In last year’s list, the top bathroom trends of 2020 seemed to focus on adding extravagant finishing touches to otherwise understated bathrooms.

Brass detailing, focal point basins, colourful baths, and other scene-stealing features were all expertly integrated to heighten the appeal of trendy spaces! We also saw even more bathrooms adopting ‘Smart Home’ features such as digital showers, water sensors and RGB lighting.

Will we see even more eccentric features in the coming year? Or will things take a more traditional route? Read on to get the lowdown on the top 21 bathroom trends to look out for in 2021!

1. Pink Tiles
2. Leaning Ladder Radiators
3. Colourful Basins
4. Copper-effect Baths
5. Brushed Brass Shower Screens
6. Round & Circular Mirrors
7. Concrete-effect Fixtures & Fittings
8. Black Freestanding Bathtubs
9. Industrial-style Showers
10. Industrial-style Taps
11. The Pantone Colour of The Year 2021
12. Hanging Mirrors
13. Wall Hung Bidets
14. Bluetooth Ceiling Lights
15. Matt Black Taps & Bath Fillers
16. Cashmere Bathroom Furniture
17. Anthracite Column Radiators
18. Frameless Shower Enclosures
19. Matt White Taps & Bath Fillers
20. Traditional Over Bath Shower Systems
21. Bathroom Plants

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1. Pink Tiles

While vibrant pink had previously gained a reputation as being a touch too garish for interiors, pastel and dusty pink hues have quickly gained plaudits for their ability to bring a soft and inviting touch to bathrooms.

Coleford Dusky Pink Chevron Effect Wall Tiles - 300 x 75mm
These perfectly balanced Coleford Dusky Pink Chevron tiles are our top tile pick for 2021.

These Coleford Dusky Pink Chevron Effect Wall Tiles, for instance, are cool and understated and serve as a stylish backdrop allowing other components to stand out. Not planning on using tiles? Be sure to add pink to your list of bathroom colour ideas or try to add smaller pastel pink flourishes in the form of accessories.

2. Leaning Ladder Radiators

Over the past few years, heated towel radiators have become essential in the modern bathroom. As a result of this, bathroom designers have worked hard at innovating their designs so that they offer not just functionality, but style too.

Arezzo Anthracite Leaning Ladder 1600 x 600 Heated Towel Rail
The unconventional look isn’t for everyone, but this Leaning Ladder Towel Radiator from Arezzo can take a run-of-the-mill bathroom to the next level.

The ‘leaning ladder’ radiator is the latest twist on the established trend, and if this offering from Arezzo is anything to go by we think it’ll soon catch on. Inspired by popular wooden ladder bathroom storage, expect to see these popping up in boutique hotels and designer bathrooms throughout the coming year!

3. Colourful Basins

To most of us, bathroom basins have always been crisp white ceramic components, offering little in the way of accentuating a bathroom’s style. Though these basins still rule the roost, colourful alternatives have started to appear in droves.

Arezzo 455 x 325mm Matt Green Curved Rectangular Counter Top Basin
Colourful basins, such as this Arezzo Matt Green Counter Top Basin, will give your bathroom a distinctive look.

This Matt Green Curved Counter Top Basin is a stunning example of just how effective an alternative colour can be. The almost seafoam green provides a splash of bright colour without ever becoming overwhelming.

4. Copper Effect Baths

If you’ve always liked the idea of a freestanding copper bath, but the expensive price tags have put you off, you’re in luck! Baths with copper effect finishes have started to appear in recent months, allowing you to get the look without breaking the bank.

Chatsworth Copper Effect 1300 Short Roll Top Bath
This Chatsworth Copper Effect Roll Top is a remarkably realistic alternative to the real thing.

A luxurious example of this can be found in the Chatsworth Copper Effect Short Roll Top Bath. This single-ended bateau bath is manufactured of high-grade acrylic and finished with a convincing copper effect. The Chatsworth option is also surprisingly compact, allowing it to fit into smaller bathrooms or even ensuites.

5. Brushed Brass Shower Screens

Last years trend of adding brass details in the form of basin mixers and bath taps has spread to other areas, most notably in the form of shower screens. These elegantly detailed screens are another useful tool that can be utilised to spruce up a bathroom.

Arezzo 1950mm Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom Screen + Square Support Arm
Brushed brass can be seen as a warmer alternative to chrome, and works effectively when used sparingly.

We expect to see more bathrooms opt brass shower screens, like this Arezzo Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom Screen, throughout 2021. We’re huge fans of how this one combines the look with those dusty pink tiles we mentioned earlier!

6. Round & Circular Mirrors

Another simple upgrade, adding a round or circular mirror to your list of bathroom ideas for 2021 could work wonders to modernise your space. With bathroom trends favouring a mix of softer lines and organic shapes, we think you’d be surprised at just how much of a difference switching out your old angular mirror will make.

HIB Theme 100 LED Ambient Round Mirror - 79130000
This HIB Theme LED Round Mirror features both warm white and cool white lighting options, allowing you to tailor the ambience to your mood.

