Our Top 5 Kitchen Mixer Taps for On-trend Spaces

By George

2nd Jul 2020

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Kitchen lacking in style? In need of a finishing touch? A stunning kitchen mixer tap could help elevate the look of your space.

brass kitchen mixer tap

When it comes to planning a fresh new kitchen redesign, your kitchen sink taps are will likely be quite far down on your list.

Essentials such as kitchen wall tiles, furniture, and appliances all take precedence over these focal points.

However, we think you’ll be amazed at just how much of an impact a well-chosen, modern kitchen mixer tap can have on the overall look of your space.

To help you out we’ve selected our top 5 kitchen mixer taps, all of which offer surefire ways to give your kitchen a truly distinctive look. To update the look and feel of  your kitchen taps, also look into getting a boiling water tap.

5 Kitchen Sink Taps to Heighten Your Modern Style

If it’s been a while since you last updated your kitchen, you may have noticed that kitchen tap designs have improved dramatically in recent years.

Our diverse range has grown to feature over 300 kitchen mixers that vary in both form and function, allowing you to find the perfect option for your specific tastes.

So, without further adieu (and in no particular order) here are our top 5 kitchen sink taps for stylish kitchens!

1. Crosswater Cook Dual Control Kitchen Mixer with Flexi Spray - A flexible option for busy modern kitchens, this Crosswater kitchen tap combines elegant minimalist style with impressive functionality. Its highly contemporary curved look and mirror-sheen chrome finish will complement brighter spaces.

The tap’s central swivel spout boasts a hand pull-out spray nozzle making it easy for you to fill pots and pans, while twin hot and cold levers allow you to dial in the perfect temperature with ease. While build quality here is already impressive enough to give you confidence in its longevity, we’re particularly fond of Crosswater’s decision to include a 15-year guarantee.

2. Dual-Lever Traditional Kitchen Tap - Prefer a classic look? This budget-friendly traditional kitchen mixer tap could be the ideal choice for you. A great way to way to give a period-style kitchen a consistent feel, the Dual-Lever Traditional Kitchen tap can also be used as a focal point in a quirky modern space.

A moveable spout allows you to precisely direct the water, while the tap’s decorative white lever handles give you precise control over flow and temperature. The tap’s diminutive price tag may have you doubting its quality but you can rest assured here; for the money, you get a sturdy tap with brass internals.

3. Crosswater Cucina Belgravia Lever Dual Lever Kitchen Mixer - Delving further into traditional kitchen style, this unconventional Crosswater kitchen tap offers a truly unique take on a classic look. Its gently contoured spout leads to two outward-facing lever handles and an angled solid brass body.

Our top choice for those who desire a standout traditional kitchen sink tap, the Crosswater Cucina Belgravia boasts modern performance and requires water pressure of just 0.2 Bar to be effective. An inspired option that will certainly turn the heads of any visitors.

4. Alberta Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap - The epitome of minimalist style, the Alberta Modern kitchen mixer tap is an impressive budget option that could serve to quickly zhuzh up the look of your kitchen on the cheap.

Don’t be put off by its diminutive price, however, as the Alberta is still full of functionality. A smooth swivel spout makes this ideal for 1.5 bowl kitchen sink and its single lever design allows you to adjust flow and temperature easily with one hand.

5. Crosswater Design Single Lever Kitchen Mixer - A premium product for those wanting to adopt the minimalist look, this Crosswater kitchen tap simply oozes a high-end vibe. We’re particularly impressed by its brushed stainless steel effect finish that somehow manages to appear both eye-catching and understated.

Another single-lever mixer with a precisely weighted swivel spout, the Crosswater Design is a simple and effective solution and its minimal style allows it to suit most kitchens. To entice you even further Crosswater supply this tap with a staggering 15-year guarantee.

What if my kitchen sink isn’t up to scratch?

Unfortunately, for some kitchens, a quick tap change won’t be able to refresh your style. In these cases, we recommend changing up your kitchen sink before going all out on a complete renovation. For inspiration, why not check out our guide to trending black kitchen sinks?



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