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Explore a tasteful range of high-quality kitchen lighting. From ceiling kitchen light fittings and fixtures to designer, under counter LED kitchen lights, we have everything you need to create inviting environments that you'll simply love to cook in. Free standard UK delivery on orders over £499.

Our extensive range of kitchen lights includes sophisticated kitchen pendant lighting options to completely illuminate your space. Select from stylish ceiling-hung designs to suit all manner of kitchen sizes and décor. From industrial-style options for modern homes to rustic, farmhouse lighting, our range is ideal for illuminating kitchen islands, worktops or entire spaces.

Upgrade to LED kitchen lighting today to enjoy a host of benefits over traditional halogen lighting; they’re longer lasting, with more efficient designs that still provide the same high levels of immersive cool and warm light. LED strip lights are particularly suitable for lighting kitchen cabinets and units, allowing you to illuminate your worktops.

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Kitchen lighting is not just functional; it adds to the look of your space and plays a crucial role in making your kitchen both efficient and inviting. Whether you're an aspiring chef, a dedicated home cook or someone who simply enjoys spending time in the heart of your home, understanding how to choose the right kitchen lighting can make a substantial difference.

For the perfect kitchen lighting layout, consider the four types of lighting: ambient lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. Be careful though not to over light your kitchen, as this has the risk of washing out your design. Always consider the size of your kitchen when you’re deciding on how many light fixtures and fittings you need.

How bright should kitchen lighting be?

The key to kitchen lighting is about creating an environment that's as versatile as it is inviting. When cooking, you need to see what you’re doing, and there may be certain areas of the kitchen that require more illumination than others. Compared to other rooms in your house, kitchens generally need a higher level of lighting. Exactly how bright kitchen lighting should be will always depend on the room’s layout and size but, as a general rule, you’ll usually need around 70 to 80 lumens per square foot in order to create the right ambiance

What IP rating for kitchen lights?

It’s often not necessary to use IP rated lights in a kitchen, especially in the case of ceiling spotlights. However, considering the prevalence of steam-generated moisture and condensation in kitchens, opting for light fixtures with an IP20 rating can provide an extra layer of assurance. This holds particularly true when it comes to under cabinet lighting. For areas in close proximity to water sources, such as your sink - a location more prone to substantial moisture exposure  kitchen lights carrying an IP rating of 44 or beyond are better suited to ensure lasting functionality and safety.

What LED lights can I put in my kitchen?

The kitchen is not only the place where meals are prepared, it is also where the family meets, a place to socialise with friends and have dinner parties. Due to this, warm white LED colours are perfect for kitchens. It’s thought that the white light will give you the right visibility needed for typical kitchen tasks.