Top 24 Bathroom Trends for 2024

By Megan

3rd Jan 2024

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Dive into the upcoming bathroom trends of 2024 with Victorian Plumbing. We discuss what's in style and how you can get the look at home!

Bathroom Trends for 2024

New year, new bathroom and new trends! 2024 is here and bathroom renovations are not slowing down. The arrival of the new year can often inspire us to start some of those renovation projects that we might have been putting off for the previous 12 months. If one of your new year's resolutions was to transform your bathroom, keep reading. These are some of the top bathroom trends that you will be seeing throughout 2024!


Bathroom Trends for 2024

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Bathroom Tile Trends

The tiles that you choose for your bathroom can make or break the overall design of your space. Opting for on-trend tiles is a great way to ensure that your bathroom looks High-end and luxurious.


1. Bold and Colourful 

Adding bold and colourful tiles is a great way to incorporate bright and fun colours that will make a statement in your bathroom. Pink was one of the biggest colours in 2023 and we are excited to see its return among other pastel colours in 2024. The Coleford Dusky Pink Chevron Effect Wall Tiles will instantly make your bathroom look both glamorous and colourful.


2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterned tiles are going to be a must have in your bathroom. Their design often allows for uniquely laid patterns which makes them a great option for feature walls and splashbacks. This also means you will be able to choose a pattern that best coincides with your individual style and taste. The Stonehouse Studio Stockholm Beige Geometric Wall and Floor Tiles are a great example of a geometric design that is not too bold, which makes them perfect for those looking to embrace neutrals in the new year.


3. Square Tiles

Bye bye brick design! 2024 is the year for square tiles. When starting your bathroom renovation, you should definitely be considering incorporating some large square tiles into your design. Large square tiles will create an impression of continuity, which will help to make your bathroom feel more open and spacious.

Opting for smaller square tiles is a great way to achieve a square and symmetrical design, which is set to be everywhere in the next year. The Comino Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tiles are a great square tile choice that will achieve this look in your bathroom, all while making your space feel modern and contemporary.


4. Stone Effect Tiles

Natural materials such as stone and marble are set to be huge in 2024. Stone effect tiles will add natural and earthy materials to your bathroom which will help to create a luxurious spa-like atmosphere, which is going to be one of the most sought out aesthetics in the new year. These Salvo Grey Stone Effect Rectified Wall and Floor Tiles are a great example of a stone effect tile that will incorporate the raw and natural materials that will be everywhere in luxurious bathrooms in 2024.


Bathroom Décor Trends

Browse some of the top bathroom decor trends that you should expect to see in 2024. From clever lighting options to raw and natural materials.


5. Mood Lighting

Mood lighting can really help to modernise your space while creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. By adding mood lighting to your bathroom, you will be creating a serene space that is good for the mind and body, which will instantly give your bathroom the wow-factor. A great way to add this to your bathroom is to incorporate an illuminated mirror like the Arezzo Teardrop LED Backlit Mirror. This mirror will become an eye catching feature that will gently illuminate your bathroom in a soothing way.


6. Modern Meets Rustic

Combining contemporary and rustic designs is another trend that is set to take off in the new year. This design choice is great for contemporary and Scandi style bathrooms with a neutral colour palette. With neutrals set to be all the fashion in 2024, opting for a modern and rustic combo is a great way to add some depth into minimalistic spaces. A great way to achieve this look would be to combine a modern tap, like the Arezzo Round Brushed Brass Basin Tap, with neutral and textured tiles or warm wood tones.


7. Natural Materials

Natural materials are really going to take the cake in 2024, with materials such as stone and wood being some of the most popular choices in bathroom design. Adding a wood effect unit like the Venice Linea Rustic Oak Countertop Basin Unit will help to add warmth into your bathroom while also incorporating the trendy rustic aesthetic that everyone wants to achieve in their home.


8. Bathroom Wallpaper

Another thing that you should expect to see in bathroom design this year is wallpaper. While wallpapering your bathroom may not be the first idea that pops into your head, it is a great way to add a dramatic feature wall in your bathroom. The Graham & Brown Dots Black Wallpaper would look great paired with bold and creative colours such as pink and navy. 


Bathroom Colour Trends

With on trend colours constantly changing, it can be a good idea to be in the know with the trendy colours in bathroom design. That way, you will be able to choose a trendy colour that best suits you and your preferred style.


9. Warm Neutrals

Neutral bathroom with black shower

Warm neutrals such as beiges, browns and creams are going to be making a comeback 2024, even in bathroom design. Light and warm neutrals are great at achieving a minimalistic and clean aesthetic in your bathroom and they work with almost any style, from rustic and Scandinavian to modern and contemporary, neutral colours will blend into them all! There are a number of ways to incorporate neutral colours into your home, wall paint, tiles, accessories, the possibilities are endless.


10. Cool Earthy Tones

Another colour palette you should expect to see in the new year is cool earthy tones such as cool sages, deep and cold blues and cool earthy browns. Following on from last year, you can expect to see lots of cool tones of sage and dark greens that will achieve that earthy tone in your bathroom that will be trending over the next year. Adding colourful furniture like the Chatsworth Traditional Green Semi-Recessed Vanity unit is a great way to incorporate these deep and earthy tones, which will make bathrooms feel more sophisticated and edgy.


11. Pastels

If you prefer a more colourful bathroom, do not panic! Light and creative pastels are also going to be featured throughout interior design in 2024. Adding pastels to your bathroom design can help to make your space feel more bright, open and more inviting. But it could also be that subtle and classy touch of colour that some bathrooms might be lacking. This Arezzo Matt Pink Round Counter Top Basin will add that perfect pop of pastel to any style of bathroom, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic.


