You may have a lot of questions surrounding a Jack and Jill Bathroom, mainly because of the name. This style bathroom is great for family homes and if you are needing to save on your space and money, the Jack and Jill layout could be just what you need.

There can be a lot of reservations if you are considering whether a Jack and Jill Bathroom is the right choice for you. Privacy, convenience and practicality might be of your main concerns. If so, we are helping alleviate those concerns by providing you with ideas suited for your design and style.

What is a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Firstly, it is good to know what a Jack and Jill bathroom is. A Jack and Jill Bathroom is a bathroom with two accessible points, each mainly being the access to bedrooms. Two doors means that a popular feature of the bathroom style is also two basins, with double vanities allowing for this. This would be ideal for any family home, especially with its namesake highlighting it as a convenient choice for a shared children's bathroom.

As a practical space, the design possibilities are nearly endless. The use of a double vanity is a popular characteristic of the bathroom and this comes with the added bonus of multiple people being able to use the basins at once. Don’t let the name deter you from your usual bathroom ideas as well, many Jack and Jill bathrooms also have shower enclosuresbathtubs, and added vanity units. It really is utilising space at a convenient cost.

What are the benefits of a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

Conveniently saves on Space and Money

If your main aim in your renovation is to save then this bathroom is ideal. Giving two rooms access to a single bathroom would ultimately help in reducing the costs as opposed to installing multiple bathrooms and will also help you save on the space in your home. This would help with any future costs on running and maintenance of the bathroom as you would be using less water, electricity and reducing the likelihood of any emergency costs. This may not seem like a lot, but it is definitely more beneficial than having double the features in two bathrooms.

Utlises privacy and practicality

It is a common myth about this style of bathroom that there is less practicality and privacy when installing it into a family home. This is in fact not the case! Installing practical features such as double vanities allows the bathroom to have numerous users at the same time. If you are in a rush to get the kids ready in the morning, having two separate sinks helps you get them ready in no time. Adding a simple lock to each of the doors will also allow the bathroom to be used privately when it is needed.

Popular Jack and Jill Items

If you are looking for inspiration for different styles and items to use within your Jack and Jill bathroom, then here we have revealed some items that will help bring your space alive and keep it convenient.

Trafalgar 1200mm Grey Double Basin Vanity Unit with White Marble Basin Top

Double Vanity Unit with White Marble Top
Trafalgar Double Basin with Marble Top - Grey

This double vanity is a brilliant statement piece that would be perfect to enhance your style if you are wanting to keep your design traditional. With its marble basin top being used to compliment the grey, it is a sophisticated addition to any family bathroom. A sense of practicality is brought to your space with the use of two basins as you can save time when multiple family members can use the bathroom simultaneously.

Trafalgar Countertop Basin Unit - Grey - 1240mm inc. 2 Round Basins

Grey Countertop Double Basin Unit including two basins
Trafalgar Countertop Double Basin Unit - Grey

If you are looking to implement a modern and playful space into your layout then this vanity may be what you need. With a dash of elegance, this unit maximises practicality by utilising space and giving you extra storage within it. By using countertop basins, it is the perfect addition if you are wanting to bring a chic look to any children’s bathroom. Keeping on this trend, extra cabinets are included within the collection of this vanity and this would be a great addition for any bathroom in need of saving space and maximising convenience with storage.

Vision 600 x 1200mm LED Illuminated Bluetooth Mirror incl. Touch Sensor + Anti-Fog

Vision LED Illuminated Bluetooth Mirror
Vision LED Illuminated Bluetooth Mirror

Using two sinks in your bathrooms would mean double the price on mirrors, which is not what you need if you are looking to renovate on a budget. This 1200mm mirror is ideal for any traditional or modern space keeping your design sophisticated and unique on a reasonable price. With Bluetooth and LED lights included, it boasts a playful style and provides a sense of luxury to your bathroom at a convenient cost.

Now that you understand what a Jack and Jill Bathroom is and the main benefits that come with it, all there is left to do is assess your space to see if this really is the perfect choice for you.