Tips to Help You Find the Right Bathroom Mirror

By Megan

26th Jan 2024

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In need of a new bathroom mirror? Or is your current one looking a little out of place these days? We've got some tips to help you find the perfect fit for your bathroom!

basin shelf and bathroom mirror

With their reflective surface, a bathroom mirror can not only help you get ready but make the room appear visually larger and brighter (if hung in the correct place). Usually seen as a necessary item, but often overlooked as a style feature, a bathroom mirror can really contribute to the overall design.

For the perfect fit, know where you would like your mirror fitted and measure the area for the correct dimensions. With so many options out there it can be confusing to know which style will sit best in your room; but don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some of the options that are out there to help you decide which is the best for you.


Measuring Your Space

Before choosing your mirror, it’s a good idea to measure up your space to ensure that you are choosing the correct size for your bathroom. Adding a mirror that is too big or too small can often ruin the overall look of your bathroom by making your room look empty and unfinished or over cluttered and messy. 

If you are looking at adding a square or rectangular mirror, it’s a good idea to keep things parallel. For example, choosing a mirror that is the same width as your vanity unit or basin. So before choosing your mirror, it’s a good idea to measure the width of your basin or vanity unit.

If you prefer the look of a round mirror, it is still important that you measure up before making your decision. When hanging a round mirror, keeping everything central is key if you want your mirror to look aesthetically pleasing. A good thing to do when measuring up for a round mirror is to locate the centre of the wall or space above your basin or vanity unit. This way you will be able to find and measure the width/diameter of a circle to ensure that you choose a round mirror that is the right size for your wall.


Types of Bathroom Mirror

With so many different mirror types to choose from, you may be unsure which mirror is the perfect fit for your bathroom. 


Standard Wall Hung Mirrors

From sleek minimalist frameless designs to classic framed mirrors , a standard wall hung mirror is a practical addition to any bathroom. This style is a classic go-to item that looks great in any bathroom. 


Mirrored Cabinets

Ideal for keeping medicines and other toiletries out of sight and reach of younger family members, a wall hung mirrored cabinet is an ideal space saving combination that will help keep your bathroom organised.


Illuminated Mirrors

Can’t deal with the harshness of your main bathroom light after you’ve woken up? Then an illuminated mirror might be the perfect option for you. With built in lights, these mirrors look great in modern bathrooms.


Fog Free Mirrors

Love to relax in a hot bath or shower after a long day? Tired of the mirror fogging up afterwards? It might be time to invest in a fog free demister mirror that will help you say goodbye to streaks!


Cosmetic and Shaving Mirrors

Not got enough space in your bathroom for a wall hung mirror? A cosmetic design might be the best option for you. These fixtures are mounted on a pedestal and they are designed to stand on a countertop. Many are double sided and include a magnifying face making them the perfect choice for daily grooming. Wall mounted options are available with an extendable arm and will take up less space compared to traditional wall hung fixtures.


Other Things to Consider

Planning to hang your mirror above your basin or vanity unit? We suggest you make sure the mirror isn’t bigger or the same size as the feature to prevent it from looking boxy or a little out of place. Also take into consideration backsplash for maintenance reasons if you decide to hang your mirror above this area.

Ever stepped outside your front door then caught your reflection in the light of day and thought: ‘I thought I looked better than this when I left my house’? Take into consideration the exposure of natural and artificial light when deciding on the location of where you would like your mirror to hang to avoid this happening!

Location is a key point to consider if you are opting for a mirror with built in lighting or shaver sockets – for electrical safety reasons these need to be kept well away from water (usually at least 60mm away but remember to check section 701 BS7671:2008, or double check with a qualified electrician when you are having any electrics installed in your bathroom).

Don’t forget to check that you won’t disturb any pipework if you need to drill into the walls. For a step by step guide on hanging a bathroom mirror, check out our blog post How To Correctly Hang A Bathroom Wall Mirror.



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