10 Vanity Units Perfect for Small Bathrooms

By Trinity

7th Feb 2023

5 mins read

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Stuck with a small bathroom or cloakroom and not sure if you can fit a vanity unit? Check out our top 10 list of vanity units perfect for small bathrooms.

White Bathroom Wooden Vanity

Small bathrooms and cloakrooms can be challenging when it comes to interior design. They’re often awkwardly placed under stairs or have sloped ceilings or odd alcoves. Getting the right vanity unit for small bathrooms is integral to ensuring you have a fully functional and stylish space. Find the ideal vanity unit for your cloakroom or bathroom and Get a Standing Ovation For Your Renovation! 


Arezzo Senza Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Open Shelf

If you’re working with a small space, wall hung furniture is your best friend. Having a wall hung vanity can maximise your floor space and help your bathroom or cloakroom feel way more open. Going for a vanity like the Arezzo Senza Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Open Shelf + Ceramic Basin is both a stylish and practical option for a small space. This vanity features a shallow integrated basin, a vanity drawer and open shelving, all in one compact wall hung design!


Venice Linea Rustic Oak Countertop Basin Unit

Alternatively, if you aren’t a fan of the open shelving concept, there are plenty of stunning 2 drawer wall hung vanities. This Venice Linea Rustic Oak Unit has a flat surface that functions as a basin shelf. This makes it perfect for featuring a countertop basin without being restricted to a single basin shelf without storage.

Arezzo Floating Basin Shelf with Drawer

On a similar note, another great wall hung vanity that can host a countertop basin is the Arezzo Floating Basin Shelf with Drawer. If you’re wanting to make use of some storage space underneath your vanity, a single drawer option like this would be the perfect fit.


Venice Fluted 600mm Green Vanity Unit

Just because you’re working with a small space doesn’t mean your bathroom furniture has to be plain and boring. Whilst it is true that decor that is loud and busy can overwhelm a small space, opting for interesting textures rather than complicated patterns will help you implement style and character. If you have room for some extra storage, get the matching wall hung fluted cabinet to coordinate your bathroom!


Valencia Perla Wall Hung Vanity

If you’re working with a super narrow space but still like the wall hung feel, then a compact vanity like the Valencia Perla Wall Hung Vanity is a good choice. With a depth of 275mm, this vanity has a minimal projection allowing for optimal space.


Chatsworth Traditional Grey Vanity

If the wall hung look just isn't for you, there are a variety of free standing vanity units to suit every personal taste. Whilst traditional vanities are known for their ornate designs, you can still find stunning traditional vanities in a compact and functional form. 


Brooklyn Black Vanity Unit

Small freestanding vanity units are also available in modern and minimal designs too. This Brooklyn black vanity unit is sleek, modern, and stylish. Perfect for a small bathroom or cloakroom!


Chatsworth Traditional Graphite Corner Vanity Unit

Sometimes when working with a small space, you have to get creative. Small bathrooms can so often be awkwardly shaped, and a wall hung or freestanding vanity might cause too much of a disruption. That’s what makes corner vanity units a unique and practical choice. 


Arezzo Matt Blue Combined 2-In-1 Wash Basin & Toilet

Get the most out of the limited space you have. A combination WC and vanity unit like the Arezzo Matt Blue Combined 2-In-1 Wash Basin & Toilet is ideal for a small bathroom. This vanity unit sits behind the toilet, meaning that no additional wall or floor space needs to be taken up.

Venice Floating Basin Shelf

Whilst not the most practical style of vanity when it comes to storage, if you’re looking to save space a basin shelf featuring a countertop basin is one of the most minimal choices you can make. If the lack of storage doesn’t bother you, and you’re happy to place a few


Take the space you have and the shape of your bathroom or cloakroom into consideration when looking for a vanity. There are plenty of options when working with a small space, so find the most practical and stylish option for you!



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