The 12 Days of Christmas Bathrooms

By Brenna

14th Dec 2019

3 mins read

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Forget yule logs and Santa toilet seats, we're here to give you the real rundown of Christmas in your bathroom.


We’re certainly getting into the Christmas Spirit here at Victorian Plumbing and with the help of a few friends we’ve devised a gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re after a new bathroom suite or a shower set we’ve just rewritten a Christmas classic to see out the decade!

Ok, we can hardly hold a tune but here it goes. Sing it with us now. For the 12 days of Christmas, VP sent to me...

12 Shower Curtain Rings hanging,
11 Light Crystal Chandelier shining,
10” Rainshower Head spraying,
9 Metro Tiles,
8W Wall Lights lighting,
7 Floor Tiles a-laying,
6 Slim Square Jets a blowing,
5 Function Showerheads,
4-Panel Bath Screens,
3 Function Shower Sets,
2 Tier Shower Caddies,
and a Rydal Bathroom Suite

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Day 1. Rydal Bathroom Suite


On the first day of Christmas, VP sent to me a Rydal Bathroom Suite. Upgrade your bathroom this Christmas with the gorgeous Art Deco-inspired Rydal 4 piece bathroom suite.

Built by the elves using high-grade vitreous china, durability will be no issue for this suite but will ensure a quality finish to your bathroom.

Day 2. 2 Tier Shower Caddy


On the second day of Christmas, VP sent to me a 2 tier shower caddy. Crafted from high-quality materials the Alberta 2 Tier Hanging Shower Caddy is great for adding a classic chrome look to your bathroom.

Add some practicality to your shower with a 2 tier caddy, the perfect storage solution for busy households or those who have guests over for Christmas.

Day 3. 3 Function Shower Set


On the third day of Christmas, VP sent to me a 3 Function Shower Set. Spending more time at home this Christmas? The Croydex Trio Three Function Shower Set’s eco-friendly features "can help you use up to 50% less water when compared to standard showers. So cut down that water bill and spend that extra money on presents.

Finished in Chrome, the three function handset with rub clean nozzles is great for adding a simple yet modern look to your bathroom.

Day 4. 4-Panel Bath Screen


On the fourth day of Christmas, VP sent to me a 4-Panel Bath Screen. This neat yet practical folding bath screen is ideal for creating a bright and open space in your bathroom.

Designed by leading shower specialist Coram, the screen covers a length of 865m, providing ample coverage and protection to your bathroom.

Day 5. 5 Function Showerhead


On the fifth day of Christmas, VP sent to me a 5 Function Showerhead, suitable for all showers the Triton 8000 series offers 5 satisfying spray patterns to impress your guests with.

Rub-clean nozzles and a removable spray plate make this Triton 8000 series shower head super easy to clean. A great way to improve the look of your current shower.


Day 6. 6 Slim Square Jets a blowing


On the sixth day of Christmas, VP sent to me 6 Slim Square Jets a blowing. These flat square jets have been constructed from durable brass and finished with a super stylish chrome plating.

These slim square shower jets can be used to create a luxurious shower that both cleans and massages.


Day 7. 7 Floor tiles a-laying


On the seventh day of Christmas, VP sent to me 7 Floor Tiles a-laying. Create a stunning look in your bathroom or anywhere around the home with the Vibe Grey Patterned Tiles.

Perfected for floors or walls the porcelain tiles consist of 9 unique tile designs matched to create an impressive pattern in your home.

Day 8. 8W Wall Lights Lighting


On the eighth day of Christmas, VP sent to me 8W Wall Lights lighting, excellent for mounting either side of a vanity mirror or around the bathroom, light the way for your guests this Christmas.

A great focal point and convenient for any modern bathroom styles.

Day 9. 9 Metro Tiles


On the ninth day of Christmas, VP sent to me 9 Metro Tiles. Be bang on trend with these sleek white brick-shaped Metro Tiles.

Metro Tiles are ideal for creating a neat and clean feel in any style of bathroom or kitchen and look great when topped with a decorative border.

Day 10. 10” Rainshower Head Spraying


On the tenth day of Christmas, VP sent to me 10” Rainshower Head spraying, be the talk of all of your friends with this rainfall shower.

Fitting for those who want to keep a minimalist look to their bathroom whilst enjoying the soft, delicate spray pattern.

Day 11. 11 Light Crystal Chandelier Shining


On the eleventh day of Christmas, VP sent to me 11 Light Crystal Chandelier shining. This simply stunning is an absolute must for anyone who wants to create a luxury feel to their home.

Revive Small Chrome Crystal Chandelier
Small crystal chandelier

This small crystal chandelier boasts 11 individual lights which are excellent for adding that Christmassy feel to your home.

Day 12. 12 Shower Curtain Rings Hanging


On the twelfth day of Christmas, VP sent to me 12 Shower Curtain Rings hanging. After shower curtain rings that slide as easy as Santa down your chimney? These chrome-plated Easy Glide Shower Curtain Rings are for you.

Chrome-plated to prevent rust, these shower curtain rings are sure to make all of your guests jealous this Christmas...of how easy it is to slide your shower curtain!

Enjoyed our rendition of 12 Days of Christmas? Keep an eye out for more Christmas blogs coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out our huge Winter Sale here.

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