What Colour Tiles Will Go With My Cream Kitchen Units?

By Antonia

30th Mar 2022

5 mins read

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Victorian Plumbing reveal colours that compliment cream kitchen units. We take a look at tiles in different shapes, sizes and shades that work best with cream kitchens.

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Cream is a popular, versatile choice for a kitchen. It's a timeless colour that doesn’t date and suits both contemporary and traditional kitchen styles - regardless if you’ve opted for a brighter, whiter tone or a warmer shade with yellowy undertones.

If you are looking for colour ideas to compliment your cream kitchen, here, we reveal a variety of tiles that will help create a standout, stylish space.

Blue Tiles With Cream Kitchens

As kitchens can often be busy and stressful spaces, blue is an ideal colour to incorporate. It brings a tranquil and welcoming feel whilst subtly complimenting cream tones.

Suitable for walls or splashbacks, the Granley Rustic Blue Gloss Tiles create an inviting contrast against cream units or countertops. These deep blue tiles are manufactured to look handmade with a rippled gloss finish, perfect for rustic or vintage style settings.

To prevent a kitchen from feeling too cramped ensure you have efficient lighting - whether it be natural or artificial. There’s a spectrum of alternative blues to choose from if deep blue isn't your vibe or is too dark for your space.

Lighter blues can make a room feel brighter and bigger. We suggest the Belmont Hexagon Turquoise Tiles for radiant results and an eye-catching look against cream in your kitchen.


As the Belmont tiles are a unique hexagon shape, they can be installed at multiple angles to create a geometric pattern that is custom to your space. They are an easy way to immediately add style and excitement without being overpowering.

Sticking with blue, the Caroline Blue Tiles can be installed on either walls or floors and are ideal for creating a focal point. They consist of a blue, white and grey pattern which allows you to introduce similar coloured accessories to create a uniform and modern feel in your cream kitchen.

Opt for either these tiles as a simple splashback or above cream cabinets as a fun and practical addition to your kitchen.

Terracotta Tiles with Cream Kitchens

Terracotta may not be the first shade that comes to mind when thinking of tiles that will compliment cream cabinets or worktops. However, if you’re keen on a standout space, terracotta tiles are a firm favourite for modern and stylish results!

Keeping with shade variations, the Vista Terracotta Hexagon Tiles feature a warm Mediterranean colour palette and trendy matt finish to instil a welcoming and on-trend feel.

These tiles also give you the freedom to create an eye-catching and unforgettable display thanks to their unique hexagon shape. Position the Vista Terracotta Hexagon Tiles in multiple directions to create a custom wall or floor in your kitchen.

Green Tiles with Cream Kitchens

Green is a firm favourite for kitchens as it brings a gentle and welcoming feel that reminds us of the great outdoors. Cooler shades of green, like olive or pistachio, work especially well in white or cream kitchens combined with wood accents.

The Mileto Olive Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles are a no brainer addition to cream kitchens. Their rippled green gloss finish brings warmth and calmness to the room and will create a rustic yet tranquil effect.

Another option to stay on trend is with the Asheville Green Fish Scale Wall Tiles. Also known as scallop, fan or mermaid tiles, fish scale tiles create an elegant pattern thanks to their soft, curved structure that brings a touch of elegance to kitchens as well as bathrooms.

These tiles have been made using high-grade 8mm thick ceramic - a highly durable and easy to work with material. With an emerald green glazed gloss finish, these tiles are an easy choice to enhance the style of your kitchen as well as make maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Pink Tiles with Cream Kitchens

Pink tiles are normally associated with girly or feminine aesthetics however they modernise your home and create stylish and unforgettable spaces.

Pastel pink adds a touch of warmth and personality, they establish a space that visitors will notice and appreciate. Pink also coordinates well with many other colours, perfect if you are wanting to include greenery or bold accessories in your kitchen.

The Jasper Metro Pink Wall Tiles bring a feel of sophistication thanks to their charming misty pastel shade of powder pink. Their clean cut rectangular shape is ideal for creating a classic brick effect or stunning chevron pattern above your cream countertops!

For a rustic look, the Retford Chevron Pink Gloss Wall Tiles remain a crowd pleaser. They bring a designer feel to your kitchen thanks to their rippled finish and the selection of complimentary pink shades ooze personality and flavour.


Team pink tiles with darker accessories like the Arezzo Matt Black 1-Touch Kitchen Mixer Tap for an industrial feel or opt for white features for a summery, pastel style scheme.

White Tiles in Cream Kitchens

Against all expectations, white and cream make a good combination. White tiled walls and splashbacks combine perfectly with cream kitchen cabinets and give fresh, bright results to make a space look clean and tidy.

To make a real style statement, we love the Gatley Chevron White Marble Effect Tiles.

These unique marble effect tiles have slanted edges and create a dynamic and modern feel once installed. Complete your kitchen and create a luxury finish with an industrial style Arezzo Chrome 1-Touch Kitchen Tap.

Wood Effect Kitchen Tiles

Wood is an iconic material that instantly brings warmth to any space so there’s no surprise it pairs well with cream kitchens.

Wood effect tiles are a versatile choice as they compliment many colours and have the power to work with features of both traditional and modern styles.

We recommend the Amos Black Wood Effect Wall Tiles to add a lavish look to your cream cabinets or countertops. They include a range of different coloured wood effect tiles, designed to replicate the look of natural wood but with a sleek, glossy, finish.

Introduce accessories of a similar finish like the Urban Black Nickel Vertical Single Panel Radiator for a uniform yet rustic look in your kitchen.

Geometric Kitchen Tiles

Geometric style tiles will add energy and life to a cream kitchen by infusing character and depth into your space.

The Zion Geo Decor Wall Tiles subtly compliment cream tones by consisting of neutral colours in a dynamic pattern.

These tiles come in a satin finish and when combined with simple features, your kitchen will give off a sophisticated, sharp look that catches the eye without being overly impactful.

What Tiles will you pair with your Cream Kitchen?

Whether you opt for statement or subtle tiling in your cream kitchen, we hope we have given you inspiration for what will work best! For more choice, check out our wide range of Kitchen Tiles.

Make sure to stay updated with the Victorian Plumbing Blog for more ideas and upcoming trends!



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