4 Decorating Tips for Your Rented Property

By Ally

29th Dec 2015

3 mins read

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1. Decorate your walls
2. Light fixtures
3. Storage
4. Accessorise

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Everyone wants their home to be a reflection of them. If you rent your property, you are probably thinking that there isn’t much you can do to change the look of your bathroom. But there are things you can do to add a touch of your personality. We at Victorian Plumbing have come up with some decorating tips that will make it feel like your own home in no time – granted they are approved by your landlord first!

1. Decorate your walls

Before attempting to paint / wallpaper / re-grout walls, you must check with your landlord first that this is acceptable. But if you are given the greenlight, refreshing the design of your wall decoration can brighten a room up in an instant.

If decorating the walls is out of the question, why not add a standing mirror? Not only will it hide any unsightly tiles, but it will make the room appear brighter and create the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom due to its reflective surface.

2. Light fixtures

Adding a new shade or chandelier to your bathroom can make a difference to your bathroom. The bathroom is probably the first room you go into in the morning to get yourself prepared for the day ahead, and no-one wants to endure the effects of bad lighting at home as you probably already have to do this already at work.

3. Storage

Some rented properties don’t come with a lot of storage options. If you have enough space to add a freestanding unit this can be a great organiser for your bathroom product. If you are looking to achieve a modern look, a mirrored LED cabinet will provide you with a practical storage piece for your bathroom as well as additional lighting.

Caddies and wall mounted shelves can also provide great bathroom accessories that can create a functional bathroom.

4. Accessorise

Breathe some new life into your bathroom through accessories. Adding accessories to a bathroom is one of the quickest ways to update it. A new shower curtain with a bold design inject colour in an instant. If your bathroom floor is looking a little unloved, add a bath mat.

Don’t forget to send us over your decorating tips. We’d love to hear what changes you have made to your bathroom!

Hope you found these tips useful!



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