Our recommendation is the HIB Theme 100 LED Ambient Round Mirror, a highly functional option that can switch between warm and cool white light all while staying mist free thanks to its heated demister pad.

7. Concrete-effect Fixtures & Fittings

Another new design cue we expect to see more of in 2021 is the use of urban textures in interiors. Concrete-effect accessories have started to appear over the last few years, and now the trend has grown to include vanity units, basins, storage cabinets and other essentials.

Arezzo 1000 Concrete-Effect Matt Black Framed Vanity Unit + Square Toilet
While the concrete-effect finish itself is the standout here, this vanity’s matt black aluminium frame adds to the contemporary appeal.

This Concrete-effect Matt Black Framed Vanity Unit & Square Toilet exemplifies what can be achieved using the sleek industrial texture. While grey tones would normally seem uninspired in other settings, the concrete-effect finish contrasts incredibly well with the white tiles and ceramic fixtures. Like the look but don’t want to go all out? Try the Neptune Concrete & Copper Bathroom Accessories range.

8. Black Freestanding Bathtubs

Stark white freestanding baths have been one of the most sought-after bathroom upgrades for many years, but in 2021 we’re anticipating a turn to the dark side!

Verona Black Freestanding Modern Bath
The Verona Black Freestanding Modern bath is already one of our most popular coloured tubs.

Black freestanding baths provide a striking look when placed in bright white bathrooms. The impressive sheen of this Verona Black Freestanding Modern Bath makes it feel almost other-worldly!

9. Industrial-style Showers

Inspired by the metalwork and equipment found in traditional factories, industrial-style bathroom features have been appearing throughout the year in high-end hotel bathrooms. Looking forward to 2021, however, we think we’ll see these making the leap to the home.

Arezzo Brushed Brass Industrial Style Shower System with Concealed Valve + Head
Industrial-style components, such as this shower from Arezzo, can give an edge to modern spaces that lack character.

This Brushed Brass Industrial-style Shower System has a highly unique concealed valve with a curved faceplate that features two industrial control knobs for flow and temperature. These fully functional controls are reminiscent of those found in old factories.

10. Industrial-style Taps

The industrial aesthetic isn’t all about showers, though. If you’re a fan of the trend, we suggest you consider adding a similarly designed item in the form of an industrial-style tap to create a uniform look.

Arezzo Brushed Brass Industrial Style Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap
The tall stature of a freestanding shower mixer tap makes it the perfect showcase for the intricate valves associated with the industrial style.

Another stellar example from the Arezzo range, this Brushed Brass Industrial Style Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap looks astounding when positioned alongside a modern freestanding bath. We anticipate that more and more bathrooms will start to incorporate these bold designs throughout 2021.

11. The Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

“Classic Blue”, Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020, was certified hit in bathrooms, with countless pieces of furniture opting to use the reassuring hue. While we eagerly await their choice for 2021, we’ve been ruminating on what sort of tone it might be.

Chatsworth White Marble Traditional Blue Vanity Unit + Toilet Package
This gorgeous Chatsworth Traditional Blue Vanity Unit was a huge hit throughout 2020, in part due to it being a close match to ‘Classic Blue’.

Their Classic Blue was chosen for its dependable and timeless quality and has worked as a reserved basis for the new decade. Heading into 2021, should we brace ourselves for a more out-there tone to reflect a more uncertain time? Whichever colour they ultimately go with, you could set your watch to it being a perfect fit for an ultra-stylish bathroom.

12. Hanging Mirrors

An extension of one of our previously mentioned bathroom trends for 2021. Simply put, hanging mirrors are mirrors that are fixed to the wall via a decorative strap or chain. Their unique looks add a certain designer vibe.

HIB Solstice Matt Black 80 Round LED Illuminated Mirror - 79520800
A subtle twist on standard mirrors, these hanging mirrors add an extra flourish of high-end style.

With its classy black hanging strap and its ability to provide both warm white and cool white lighting, the HIB Solstice Matt Black LED Illuminated Mirror is our pick for those wanting to get ahead of the trend.

13. Wall Hung Bidets

Throughout 2020 we’ve noticed a steady rise in the popularity of bidets. Already the norm in European homes, these sophisticated and hygienic units eliminate the need for toilet paper; which could be a lifesaver if those dreaded spells of panic buying should make a comeback in 2021!

Milan Wall Hung Bidet
This Milan Wall Hung Bidet sports a gently curved design, allowing it to seamlessly blend in with most bathroom trends of 2021.

Wall hung bidets, such as this one by Milan, are even more elegant than standard options and can even be integrated into smaller spaces, such as cloakrooms and ensuites.

14. Bluetooth Ceiling Lights

If you’re anything like us at VP HQ, it’s likely you’ll have started to think about getting on board with the smart home revolution. Smart speakers, video doorbells, and WiFi plugs have all started to become the norm in the past couple of years and have helped make household chores that bit more intuitive.

HIB Rhythm Bluetooth Speaker Ceiling Light - 0710
The HIB Rhythm allows you to stream music via bluetooth and includes 12 different RGB colour options.

