Top Tile Trends for 2024

By Hannah

9th Feb 2024

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Let’s step into the future and take a look at what tiles will be in s-tile for 2024, according to our research at Victorian Plumbing. We predict the top tile trends for the upcoming year, so you can feel ready to ‘piece together’ your living space!

 grey tiled bathroom with freestanding bathtub and toilet and basin suite

What better way to end the year by taking a sneak peek into the upcoming tile trends for 2024. Some of these versa-tile trends demonstrate a veering towards maximalism and inspire energetic bursts of colour in your home. Others explore more natural, earthy tiles that provide a calm, serene energy to your space. So without further ado, here are our predictions for the top tile trends in 2024!

1) Marble Tiles 

2) Mosaic Tiles

3) Wooden-Effect Tiles

4) Textured Tiles

5) Maximalist Tiles

6) Terrazzo Tiles

7) Geometric Tiles

8) Earthy Tiles

9) Metro Tiles

10) Graphite Tiles


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Marble Tiles

As we kickstart our list of upcoming trending tiles, in no particular order, we have marble. When using marble tiles you have the luxury of picking between many different colours and unique patterns; it is this versatility that keeps marble fashionable. It isn’t just marble’s aesthetic that lands on top, but also its practicality. The durability of marble tile means that they’re more resistant to heat, mould, and chipping and are easier to clean than most other tile materials. Expect to see more marble tile work in 2024!

grey white marble tiles, with bathroom accessories in front of it


2) Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for a way to spice up your living space, mosaic tiles are going to be your saving grace. In comparison to large tiles that can simplify and neutralise your area, installing mini mosaic tiles is a great way to texturize and add an artistic centrepiece to your space. Whilst they are slightly more complicated to clean, mosaic tiles add a sense of quirkiness to your living space, radiating an industrial aesthetic, which is an upcoming trend of its own. If you’d like your space to feel like you’re walking down the enchanting streets of Ravenna,  mosaic tiles might be the option for you in 2024!

blue mini tiles in kitchen with grey countertop and brass tap


3) Wood-Effect Tiles

Third on our top tile trends list is wood-effect, a simple yet effective tile choice. Increasingly, wood-effect is becoming more popular than real wood as it requires no deforestation and its practical laminate sealing causes for little maintenance. Wood-effect tiles are perfect for achieving the trendy ‘farmhouse’ look, without the hassle that comes with harnessing and maintaining real wood. Wood-effect is extremely simple to pair with other patterns and colours, thus explaining its ongoing popularity into 2024.

brown wooden floor tiles with table and chair


4) Textured Tiles

Next on our trending tiles of 2024 list is the textured tile. Not only does this tile add depth to your room, but it looks a lot more expensive than it is (always a plus!). Using textured tile is a great way to escape the ‘2D look’ and instantly amp up your renovation game. Whilst textured tiles are undeniably more difficult to clean, due to their bumps and uneven surfaces, we can all agree that their edgy aesthetic makes up for it! Going into 2024, whether inspired by rock, stone or fabric, we’re expecting to see a lot more textured tiles!

stone effect wall tiles with plant and bath


5) Maximalist Tiles

According to our list so far, it seems as though tile fashion trends are heading further and further from minimalism and we’re not stopping there! Next on our list are maximalist tiles. Not only are these tiles perfect for hiding dirt, as their intricate details and patterns conceal imperfections much better than a plain tile, but they are art. Forget needing a centerpiece, no need to spend big bucks on artwork, when your walls symbolise the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! For those who need everything to match, this tile perhaps might not be for you, but for those who enjoy making fearless, bold interior design choices, the maximalist tile might be the right fit for you!

detailed patterned tiles multicoloured


6) Terrazzo Tiles

One of our personal favourites (and not just because it reminds us of the Hollywood Walk of Fame) are terrazzo tiles. Like maximalist tiles, terrazzo tiles also do an incredible job of concealing dirt. Undoubtedly, one of the best aspects of this tile choice is its adaptability. Terrazzo is available in many different colour combinations. Its design slightly resembles mosaic and based on mosaic’s consistently increasing popularity over hundreds of years, we doubt terrazzo tiles will go out of fashion anytime soon!

terrazzo tiles multicoloured black bathroom vanity


7) Encaustic Tiles

Next, we have encaustic tiles. This tile design will continue to stay in fashion for several reasons. Firstly, encaustic tiles can open up and add depth to your space with their geometric fashion. Secondly, they are versatile; you can find encaustic tiles in virtually any shape and colour, making them an easy tile design to match with the rest of your bathroom. Finally, they are very easy to maintain; encaustic tiles are fairly intricate and detailed, so they can hide dirt well! One could say they're a geome-trick of the eye... moving on. 

Black, blue and grey geometric tiles with wooden stool


8) Earthy Tiles

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate nature into your interior, an earthy tile is the way to go. The natural world is becoming a popular aesthetic that is influencing more and more people to integrate various natural elements into their spaces. Nature symbolises mortality and health, and who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with these affirmations at home? For what it’s w-earth, we think these tiles will become a ‘global’ sensation. 

bamboo shoot effect tiles with black round mirror


9) Metro Tiles

Next on our list is the earth tile’s opposite, the metro tile. In contrast to the earthy tile, the metro tile emanates an industrial, modern feel. This tile type became popular after it was introduced in the first New York subway station in 1904, and has continued to be well-liked among businesses and homeowners alike. Metro tiles are easy to maintain and are available in virtually any colour that you’d like. The metro tile is certainly the Madonna of tile design, and we reckon it’ll stay that way for a while…at least through to 2024!

red metro mini tiles with white countertop


10) Graphite Tiles

Similarly to the metro tile, the graphite tile is perfect for owning the industrial vibe in your space. Graphite tiles are popular for emanating a luxurious aesthetic without appearing obnoxious. It is sleek, modern, and classy, so it is no surprise that this tile will make a comeback in 2024. Another reason that graphite will stay in fashion is because of its low maintenance. Its smooth finish and dark shade conceal dirt, allowing you to take a short break from the constant cleaning! These graphite tiles will certainly allow you to ‘rock on’ into 2024 with style!

dark brown graphite tiles with white large bath and white pattern tiles

We’ve gathered from this list that a lot of 2024 tile trends will revolve around themes such as nature, art, and industrial decor. From bamboo effect to textured stone, to detailed maximalism, tile trends will be taking some artistic risks in 2024. The style of your home should be a reflection of you, and in 2024 we will see tile design as a form of artistic expression, rather than just part of your wall that everybody ignores. As interior tile design develops, we are beginning to prioritise uniqueness, as what is truly better than individuality? If you aspire for originality, consider these tile trends for a new, s-tile-ish aesthetic!

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