Nautical Bathroom Ideas And Inspiration

By Greg

29th Aug 2013

3 mins read

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It's a look that has always been popular. Stand out from the crowd with a nautical bathroom with beautiful fixtures and fittings, finished off with one-off accessories and memory laden finds. Read on to get the look!

Nautical Bathroom Ideas And Inspiration

● Walls and Floors
● Fixtures and Fittings
● Accessories and Finishing Details

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Nautical Bathrooms Ideas And Inspiration

One of those looks that comes around again and again and never seems to get old is the nautical bathroom. We think we've seen it in every variation, both good and bad and we're happy to say we don't see ourselves ever getting fed up with it. It's just too easy and effective!

Getting nautical bathroom inspiration is easy, as long as you know where to look. We've noticed that some of the most successful nautical bathrooms are ones that home-owners have really put time into sourcing great bathroom accessories and decoration finishes. A great nautical bathroom will make you feel clean and fresh whilst still maintaining a homely and relaxing atmosphere. Trust us, a nautical bathroom is one you'll love forever.

Walls and Floors

Depending on how far you want to go with the look, you've got a few options for a nautical look. If you're looking for a tiled bathroom, we would recommend choosing a slightly marbled or speckled white tile to add depth and texture to the walls and floor.

If you're choosing paint and are considering a blue shade, then we recommend buying as many tester pots as you can. Blues that look lovely on a paint pot sticker in the store aren't necessarily going to look so great as a 6' x 6' wall. Instead of heading straight for the light blue, think about trying out a couple of greyer, greener blues and teals for an up-to-date and quirkier finish. Coloured paints look especially good if they're only on half on the wall, maybe as the painted finish on some wood cladding.

If you're wanting to keep it simple, white walls and a dark wood floor will also look great here as the key to a great nautical bathroom is really in the finishes.

Fixtures and Fittings

Quality bathroom fixtures go a long way when trying to achieve a perfect nautical look. We normally always recommend a traditional toilets. If you're on a budget, traditional toilet and basin suites like this could really be the best option. If you have a large amount of space, and you're looking for something a little different and exciting, a large wooden vanity unit would be perfect. We recommend Burlington bathroom furniture as it is exceptional quality furniture and a luxury addition to any bathroom

Finish your ceramics off with quality brass ware. Large chrome traditional taps will keep the exciting and luxury finish going around the room and acting as a starting point for accessories, they tie the room together.

Accessories and Finishing Details

We can't stress enough the importance of quality bathroom accessories for the nautical look. Because nautical pieces are a little over-manufactured and available cheaply in budget home stores, you'll find that everyone you know will have a certain storage unit or mirror you like.

Try your best to source finishing touches from far and wide. We would recommend sites like Etsy for ease, but if you've got the time try to visit your local antiques store and even second hand shops to find pieces you can up-cycle to make your own. It's much better to invest time and effort into this part of creating the look. Rope the family into helping out, plaiting rope and whitewashing an old medicine cabinet.

I hope you have got lots of examples and trends from my nautical bathrooms buying guide. Which nautical bathroom accessories have you found for your bathroom? Share your findings with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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