25 Neutral Bathroom Ideas

By Megan

24th Jan 2024

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Bathroom Ideas

Neutral bathrooms are one of our favourite trends when it comes to bathroom design. From modern to traditional, there are so many different design ideas that you can implement into your neutral bathroom and these are just a few of our faves.

Neutral bathroom with wooden vanity and gold accents

Neutral bathrooms are one of the most popular design options for modern day contemporary bathrooms. By sticking to a light and neutral colour palette in your bathroom design, you can create a bathroom that is soothing, calming and minimalistic. A very on trend aesthetic that is appearing in bathrooms everywhere.

At first, the thought of designing a neutral bathroom may seem like an easy thing to accomplish just by sticking to light colours such as white, cream and beige. However, when you start to shop around and browse for some inspiration, you will very quickly find that there are so many different looks and styles that can be achieved in a neutral bathroom.

That is why we’ve compiled an everything-you-need list that will help you design the perfect neutral bathroom for you and your style. 

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Neutral Tile Ideas

If you’ve already started to browse neutral tiles, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by hundreds of neutral tiles that all look the same. These are some of our favourite neutral tiles, each offering a different style that would look great in any bathroom.


1. Esta White Stone Effect Wall Tiles

Stone effect tiles are a great option for neutral bathrooms as they will provide a natural texture that will help to break up any light, flat colours. Which will add more tones and depth to your bathroom. Natural materials are a must in any neutral bathroom.

The Esta White Stone Effect Wall Tiles are a great choice for large bathrooms or people who want to incorporate a rectangular tile into their bathroom design. Their off white, stone texture will add that touch of authentic and raw materials that looks great in bathrooms.


2. Stonehouse Studio Ascent Parchment Geometric Tiles

Geometric patterned tiles can make a bold statement in bathrooms and they have become more and more popular in recent years. However, they can also make an eye-catching statement in neutral bathrooms by combining pure and light colours instead of the usual bold and dark colours.

The Stonehouse Studio Ascent Parchment Geometric Wall and Floor Tiles are the perfect tile to achieve exactly that! This subtle design with a soft colour combination would make for the perfect feature wall, backsplash or busy floor tile in your neutral-coloured bathroom.


3. Solano White Wood Effect Large Format Wall Tiles

When designing a neutral and minimalistic bathroom, natural wood and wood effects are a must have! By incorporating wood tones such as oak effects or white wood, you will be giving your bathroom that touch of natural materials that always goes down so well in neutral bathrooms.

If you are working with a smaller space or don’t like the idea of incorporating warm or dark shades of oak, the Solano White Wood Effect Wall Tiles are perfect for you. With a natural, slatted white wood effect, these tiles mimic the natural beauty of wood. Which will make your neutral bathroom feel more luxurious and contemporary.


4. Stellar Sand Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles

One trend that is worth nothing is the use of traditional and art deco patterned tiles in both traditional and modern style bathrooms. This trend can look just as great in your natural looking bathroom by incorporating those light shades of beige and cream, without sacrificing the bold and traditional pattern.

The Stellar Sand Patterned Wall and Floor Tiles make the perfect, neutral floor tile for traditional style bathrooms by incorporating that timeless, busy pattern that is so popular in more traditional bathrooms. However, these tiles would also make a bold statement in modern bathrooms with contemporary furniture and fixings.


5. Lita Ivory Stone Effect Wall and Floor Tiles

Herringbone patterns have become very popular over the last few years, especially in bathroom design. To achieve this look, you will need to work with long and narrow tiles so that they can be laid correctly. However, if you are designing a neutral space, you may not want to opt for the standard, flat white tiles. 

The Lita Ivory Stone Effect Tiles  will allow you to achieve the herringbone pattern in your bathroom while also providing that natural texture that will help to finish off your neutral bathroom design. These tiles could also be laid in a parallel pattern if the herringbone look isn't for you. Doing this will make your bathroom look and feel much more modern.


Neutral Bathroom Furniture Ideas

When choosing what furniture to add to neutral bathrooms, you should always stick to light colours or natural wood effects. This will help you to maintain that natural and pure colour scheme that will make your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing.


6. Venice Linea Rustic Oak Countertop Basin Unit

Adding an oak effect vanity unit to a bathroom with a lighter colour scheme is a great way to add warmth and depth into the space. Natural materials are great at complimenting neutral colour schemes and incorporating oak effects will help to achieve a contemporary or scandi aesthetic.

Wall hung vanities are great at opening up a space and making your bathroom look more luxurious and hotel-like. The Venice Linea Countertop Basin Unit will add a natural splash of warmth that can make all the difference in lighter toned bathrooms. If you are worried about your neutral bathroom feeling too cold or empty, this vanity unit is guaranteed to make your space feel much warmer and cosier.


7. Valencia Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Brass Handle

Wood effects may not be for everyone and adding white furniture to an already light space is a great way to push that neutral style in your bathroom. Adding a white vanity unit will help to make your bathroom feel more light and open, which will make your space feel bigger and more spacious.

