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By Rob

11th Jan 2016

3 mins read

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We take a closer look at how one of the most versatile materials can transform your bathroom.

Wooden Bathroom Suite

● Why is wood becoming so popular?
● How to use wood to create different effects
● Ultra-modern
● Traditional
● Rustic
● Final thoughts

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Using wood in the bathroom

A new year always sees the emergence of exciting new trends, with 2016 being no exception. There’s a particular trend we’re happy to see catching on this year though, one which is pretty spectacular when done right. You see, we’ve noticed a growing number of people starting to incorporate wooden elements into their bathrooms and the overall effect this can create is really different. If you’re planning a revamp and want a more unique look then this could certainly be a contender!


Why is wood becoming so popular?

There are plenty of reasons why using woods in your bathroom has become so popular. The first being that it looks amazing obviously! But there’s much more to it than that; wood is a practical, versatile material that can be used to complement a wide range of styles (which is something we’ll look at in a bit more detail later on). Its durable nature also makes it an ideal choice as it can withstand a fair bit of wear and tear. In short, if you’re brave enough to step away from more conventional forms of decoration, adding wooden fixtures will completely transform your home.

How to use wood to create different effects

Because there are so many types of wood available, it can sometimes be hard to keep sight of how you want the finished product to look. It’s important to have a vision in mind before you begin any major renovations as this will avoid the risk of the room looking mismatched. We’ve picked out a few styles that will look sensational with the introduction of wooden features.


Think smooth, minimalist lines here. Lightly coloured woods tend to work well in these environments so keep this in mind. If you’re going for something super-trendy then we’d also recommend using grey wood to highlight certain aspects of the room as this will give things a sophisticated, contemporary edge.

Wooden panels on the walls combined with solid wood flooring will really pull this look together. Combine this with a simple, minimal vanity unit and coordinated bathroom furniture if you have the room available. To finish things off, incorporate a few choice accessories such as a duckboard and matching bathroom set.


Of course, using wooden touches to revamp your bathroom is nothing new. It’s a material which has been used to decorate homes for many years, which means it’s perfect if you’re planning a slightly more traditional makeover. Dark woods such as chestnut and mahogany will work best in these settings. A trend which has stood the test of time is the use of panelling on the bottom half of a wall. This gives the setting a country feel which is both warm and inviting.

We suggest pairing dark woods with a light paint hue for a stunning contrast (this will also prevent the room from appearing too dark).


If you fancy doing something a little more original, a great idea is to use repurposed wood to create a rustic look. This can be featured on the walls and floor while upcycled items of furniture will also be a welcome addition. An assortment of open shelves will complement this look too, keeping things practical at the same time.

If you want the wow factor, why not add some ornamental ceiling beams which have a distressed finish to them; this looks especially cool in older houses.

Final thoughts

We can see this really taking off this year, and there are already some amazing examples out there if you need further inspiration. The only thing you need to remember is that wood can rot in wet environments so make sure that you get yours waterproof treated! Examples such as teak happen to be naturally water-resistant and are often used for items such as duckboards.

The beauty of using wood is that it offers a genuinely refreshing alternative to more conventional methods of bathroom decoration such as tiling. This is definitely something which will appeal to your creative side; we look forward to seeing the stunning creations you come up with!

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide to using woods in the bathroom. Is there a Victorian Plumbing wooden product that you think fits the look? Why not share your wood bathroom product ideas in the comments section below. Also, please don't forget to share this guide with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Thanks for reading.

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