Why Is Bathroom Ventilation Important?

By Antonia

5th Jul 2021

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Bathroom ventilation is an essential part of bathroom design which is often overlooked. Here, we dive into the importance of ventilation, offering some bathroom extractor fan advice, along with recommending some quality extractor fans for you!

Bathroom Extractor Fans

With daily use of baths, showers and taps, bathrooms are without doubt exposed to more water than any other room of the home.

Failing to install an extractor fan can lead to a number of costly problems, so it's really important to understand the consequences of poor bathroom ventilation and how to prevent them. With this in mind, we’re here to explain the importance of a good bathroom ventilation system and reveal how ventilation issues can affect your space.

We’ve included some bathroom extractor fans advice to ensure your bathroom stays in check, as well as recommendations of our top 5 fans.

Why You Need a Bathroom Ventilation System


It’s generally thought that the primary purpose of extractor fans is to remove bad smells and odors from the air. However, their most crucial function is to remove excess moisture by adding fresh air to your bathroom, combatting any unwanted condensation.

Like most things in life, without regular care and maintenance, issues can quickly develop. A word of advice is to recognise signs of excess moisture and humidity, as ignoring them can cause dramatic effects to your bathroom. Mould growth is an obvious indication and can cause your ceiling, furniture and walls to rapidly deteriorate. However, the signs of excess moisture are not always visual; a development of unpleasant smells can also be a major red flag.

Excess moisture can result in high volumes of mould which can lead to respiratory issues and allergic reactions such as asthma and rashes. You can avoid these health ailments by following our extractor fan advice and installing a quality extractor fan.

Bathroom Extractor Fans Advice: Our Top 5 Favourites


1. HIB Hush Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan

Extractor fans are not only functional, they can also be stylish and complementary with other accessories and fixtures. HIB displays great examples of this, their range offers attractive, modern and sleek extractor fans that your bathroom will benefit from.

What better way to protect your bathroom and take full control of your bathroom's ventilation than with a humidity sensor and timer? The timer on this HIB Hush Extractor Fan is adjustable between 2 and 30 minutes and the humidity sensor has an adjustable humidity level between 60% and 90%. Without needing to think, this fan will automatically improve bathroom ventilation and prolong the lifespan of your bathroom furniture and products.

The name ‘Hush’ explains this wall mounted extractor fan's ultra-quiet feature - at only 25 decibels you can enjoy your time spent in the bathroom in peace. HIB have put a modern twist on thisextractor fan, with a low, discrete design and chrome finish. As you may already be aware, chrome is super popular due to its shiny finish and easy clean nature. It’s available in a selection of neutral and trendy colours too - so you certainly won’t struggle to match this with existing accessories and fixtures.

2. Xpelair C4PSR Simply Silent Contour Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Xpelair C4PSR Simply Silent fan is designed with two speed settings to rapidly improve bathroom ventilation. The first setting removes 15 litres of water per second and the second speed removes 21 litres per second. These options are selectable at installation, great to stamp out any bad smells or excess moisture, depending on your bathrooms size and requirements.

Suitable for installation in most areas of your bathroom, the Xpeliar fan is IPX4 rated, meaning it is water resistant and can be positioned in spaces such as walls, ceilings, panels and window fittings, a great bathroom ventilation system!

Silent long-life working motors operate this Xpelair model and can be activated by the pull of a cord. With an integral backdraught shutter feature this fan will help prevent cold air from entering the room and causing nasty drafts.

We are spoilt for choice, as this extractor fan includes both a circular and square casing, meaning you have the option to coordinate the shape of your fan with the style of your bathroom. If you’ve gone for round taps or square shower heads, having the opportunity to adopt different shapes is ideal for perfecting your finish.

3. Monza 100mm Concealed Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Monza concealed extractor fan is new to the market and at a competitive price it really is a steal. No matter the layout or style of your bathroom, Monza have designed this extractor fan to be a subtle addition. Constructed from lightweight materials and designed to eliminate humidity, Monza’s extractor fan is fit for the job. With a duct diameter of 100mm, this fan is suitable for installation on walls and ceilings to ventilate larger bathrooms greater than nine metres squared, or atmospheres where a larger, more powerful fan is mrequired, such as spaces with no natural ventilation or colder rooms.

Air extraction rate is one of the most vital things to consider when selecting the right extractor fan for you. Monza ensures their extractor fan quickly vents moist air and is compliant with air flow requirements advised by The Building Regulations. Regardless of this extractor fan's low price, Monza are sure about the quality and longevity as they offer a 2 year warranty with their products. Although this fan may not have extra features, it does its job well - eliminating condensation and humidity but also doesn’t break the bank.

4. HIB Breeze Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan

HIB offers a wide range of extractor fans which have become very popular in recent years. They understand the importance of an effective bathroom ventilation system and have included practical and beneficial features in the Breeze wall mounted fan to help battle damp and mould in the bathroom.

The Breeze is one of the best looking and stylish fans on the market, it is not only the attractive slimline design which makes this fan stand out, but it's functional and efficient features.

This fan ventilates air quickly and precisely and being wall mounted, means it's super easy to install. HIB’s top extractor fans, including the Breeze, feature an adjustable timer which can be activated between 2 and 30 minutes, the perfect length of time to extract moisture for when you shower or bathe.

From the mirror-like, chrome finish to the soft square edges, the Breeze will easily coordinate with your bathroom. The Breeze is also available in other subtle shades, matt silver and white, to suit your tiles, walls or other bathroom accessories. Additionally, this fan has an impressive extraction rate of 88m3 per hour, along with it being exceptionally quiet at only 32 decibels. With a handy humidity sensor to measure and report the moisture and air temperature, this really is a fan that ticks all the boxes.

5. HIB Turbo White Bathroom Inline Fan

The Turbo is an exquisite looking extractor fan with a discrete white finish, perfect to disguise into white ceilings as well as taking up minimum space.

This HIB model includes everything you need to properly ventilate your bathroom. It’s ideal for steamy bathrooms as it includes a built-in timer control meaning it will operate with the bathroom light switch and then overrun for a set amount of time. Continuous extraction helps avoid problems such as dampness and the opportunity for mould to build, plus you won’t need to be reminded to turn it off!

The HIB Turbo has got you covered as it includes the complete kit to properly ventilate your bathroom, from showerlight fascia to the external fixed grill. This extractor fan has endless features and if your bathroom lacks light, this is the fan for you. The Turbo includes a central LED warm lamp which is subtly incorporated into the circular diffuser. This enhances your bathroom and provides a warm glow of light, handy for when showering.

With a high power electric motor and an impressive extraction rate of 137m3/hr, the Turbo is beyond capable of blocking out any excess moisture. This IPX4 rated extractor fan is also suitable for installation in showers and bathrooms of a medium or large size. For a neat and tidy finish, this fan is connected to the fascia and external wall grill by the supplied flexible ducting.

Enjoy reading our bathroom extractor fans advice? Like the look of the top 5 extractor fans or want even more choice? Check out our entire range of high-quality extractor fans. For all other bathroom inspiration, stick with us here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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