The Valencia White Wall Hung Vanity is a great choice for light and neutral-coloured bathrooms. The gloss white fish will help to achieve that minimalistic appearance while making your space feel more open. 


8. Arezzo Brushed Brass Round Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are often overlooked when it comes to designing a bathroom, but choosing the right mirror for your bathroom can help to push your preferred aesthetic and finish off your room design. The wrong mirror may look out of place, so it’s important that you put just as much thought into your decision as you would the rest of your bathroom.

Adding a brass or illuminated mirror to your neutral bathroom is a great way to add warmth and ambience. The Arezzo Round Illuminated Bathroom Mirror is the perfect option for neutral contemporary bathrooms. The LED illuminated function on this mirror makes a great ambience in bathrooms which will make your space look and feel more spa-like and relaxing.


9. Brooklyn Natural Oak Wall Hung Tall Storage Cabinet

Once you have renovated your bathroom, you might find that your bathroom products and necessities are becoming an eyesore when they are left out on display. To avoid that cluttered and messy feeling in your bathroom, you should be sure to incorporate some clever storage solutions into your bathroom design.

Once again, this is the perfect opportunity to add some wood toned into your neutral bathroom. The Brooklyn Natural Oak Storage Cabinet is a great choice for storage in a light neutral bathroom.


10. Montrose White Tall Storage Unit

Sticking to light and white furniture is a great way to keep your space feeling open and spacious. White furniture will help to make your bathroom look clean and fresh while providing convenient storage for all of your bathroom products.

The Montrose White Tall Storage Unit will hide all of those unsightly bottles and products while maintaining that neutral and minimalistic aesthetic.


Taps for Neutral Bathrooms

When you are choosing taps for your neutral bathroom, you might be unsure about which taps to settle on. Depending on the aesthetic that you want to achieve in your bathroom, some taps would achieve it better than others. 


11. Arezzo Round Brushed Brass Basin Mono Mixer Tap

When working with a neutral space, brushed brass makes a great accent colour as it will help to incorporate warmth and depth into a light space Brass taps will look especially great paired with warm neutrals such as creams, beiges and browns.

The Arezzo Round Brushed Brass Basin Tap is the perfect tap for a contemporary neutral bathroom that is lacking depth and colour. This tap would make a great addition to an oak effect vanity unit or counter.


12. Lancaster Traditional Brushed Brass Tall Mono Basin Mixer

When you think of a neutral bathroom, the first thing that probably comes to mind is modern, contemporary and scandi style bathrooms. However, opting for a neutral aesthetic is also a great idea in traditional style bathrooms. If you are designing your dream timeless bathroom, opting for brushed brass taps is still a great way to incorporate that touch of warmth.

This Lancaster Traditional Brushed Brass Tap is the perfect tap for any traditional bathroom, especially those that are sticking to a lighter colour palette. Despite being a traditional design, this tap still offers those minimalistic vibes that are a must in a neutral space.


13. Toreno Matt Black Round High Rise Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Sometimes, a neutral bathroom can benefit from a darker accent colour which will help to break up an otherwise flat and light colour scheme. Adding matt black taps will help to make your space feel more sophisticated, which makes it much more suited to modern bathrooms rather than scandi styles.

Opting for a high rise black tap like the Toreno Matt Black Round High Rise Tap will instantly help to break up those light colours. This tap will really pop against a minimalistic colour scheme in modern and contemporary bathrooms.


14. Arezzo Round Brushed Brass Wall Mounted Tap

Wall mounted taps can be a great feature to incorporate into your neutral bathroom design as they will make your space feel minimalistic and clean by opening up any counter space. Depending on your preferred aesthetic, wall mounted taps would look great in a matt black or brushed brass finish.

A great choice for those who would prefer to incorporate warmer accents is the Arezzo Brushed Brass Wall Mounted Tap. This wall mounted tap would look great combined with neutral stone effect tiles and a brushed brass mirror to finish off the space.


15. Arezzo Brushed Brass Industrial Style Bath Filler

Industrial style fixings are another great design choice when it comes to designing a neutral bathroom, especially those with a contemporary or Scandinavian aesthetic. Incorporating industrial style taps into your bathroom is a great way to combine neutral and modern designs with industrial and rustic fixings, which can make a great combination in neutral spaces.

The Arezzo Industrial Style Bath Filler would make a great addition to any style of bath from traditional to modern. This tap would become an eye-catching feature that will instantly make a statement in your neutral bathroom.


Shower Ideas for Neutral Bathrooms

A shower can make a huge statement in any bathroom, so it is important that you choose correctly. Adding a shower to your bathroom that looks out of place will ruin the look of your bathroom. When designing your neutral bathroom, these are some of the best ideas that you should consider.


16. Arezzo Deluxe Cool Touch Square Thermostatic Shower

If you have added an eye-catching yet neutral feature wall into your bathroom, a matt black shower might be the best option for you. Especially if you worked with darker neutrals such as beige or brown. 

The Arezzo Deluxe Square Thermostatic Shower offers a modern design that will not only make your bathroom look luxurious, it will also significantly improve your shower routine with a minimalist rainfall shower head which will make your shower time much more relaxing.


