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Back To Wall Toilet Units Buying Guide


If you want your bathroom to look a bit more stylish than the norm, then something you should take into consideration is a back to wall toilet unit. These sleek fixtures are becoming more popular as time goes on and there are several good reasons for this. In this guide we'll be looking at the things you should know before buying one.

What is a back to wall toilet unit?

Basically, a back to wall toilet unit is a piece of furniture which connects to the toilet pan. It conceals the cistern inside for a sleeker, more refined look. They are usually made from MDF and will withstand being placed in a bathroom environment so you don't need to worry about the finish getting easily damaged.

Why should I consider one?

Back to wall units offer a real alternative to more conventionally designed toilets. They have all the sleekness of a wall hung or regular back to wall design but they have a major advantage because they don't require the amount of building work these fittings do. The hidden cistern can also be accessed much easier if a problem occurs too, as you won't need to remove any tiles to get at it.

If you want to create a more coordinated bathroom then these fixtures are brilliant as they come in various colours and finishes. Many of ours are actually designed to match other items of furniture so getting a tailored look is easy.

Back to wall toilet units are also ideal if you want to renovate on a budget as there are plenty of wallet-friendly designs out there.

Will any unit fit any pan?

Not necessarily. While some back to wall units are supplied without a pan attached, not all of them are universal. Some are designed to be compatible with specific pans so be sure to keep an eye out for this (you'll find this information in the product description).

How easy are they to fit myself?

If you're experienced with DIY or have a good knowledge of plumbing installations then fitting a back to wall unit shouldn't be too challenging for you. If you're a complete novice at this sort of thing however we'd recommend getting in touch with a plumber to carry out the work for you.