Last year’s top trends saw the return of rose gold, the rise of digital showers and the introduction of the intriguing J-shaped bath. Interiors got darker and we took our first steps into making our bathroom’s ‘smart’.

Flash-forward to 2019. We've seen bathroom design venture even further down these paths. Up-and-coming trends from previous years have truly established themselves, while exciting new ones have quickly taken off. We took it upon ourselves to compile this list of our top bathroom trends of 2019, with the hope of inspiring you to incorporate them in your home.

1. Black framed shower screens

2. Wet rooms

3. Black taps

4. Mirrors with rounded corners

6. Handleless furniture

7. Bathroom wallpaper

8. Mirrored tiles

9. Floating toilets

10. Classically patterned tiles

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1. Black framed shower screens

Black framed shower screens started to appear in dribs and drabs towards the end of 2018.

Half a year later, they’re the must-have component for anyone wanting to create a sophisticated, modern space. Arezzo’s matte black framed screens are a brilliant option, available in a range of sizes to suit all manner of bathrooms.

The Arezzo Matt Black Grid Wetroom Screen
These Arezzo black framed screens come in modular pieces to suit a range of bathrooms, elevating your overall look.

Widely admired by design experts, these screens offer an easy way to introduce the popular ‘industrial chic’ aesthetic to bland bathrooms. Combine one of these with a mix of grey and rustic tones and you’ll complete the look in no time!

2. Wet rooms

Wet rooms themselves have been gaining popularity exponentially throughout 2019.

A staple of the European bathroom, wet rooms offer a trendy alternative to walk-in showers. With no obstacles whatsoever to step over these provide better accessibility, making them ideal for those who struggle with mobility. So, to accompany that elegant black framed wet room screen, you’re gonna need a quality wet room tray. Our pick: the Orion Wetroom Square Shower Tray.

The Orion Wetroom Square Shower Tray
Our interiors gurus are obsessed with the wet room renaissance. This Orion tray is a high-quality base, and a perfect surface to tile over.

The Orion sports a slimline 30mm design making it perfect for installing level to your floor. Additionally, the tray is pre-coated making it completely waterproof and tile-ready straight out of the box. We love how the waste is positioned centrally, adding a satisfying bit of symmetry to any bathroom it is situated in.

3. Black taps

Over a year on, black still remains king when it comes to tapware.

After infiltrating the ensuites of luxury hotels, matte black taps have now become the most enticing option for high-end bathroom renovations. They’re easier to clean than chrome, they suit most colour schemes, and offer a much-needed bit of contrast to standard white tubs and basins. Better still, they’re now an affordable way to give your current bathroom a boost. Take, for instance, this Arezzo Round Matt Black Basin Tap.

The Arezzo Round Matt Black Basin Tap
Black taps have continued their takeover in 2019, and this round Arezzo basin mixer is an exceptional option for those seeking to join the revolution.

A minimalist design that doesn’t scrimp on functionality. Swap out your tired old chrome basin mixer with one of these and you’ll quickly bring a tired bathroom back from the brink.

4. Mirrors with rounded corners

For much of the last decade, design experts have settled on using sharp, straight-edges for all manner of products.

However, in the past couple of years, you may have noticed a shift to curved designs. Phones, tablets, and now mirrors have all started to integrate rounded corners, giving these machine-made products a slightly 'organic' vibe. This Ultra Mimic Stainless Double Cabinet, for example, features alluring mirrors with rounded corners.

The Ultra Mimic Stainless Double Cabinet
With rounded corners are all the rage in 2019, this Ultra Mimic Cabinet is a perfect way to jump in on a winning bathroom trend.

A gorgeous accompaniment to any modern basin, this floating storage cabinet offers three spacious shelves and its on-trend curved corners make it future-proof. Our keen-eyed interiors experts predict that this penchant for curves will even start spreading to traditionally sharp products. Don’t be surprised to see the comeback of curvy taps, basins and bath fillers in our Top 10 Bathroom Trends 2020 list!

5. Digital Showers

Britain’s bathrooms have at last succumbed to the smart home craze, and so people have been flocking to install flashy digital showers.

These new high-tech shower systems feature all of the features of a thermostatic shower, with the added bonus of being wirelessly controlled via a digital thermostat. This Mira Platinum Digital Shower is a superb choice for those looking to jump on the bandwagon.

The Mira Platinum Digital Shower
Digital showers have finally taken off thanks to units like the Mira Platinum. It's wireless thermostat allows you to ready the temperature from up to 10m away.

The Mira Platinum’s wireless control allows you to set the flow and temperature of your shower before you even step inside. You can say goodbye to those awful first few seconds of ice-cold water too. The digital shower’s wireless control unit allows you to set your favoured temperature to the precise degree, heating up and then pausing flow until you get in. These smart showers are certain to become a bathroom staple within the next decade. So, if you want to be the envy of your neighbours, we suggest becoming an early adopter. You certainly won’t regret it!