12. Bold and Colourful Tubs

Despite this year's trends being mostly neutral, you can still expect to see lots of bright and bold colours being incorporated into bathrooms. However, not in the way you might think. Bold and colourful tubs are going to make some serious statements in 2024, including the Duke Blue Double Ended Roll Top Bath.


Plumbing Trends

A bathroom would not be a bathroom without its plumbing, and despite being the main features in a bathroom, many people often forget that these are also affected by the latest trends and fashions.


13. Mixed Metals

One of the biggest changes you can expect to see in 2024 is the mixing of metals and finishes. You want brass taps but an antique brass shower? Go for it! By mixing metals in your bathroom you will add more depth to your space, which can help to break up neutral and earthy colour palettes.


14. Eco Designs

As we all work towards becoming more eco efficient, you will see a lot of eco and environmentally conscious designs popping up in bathrooms throughout the UK in 2024. Eco designs like the Grohe Vitalio Start 250 Cube Thermostatic Shower System will help you to reduce your water consumption which will help both the environment and your wallet! We hope to see lots of eco-friendly technology being implemented into bathrooms in 2024.


15. Wall Mounted Taps

Wall mounted taps are a staple piece in any modern bathroom. They will open up any counter space which will help to make your bathroom routine much easier. Expect to see wall mounted taps showing up in contemporary bathrooms over the next 12 months as they become a luxurious and eye catching feature in bathroom design.


16. Back to Wall Toilets

In 2024, people are going to be doing what they can to free up floor space in their bathroom to create more open and spacious bathrooms. Back to wall toilets will be making a huge impact this year by creating more free flowing bathrooms that look and feel more modern. Toilets like the Nova Rimless Round Back To Wall Pan will be incorporated into contemporary bathroom designs in the new year.


Bathroom Furniture Trends

The furniture that you add to your bathroom can really change the overall look of your bathroom. Make sure that your bathroom is keeping up with the hottest trends by incorporating some of these ideas into your bathroom design.


17. Wall Hung Vanity Units

Another space saving solution that you can expect to see in 2024 is wall hung vanity units. By being up and off the ground, adding a wall hung vanity will help to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious. They are also a great design feature that will make your bathroom feel more luxurious, whatever your preferred style. You will be seeing lots of white, oak effect and colourful wall hung vanities in bathrooms this year.


18. Colourful Vanity Units

On the subject of Vanity Units, another trend that will be featured in all bathrooms from traditional to contemporary is colourful vanity units. You can add a splash of colour to your space by opting for a vanity unit like the Chatsworth Traditional Blue Double Basin Vanity Unit. This trend is especially great for those who prefer to stick to tradition as they make a great impact on traditional style bathrooms.


19. Combination Units

Space saving designs are going to be implemented into bathrooms like never before. One of the easiest ways to free up space in your bathroom is to add a combination unit. These combine both toilets and vanity units to create one, larger unit. These can also help to create a sense of continuity which can help to create an aesthetic that flows throughout your bathroom. 

This year is all about well designed bathrooms that maintain a certain aesthetic throughout. Adding a combination unit like the Arezzo 1100 Matt Blue Semi-Recessed Round Combination Vanity Unit is a great way to incorporate a sophisticated splash of colour that would look great in white bathrooms.


20. Oak Effect Furniture

One of the biggest trends that you will see over the next year is the use of oak effect furniture in bathrooms. As people start to incorporate rustic and scandi styles into modern bathrooms, oak effect furniture such as vanity units and storage cabinets will become a hot topic, and bathrooms all across the country will be tapping into this aesthetic. A great way to incorporate this trendy, natural material is to add an oak effect vanity unit like the Venice Linea Rustic Oak Wall Vanity Unit. This will add rustic warmth into your bathroom, which is going to be very popular in 2024.


Shower Trends

Showers are a big deal when it comes to bathroom design and these are some of the top shower trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2024.


21. Spa and Wellness Designs

As we move into the future, people start to prioritise their health and wellness. This can be brought into bathroom design by creating that relaxing spa-like aesthetic that will help to make your bathroom feel more tranquil. You will see this touching every aspect of bathroom design, especially showers.

One of the ways this will be done is by implementing steam showers or rainfall shower heads like the Arezzo Round Brushed Gunmetal Grey Fixed Shower Head. These shower heads make your shower time much more enjoyable by mimicking rainfall, which will make your showers feel much more relaxing. 


22. Hidden Showers

Chrome shower with dark grey stone effect tiles and hanging plant

Having a huge walk-in shower used to be the main focal point in a bathroom, however that is all going to change in 2024. Whilst walk-in showers are still a peak luxury feature, this year you are going to showers becoming much more secluded and hidden away to almost create a separate room for your shower. Doing this can help to make your bathroom appear much larger whilst making your shower time feel much more secluded, which can also help to achieve that popular spa-like atmosphere.


23. Fluted Shower Screens

If you do not have the space to add a hidden shower to your bathroom, you might be looking for a shower screen that can help to create more privacy whilst still letting light through. If so, this is definitely the trend for you. Fluted shower screens like the Arezzo Fluted Glass Brushed Brass Wetroom Screen are going to be a huge hit in the new year, adding a touch more privacy to your shower whilst elevating your bathroom with their luxurious fluted design.


24. Concealed Valves

Concealed shower valves have become increasingly more popular over the last few years, and they are back and making a statement in 2024. One of the great things about concealed valves is that they are available in any style from modern to traditional. You will be seeing lots of concealed shower valves in the next year as they help to create a clean and luxurious aesthetic in all bathroom designs and styles.



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