17. Gatsby Matt Black & Brushed Brass Round Thermostatic Shower Pack

Opting for a concealed shower is a great way to further incorporate those minimalistic vibes that look great in a neutral space. As well as aesthetic appeal, concealed showers are another great shower idea that will make your shower routine much more relaxing and luxurious.

With the Gatsby Matt Black & Brushed Brass Thermostatic Shower, you will be getting the best of both worlds with the combination of matt black and brushed brass. Both of which are staple finishes in neutral bathrooms. This unique shower becomes its own statement piece, which means it would look great mounted on lighter coloured tiles.


18. Arezzo Deluxe Cool Touch Round Thermostatic Shower

Back onto the subject of brass, opting for a brushed brass shower is a great way to achieve those neutral, scandi aesthetics in your bathroom. Brushed brass will add elegance that is both warm and minimalistic, which will help to make your shower space look more luxurious and clean.

The Arezzo Deluxe Cool Touch Round Thermostatic Shower is a great choice for those who want to add a touch of warmth to their neutral shower space. This shower would look great mounted onto patterned yet minimal tiles or basic tiles such as white herringbone tiles or cream stone effect tiles.


19. Arezzo Fluted Glass Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom Screen

Fluted shower screens are a great option for lighter coloured bathrooms as they will provide privacy without blocking the light and casting any dark shadows that would otherwise ruin the look of a neutral bathroom.

A great choice for a fluted shower screen is the Arezzo Fluted Glass Brushed Brass Profile Wetroom Screen. This shower screen features a frameless design which will add a touch of minimalism to your shower design. Subtle hints of brass will ensure that subtle warmth is maintained throughout your bathroom.


20. Arezzo Shower Niche in Brushed Brass

If you have the time or extra budget, you should definitely consider adding a shower niche to your neutral bathroom design. The great thing about shower niches is that they double as both convenient storage and additional bathroom decor.

The Arezzo Shower Niche in Brushed Brass provides two shelves, one to provide storage and the other as a perfect place for decor placement, such as candles, plants and any other items that help to make your bathroom feel more relaxing.


Neutral Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches that can make or break your bathroom. By maintaining your neutral colour palette and accents, you will create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom.


21. Arezzo Square Brushed Brass 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Pack

When choosing your bathroom accessories, it is always a good idea that you stick to the same ranges and styles as this will help to create a sense of continuity in your bathroom. This is especially important in neutral bathrooms, as switching up styles might make your bathroom look messy or cluttered.


The Arezzo Square Brushed Brass 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Pack makes this process much easier by giving you all of the accessories you need in a convenient pack. This way you can be sure that all of your accessories are matching. 


22. Arezzo Matt White 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Pack 

While brushed brass accents are great at complimenting light and neutral colours, opting for white accessories is a great way to achieve a fresh and clean look in your bathroom. By opting for white, minimalistic designs, your bathroom will not look cluttered or messy.

The Arezzo Matt White 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Pack is another great accessory pack for neutral bathrooms. This collection of modern, white designs will effortlessly finish off your bathroom design without being too overpowering.


23. ShowerGem Shower Caddy

If you are short on space in your bathroom but do not want to risk that over cluttered look that can sometimes come with shower caddies or baskets, you can always opt for an on trend acrylic shower caddy that is completely transparent. This way, your shower will not be looking cluttered and crowded. 

The ShowerGem Shower Caddy is the ultimate shower caddy for minimalistic bathrooms, with no suction cups or screws ruining the aesthetic in your shower. This caddy would look great populated with matching shower bottles that you can refill with your favourite products.


24. Venice Brushed Brass Designer Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are a luxurious feature in bathrooms that will provide you with hot and toasty towels, perfect when you are fresh out of the shower or tub. Whilst towel rails make a great addition to bathrooms, they become a large stand out feature which may take away from that minimalistic aesthetic in neutral bathrooms.

By installing  a brushed brass and contemporary towel rail like the Venice Brushed Brass Heated Towel Rail, you will still get the benefits without cramping your style! This minimalistic towel rail will instantly make your bathroom feel more modern, without tampering with that neutral style.


25. Wooden Spare Toilet Roll Storage Box Bamboo

One of the biggest necessities in your bathroom is toilet roll, which can become quite an eyesore in your new bathroom. Especially if you store all of your toilet rolls in a pile next to your toilet. Incorporating toilet roll storage into your bathroom design is a great way to keep your space looking even more clutter free.

This Wooden Toilet Roll Storage Box is a great option, especially for neutral bathrooms due to its bamboo effect surface. Again, incorporating those natural wood effects that will add warmth to your bathroom. If bamboo is not your style, you can always consider opting for a white storage box for ultimate minimalism.

Designing Your Neutral Bathroom

With all of these ideas in mind, you can now get to work on designing the neutral bathroom of your dreams. Whether light and traditional or contemporary and modern, the possibilities are endless when you are working with a lighter colour scheme. We love to see our customers' renovations and projects, so be sure to tag us in your neutral bathroom renovation on Instagram @victorianplumbinguk.



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