6. Handleless furniture

Massively trendy back in 2017, the popularity of handleless furniture has skyrocketed again.

Best suited to minimalist and/or Scandi-style bathrooms, handleless furniture provides a uniform, seamless look that doesn’t draw attention to itself. All manner of storage units and vanities have now adopted the trend. This Ronda Chestnut Vanity Unit particularly piqued our interest.

The Ronda Chestnut Wall Mounted Vanity Unit
This Ronda Chestnut vanity unit is an exquisite example of minimalist design, featuring on-trend handleless doors.

Wall-mounted to give the illusion of more space, the Ronda is equipped with two spacious soft-close drawers and a warm, wood effect finish. It’s lack of handles allow it to appear refreshingly inconspicuous, giving other bathroom elements time to shine.

7. Bathroom wallpaper

In need of a cost-effective way to create a feature wall? Look no further.

Bathroom wallpaper is now a viable alternative to tiling. These sponge-able, textured wallpapers have exploded in popularity and are now available in a plethora of designs. You’ll be sure to find one to suit your specific bathroom, however, we strongly recommend this Fine Decor Light Grey Ceramica Slate Tile Effect Wallpaper.

Fine Decor Light Grey Ceramica Slate Tile Effect Wallpaper
Bathroom wallpapers, such as this Fine Decor slate effect wallpaper, are now much more hard-wearing with realistic textures and designs.

This stunningly realistic vinyl wallpaper is an ideal tool for those wanting to add a crucial bit of natural texture to a modern bathroom. We advise situating the paper on a wall behind a floating basin for a fabulously on-trend look.

8. Mirrored tiles

Highly reflective mirrored tiles have taken the bathroom design world by storm over the last few months.

The apparent successor to last year’s metro tile obsession, mirrored tiles have started appearing in luxurious bathrooms the world over. Best suited to contemporary bathrooms, the reflective quality of these tiles gives the illusion of depth, making bathrooms feel larger than they actually are. We adore these Julien Macdonald Copper Sparkle Mirror Mosaic Tile Sheets.

Copper Sparkle Mirror Mosaic Tiles from Julien Macdonald
Dazzling mirrored tiles, such as these Julien Macdonald copper sparkle ones, offer a unique effect that can give smaller bathrooms more depth.

The height of bathroom luxury, these unique glass tile sheets can be placed horizontally to create an undeniable statement wall. Alternatively, installing them in an unconventional vertical orientation produces an ethereal cascading effect. You’ll quickly come to understand why mirrored tiles have become one of the hottest bathroom trends of 2019.

9. Floating toilets

Despite looking futuristic, floating toilets have been popping up in our bathrooms for a few decades.

These snazzy contraptions are installed partway up the wall, giving the impression of more floor space and making them easier to clean. With bathroom sizes on the decline and people being more space-conscious than ever, it makes sense that their popularity has risen massively in 2019. This Dual Flush Concealed WC has been one of our most favoured units.

The Dual Flush Concealed WC w/ Wall Hung Frame
These on-trend floating toilets can really open a space up, making cleaning much easier.

With four different pan designs available, you’ll have no trouble finding one to match your current bathroom. Consider coupling it with some floating furniture (ahem, such as the Ronda Vanity Unit we mentioned) and this may reveal a much bigger bathroom than you expected.

10. Classically patterned tiles...with a modern twist

After withstanding over 100 years of bathroom design, we can safely say that classically patterned tiles will forever be a staple of the traditional bathroom.

However, this year they’ve been working their way into modern bathrooms too. These classically patterned tiles feature a modern twist, providing a hint of heritage without looking archaic amongst all of the mod cons. These elaborately detailed Charlbury Yellow Tiles have been immensely popular throughout 2019.

Charlbury Yellow Patterned Tiles
These Traditional Charlbury patterned tiles have been infused with colour schemes of 2019 to create something entirely unique.

Perfectly at home in a contemporary bathroom, these patterned tiles are massively enhanced by an on-trend colour palette featuring eye-catching yellow and grey tones. We suggest situating them on the floor of an otherwise modest space to really make them pop. Subtle twists on long-established trends are a surefire way to keep a bathroom stylish for years to come.

What bathroom trends await in 2020?

Wow. Another decade nearly done and dusted. That went far too fast for us. So, we're preparing to expect the unexpected in bathroom design throughout the roaring 2020s. Will we see more smart home integration? Will curved fittings takeover? Which trends of decades past will make comebacks? It's all to play for! Be sure to look out for our "Top 10 Bathroom Trends 2020" article in the coming months. In the meantime, stay in the loop with our Bathroom Inspiration Blog.

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