilet and a basin for handwashing. Luckily, we have a small toilet idea for these scenarios too; toilet and sink combo units. These distinctive units incorporate a fully functional basin above the cistern to save space.

Brooklyn 500mm Hacienda Black 2-In-1 Combined Wash Basin & Toilet | Small Toilet Ideas
Brooklyn's Hacienda Black 2-In-1 Combined Wash Basin & Toilet is highly practical, while also serving as a unique style element.

Brooklyn’s Hacienda Black 2-In-1 Combined Wash Basin & Toilet is our pick here. Its sleek wood effect finish combined with its tall and narrow design makes the most of your bathroom’s verticality - giving the impression of a much larger unit without eating up much of your precious floor space.

Wall Hung Toilets - The most seamless and futuristic looking of all our small toilet ideas, wall hung toilets are a brilliant option if you’re wanting to create a compact modern bathroom. The main benefit of wall hung units comes in the way in which they free up the entirety of the floor - you’d be surprised at how much of a dramatic impact this can make!

Hudson Reed Grace Rimless Wall Hung Pan & Soft Close Seat - NCT140 | Small Toilet Ideas
You'll struggle to find a small toilet as elegant as the Hudson Reed Grace Rimless Wall Hung Pan.

The aptly named Hudson Reed Grace Wall Hung Pan helps bring bucketloads of style to small bathrooms. Projecting just 475mm at its deepest point, it’s a surefire winner when it comes to toilets for small spaces. We’re particularly fond of the open space underneath it as this makes cleaning a breeze.

What About Basins for Small Spaces?

If you’re not too keen on the idea of a toilet & sink combo and you’re still struggling to fit a basin to match your new toilet, we recommend trying something from our collection of cloakroom basins. These tiny basins have all been chosen for their slimline designs that barely project from the wall.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to small toilet ideas! If you’ve made it this far, we think you’ll love a good look at our extensive toilet range. For all sorts of other bathroom inspiration, stick with us on the Victorian Plumbing blog.