The only stumbling block so far has been the bathroom, with few of these clever products featuring the required IP Ratings to be used safely. We predict this to change in 2021, with innovative products such as this IP44 rated HIB Rhythm Bluetooth Speaker Ceiling Light increasing the appeal of a connected bathroom.

15. Matt Black Taps & Bath Fillers

A returning trend from our 2020 list, black taps and bath fillers are simply too sought-after to be forgotten about as we look to 2021. Since their rise to prominence, bathroom experts and homeowners alike have turned to them to provide a stark contrast to bright white basins and baths.

Turin Matt Black Round High Rise Mono Basin Mixer Tap
Combining white basins with matt black mixer taps is a surefire way of adding an impactful contemporary vibe to your space.

This Turin Matt Black Round High Rise Mono Basin Mixer Tap is a model example of how effective these intriguing contemporary taps can be. Its raised and aerated spout allows water to cascade down into the basin without causing splashes or excessive noise.

16. Cashmere Bathroom Furniture

Contrary to our previous point, softer bathroom tones are also gaining traction. Minimalist spaces have started to use cashmere hues on walls and floors as well as for fixtures and fittings. Bathroom design experts have given it praise for its ability to make even the sparsest of spaces feel warm and inviting.

Urban Cashmere Modern Sink Vanity Unit + WC Toilet Unit Package
Its easy to see why this Urban Wall Hung Vanity Unit is one of our most popular pieces of cashmere furniture.

This Urban Cashmere Modern Sink Vanity Unit + WC Toilet Unit Package would make for a gorgeous base from which to start your fresh and contemporary renovation. We love how its tones effortlessly stand out without ever seeming ostentatious.

17. Anthracite Column Radiators

If you’ve been paying close attention, you may have noticed that our list of bathroom trends for 2021 has been lacking in love for classic spaces. But don’t worry, we’ve got you traditionalists covered too.

Keswick 300 x 1355mm Cast Iron Style Traditional 3 Column Anthracite Radiator
Tried and tested traditional column radiators are taken to another level when finished in alluring anthracite.

Anthracite column radiators are our pick for traditional bathrooms of 2021. Their strictly retro designs combined with their on-trend dark grey finishes make for a great way to give your bathroom a designer twist.

18. Frameless Shower Enclosures

Going hand in hand with the minimalist vibes of the Cashmere furniture above, frameless shower enclosures are another rising trend for those who want to keep things as open and airy as possible. If implemented well, they can provide the illusion of more space in bathrooms that would ordinarily feel dark and dingy.

Nova 1700 x 700 Wet Room (Inc. Screen, Side Panel + Tray)
As minimalist as they come, this Nova frameless enclosure could accentuate your bathroom’s pared-back look.

Nova’s 1700 x 700 frameless walk-in enclosure is our pick here. Its thick 8mm glass panels are held in place securely by a stainless steel support arm that floats above the enclosure. This provides a completely unobscured appearance that maximises natural light.

19. Matt White Taps & Bath Fillers

Yes, you did read that correctly! Over the last few months, we’ve seen a plethora of matt white taps added to our evergrowing range. The polar opposite to the matt black taps we mentioned earlier, these matt white alternatives coordinate perfectly with the gloss white of basins and baths.

Crosswater MPRO Monobloc Basin Mixer - Matt White - PRO110DNW+
The coherent look achieved by pairing matt white taps with basins is something we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of during 2021.

This Crosswater MPRO Monobloc Basin Mixer is our top tap pick going into 2021. Its highly contemporary curved design combined with the standout finish make it an ideal choice for those with highly distinctive tastes.

20. Traditional Over Bath Shower Systems

Another one for those traditionalists who want to keep up with bathroom trends of 2021. Over bath shower systems give full shower functionality to those grandiose freestanding tubs. In addition to this, they make for an imposing and stylish focal point too!

Chatsworth 1928 Traditional Free Standing Over-Bath Shower System
This intricately designed Chatsworth 1928 Over Bath Shower is manufactured from solid brass. Timeless style meets enduring quality.

We think they’ll soon become must-haves for anyone who chooses to go for a freestanding traditional bath. With its impeccable polished chrome finish, this Chatsworth 1928 Traditional Free Standing Over-Bath Shower System is not to be missed!

21. Bathroom Plants

The only downside to luxury-look bathrooms is that their flawless surfaces and polished fittings can occasionally seem a bit too cold and sterile. Noticed this in your newly-renovated bathroom? Humidity-hungry houseplants are a great remedy.

Brooklyn 1500 x 750mm Small Double Ended Free Standing Bath
This already attractive bathroom is amplified even further by the inclusion of several green plants.

Whether you opt for something particularly low-maintenance such as the Snake Plant or something that requires a little more attention like the Peace Lily, almost any type of flora will boost your space’s charm!

What Bathroom Trends Should We Expect in 2022?

So there you have it! You’ve made it through our informed predictions of the biggest bathroom ideas to expect in 2021. But what’s next? Will we see even more smart bathroom products being integrated in 2022? Will matt black finally overtake chrome to become the bathroom’s most popular choice for tapware? Make sure to come back next year to find out.

For now though, why not take a trip down memory lane with our Top 10 Bathroom Trends of 2020?