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15 Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small UK Bathrooms

By Trinity

10th Jun 2022

5 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Limited space doesn’t mean limited style. If you'd like to incorporate a walk-in shower into your small bathroom, check out our top 15 styles for walk-in showers for small bathrooms in the UK.

15 Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small UK Bathrooms
15 Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small UK Bathrooms

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury. Walk-in showers are an aesthetic dream and although typically seen in larger bathrooms, it’s not impossible to include them in a smaller bathroom space.

So, if you have a small bathroom and you’re in need of some style inspo, check out our top 15 ideas for walk in showers for small bathrooms in the UK.

1. Zoning

Zoning can be a super effective technique for those who have a small bathroom and want to avoid physical partitions to break up the space. When working with small spaces you want to keep your bathroom as open as possible, so zoning in a clever way to create sections and differentiate between bathroom spaces.

Utilising different colours to separate the area of your walk-in shower from the rest of the room is one of the best ways to use zoning to your advantage. Opting for some white metro tiles like the Victoria Metro Wall Tiles with a white gloss work well to contrast a bathroom wall colour. Not to mention having a small shower screen like the Nova Square Wet Room works perfectly in a small space!

2. Use texture to create boundaries

Similar to zoning, sectioning your walk-in shower through patterns and textures to separate it from the rest of your bathroom can also be effective. It’s a great way to avoid breaking up the room completely and can add some interesting design elements to your decor. The Arezzo Fluted Glass Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom Screen provides a seamless and unique partition with some additional privacy.

3. Open up the room

As already mentioned, when working with a small space you want to keep your bathroom as open as possible. Sometimes less really is more. Having a simple and clear shower screen without any framing our patterning ensures that the flow of the room isn’t disrupted. You can still get the most out of your space without it seeming smaller.

4. Monochrome

Shades of black and grey are always going to be in fashion. Whilst keeping things clear and open is preferable, some would prefer more privacy, and using different shades of grey is a great way to achieve this. A tinted wetroom screen like the Arezzo Grey Tinted Glass Wetroom Screen helps define and outline the space of a walk-in shower.

5. White and bright decor

Whilst you can get walk-in showers and wetroom screens that don’t take up too much room, they often tend to be quite large. So by keeping a simple, clean, and bright colour scheme this should help offset the feeling of a smaller room when incorporating a walk-in shower. Adding a shower wall panel like the Aqua Ice Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel is a great way to add a touch of colour whilst also keeping things light and airy.

6. Simple and sleek

Another great way to style a walk-in shower for a small bathroom is by using the same tiles from top to bottom. This helps maintain continuity in small spaces and creates an expansive feel. Paired with some matt black detailing like an Arezzo Square Matt Black Framed Wetroom Screen and Arezzo Matt Black Round Thermostatic Shower adds a modern and sophisticated finish.

7. Boho Infusion

Whilst it’s clear that keeping things minimal in a small space is best, this doesn’t mean your walk-in shower has to be devoid of trendy accessories and style. Incorporating boho style decor to achieve a fashionable bathroom can still function well in a small bathroom. Choosing a curved wet room screen like the Arezzo Arched Matt Black Framed 8mm Wetroom Screen also provides some unique detail.

8. Rustic

A modern rustic aesthetic can work really well in a small space. That homely, cosy feeling can truly thrive in a small bathroom. A simple wet room screen paired with some traditional brushed brass detailing creates a warm and well put together space. Wall mounted taps like the Crosswater Belgravia Unlacquered Brass Crosshead Wall Mounted Taps and a traditional shower like the Crosswater Belgravia Unlacquered Brass Thermostatic Shower are a great place to start!

9. Take advantage of the unique architecture

Small bathrooms can often have awkward sizing and a complicated shape. If this is the case, it’s best to work with the unique design of your bathroom setting. A great way to utilise a compact space is to embrace a sloped ceiling or awkward alcove by having your walk-in shower situated in the space. This is a resourceful way to use all the space in your bathroom.

10. Natural stone

Stone tiles can work well in small settings as they are typically larger in size which prevents a busy and intricate tile pattern. Overall, they create a sleek and soothing feel making them ideal for wet room flooring.

11. Terrazzo

If simple simply isn’t your style, the above image certainly proves that busy patterns can still work in small spaces. Terrazzo tiles like our Vista Terrazzo Effect Hexagon Porcelain Wall + Floor Tiles function great as a shower wall feature. If you’re truly dedicated to the terrazzo theme, why not go all out and feature some terrazzo patterned accessories like the Toreno Terrazzo-Effect Concrete Bathroom Accessories Set to complete the look.

12. Traditional

A traditional aesthetic can flourish in any space as long as you’re committed to the theme. Timeless designs like the Trafalgar Traditional Triple Thermostatic Shower can be a great way to incorporate a classic style. Traditional bathrooms often use glossy bathroom tiles which is great news for those with limited space. Glossy tiles can create a mirroring effect, giving the illusion of a larger room which is ideal for those with a small bathroom. Royal blue or deep green glossy Metro tiles would be a great finish to a traditional bathroom.

13. Industrial

Just because you want a walk-in shower incorporated into a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the latest design trends. The industrial aesthetic works well in small spaces. Using a shower panel like the Showerwall Cracked Grey Waterproof Decorative Wall Panel can be a great way to avoid lots of tiles as well as a way to integrate industrial elements. When paired with a stylish grid pattern shower screen like Venice Matt Black Abstract Grid Screen you’ve got yourself a truly industrial style space.

14. Modern

As modern styles are often minimalist in nature, this is a great choice for a small bathroom. Hexagon tiles like our Kai White Hexagon Wall and Floor Tiles, although intricate, can help keep a small space light and engaging if used correctly. Including a feature wall with a splash of colour is also another great way to keep things interesting.

15. Scandi

A scandi style bathroom is another popular style choice that lends itself well to a small space. Emerging from a Scandinavian aesthetic movement, the scandi style is all about clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. Ideal for a walk-in shower in a small bathroom! This style features white and matt surfaces paired with natural wood tones and neutral colours. Practical bathroom furniture like an Arezzo Matt Black 600mm Round LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Infrared Sensor & Anti-Fog are perfect for a small, scandi style bathroom!

If you have a small bathroom but want a walk-in shower, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to style! It is definitely possible to have a luxury shower setting with limited space.



Trinity is one of our expert bloggers in bathroom design and DIYs. Read her blog posts for the latest coverage of style trends and easy-to-follow guides.

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