The Benefits of a Concealed Shower

By Ahlam Abdulaziz

26th Apr 2022

4 mins read

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If you’re in the process of designing your new bathroom and are considering installing a new concealed shower, then look no further than this guide. Join us as we dive into the benefits of having a concealed shower, so you can determine whether this is the ideal option for you.

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What is a Concealed Shower?

concealed shower is a popular shower system that allows you to hide your pipework within your bathroom walls. When a concealed shower is fitted, only the showerhead and controls are on display. This is a great option for those with smaller bathrooms, or for those going for a minimalist style.

The Benefits of a Concealed Shower

Whether you are in two minds about installing a concealed shower or sticking with an exposed shower, here are the top 4 benefits that our bathroom experts have compiled for you.

1. Space-Saving

When designing your bathroom, style and functionality are always a priority. Making use of the space you have, whilst not compromising on quality is a no brainer. Concealed showers are the ideal solution to achieve this outcome.

The average size of a UK bathroom is 2m x 2m. If you have a smaller than average bathroom, then installing a concealed shower like this sleek Milan concealed shower package will help you achieve a trendy, minimalist look, whilst not taking up much space.

The Milan concealed shower package includes a showerhead, handset and faceplate that create a clean and contemporary look. The clever technology of the thermostatic valve can be fitted either vertically or horizontally, allowing you to control the temperature and flow of the water separately or simultaneously.

Concealed showers are not only for those who own small bathrooms, they are also practical in larger spaces. For example, the hansgrohe over bath concealed tap and shower package would be ideal in a large bathroom space. It contains pieces designed for bathrooms with a bath. It comes with a mono tap with waste and a shower slider rail kit. The hansgrohe concealed shower package offers an economical way of adding designer elegance to your bathroom.

In addition to this, it includes the iBox universal basic set, which is designed for use with all standard hansgrohe and AXOR bath or shower lever mixers. The iBox can be used with thermostat finish sets and multi-spray overhead showers.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether you have opted for a traditional or a modern style for your bathroom design, a concealed shower will complement your space. They are great if you want to hide pipework out of sight or to create an overall minimalist look.

Our collection of Arezzo concealed showers will give you a contemporary and designer look for less. The Arezzo brushed brass shower package features a round rainfall showerhead and round thermostatic controls, creating a coordinated aesthetic.

There are many options for traditional style bathrooms, for example this Trafalgar triple thermostatic shower package. It includes a combination of traditional and minimalist antique style, that features durable brass and ceramic materials to withstand frequent use.

3. Practical

Unlike an exposed shower, concealed showers are built with style and functionality in mind. By hiding all of the pipework into the walls, you are left with the essentials on display - showerhead, shower valves and handles.

Majority of concealed showers consist of thermostatic valves. A thermostatic valve offers an easier and more comfortable shower experience, as the controls are simple to use. The Crosswater triple concealed shower valve allows you to adjust the temperature of the water, as well as the flow either separately or simultaneously.

Many thermostatic shower valves have a safety feature should there be a sudden failure. This works instantly to prevent any injuries, like scalding. There are various styles in the market that are manufactured by top brands like hansgrohe, Chatsworth, Grohe and more.

4. Safe & Easy to Clean

Concealed showers are also easy to clean. with the piping hidden away, one spray and wipe using the shower guard easy clean coating kit will provide you with long-lasting protection against lime-scale deposits and contaminants from soapy water.

Now that you know the main benefits of a concealed shower, shop our range of modern and traditional styles to give your bathroom a designer and minimalist look.



Ahlam is one of our bathroom design and DIY experts. Read her blog posts for easy-to-follow guides and insightful tips on how to elevate the look of your bathroom.

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