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Back To Wall Toilets Buying Guide


A fairly recent trend, back to wall toilets have really started to grow in popularity lately and we've seen some truly stunning examples grace a variety of bathroom styles. We reckon they've taken off because of their minimalist nature and sleek styling. In this guide we'll explain everything you need to know prior to purchasing one.

What is a back to wall toilet?

A back to wall toilet basically features a pan and cistern which are mounted to the wall and floor in a straight line, creating a sleeker aesthetic.

Some back to wall toilets even feature concealed cisterns, which leaves the room with a more open, spacious appearance. The cistern is kept hidden behind the wall and only a flush button or panel will be visible.

How easy to install are they?

These items can be a little bit tricky to install if you're not used to undertaking such work yourself. You may need to remove tiles to install the cistern inside the wall (make sure the wall is sufficient for housing such items first). With the tiles removed, the cistern should be mounted inside the wall and the pipe should be connected to the back of the pan before tiles are put back in place.

You also need to remember to make a hole for the flush plate to be installed too. We don't recommend attempting this installation if you're a novice when it comes to plumbing.

How do they flush?

The actual mechanism is exactly the same as with more conventional toilets; the cistern releases fresh water to the pan and then refills. The difference is that instead of a handle or chain, either a flush button or plate is installed on the wall which connects to the cistern hidden behind it. These plates are available in dual flush options too in order to help save more water.

Are they right for my bathroom?

This all depends on whether you like the style of them really as they may not be to everybody's tastes. Modern or traditional styles are readily available however back to wall toilets tend to look best in more contemporary settings due to the simplistic designs often featured on them.

They are also ideal for cloakrooms, en-suites or smaller bathrooms as their compact nature makes them more practical in these environments as they take up less room than conventional close coupled toilets.