Our Favourite Halloween Inspirations

By Alex

30th Oct 2013

3 mins read

Bathroom Ideas

Check out our Halloween inspired bathroom ideas. Lots of cool ideas, DIY Halloween decorations and some great ghostly guest bathrooms from around the web.

Halloween Inspirations

● Prints and Signs
● Accessories
● Stickers and Walls
● Cobwebs

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Halloween Themed Bathroom

We love Halloween, it’s a great excuse to have some fun with your little ones and let their imagination run wild as for a short time you can decorate your home with the kind of thing that is, let’s say, a little bit outside the box (or should that be graaave?).

World's Most Freaky Door Handle
World's Most Freaky Door Handle

Here are some of our favourite Halloween decoration ideas taken from the Victorian Plumbing Halloween Pinterest board. But reader beware, spooky bathrooms ahead!

Prints and Signs

Easy and cost effective, you can make your own posters and signs at home, or pick up one of the already-made ones available online:

Creepy Halloween Toilet Decoration
Creepy Halloween Toilet Decoration

Our tip: Get your hands dirty! Making your own signs can be a fun activity that your child can join in with too - some good old fashioned paper and glue fun for a scary art attack!


No bathroom is complete without a few accessories - well the same goes for Halloween too! There are tons of ways you can turn your every-day items into spooky Halloween props.

Spooky Toilet Paper Holder
Spooky Toilet Paper Holder

Our tip: We love the disembodied gloved hands holding the loo roll on our Pinterest board. Easy, cost-effective and spooky!

Stickers and Walls

Bugs, eyes, glow in the dark spiders and vampire bats - you can utilise space, such as your walls, bath panels and bathroom fittings to help give your bathroom the kind of scary atmosphere even the Addams family would be proud of.

Bat Themed Shower Screen
Bat Themed Shower Screen

Our tip: Use the space you have! Inventive use of white space with stickers and accessories is a great way to achieve the scare-factor.


Nothing sends a chill down our spines here at Victorian Plumbing, than the thought of 8 little legs creeping up on us when we are in the safety of our own homes. You can use cotton wool, paper or even black bin bags into great Halloween decorations for your home.

Our tip: A few plastic spiders in your cobwebs make it much more realistic!

Spider's Web Halloween Decoration
Spider's Web Halloween Decoration

Have fun this year! Halloween may have it’s beginnings in pagan witches and ghoulish ghosties, but these days it is just a great excuse to have lots of fun with family and friends.

Have a great Halloween and good luck with your own Halloween-inspired bathroom!



Alex is one of our bathroom bloggers here at Victorian Plumbing. You'll find him regularly blogging about fun bathroom ideas and trends as well as writing expert 'how to' step-by-step DIY guides.

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