Loft Bathrooms: 7 Clever Space-Saving Ideas

By George

2nd Sep 2021

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If you're converting your loft or you're just looking to make it that bit more practical, we've looked into 7 clever ideas that can enhance loft bathrooms.

Blue Tiled Bathroom Wall and White Freestanding Bathtub

With a lot of us spending more time at home than usual, many homeowners have been looking for innovative ways to make the most of their available space.

From creating open plan kitchens to seeking planning for extensions, there are countless things you can try. The top of the list this year though? You guessed it. Loft conversions.

Converting a loft into a unique living space can be beneficial for numerous reasons.

First and foremost, you’ll have an entirely new part of the home for rest and relaxation - which is a big bonus for those with hectic households.

Secondly, loft conversions can make for impressive guest bedrooms that will be incredibly cosy and give guests a true sense of privacy when staying over.

To really put the icing on the cake, however, you’ll need a loft bathroom, too.

Loft bathroom designs have really started to sing in recent years.

Scaled-down fixtures and fittings are more widely available than ever, allowing you to create compact bathrooms without sacrificing functionality. Additionally, interior design trends have embraced minimalism - making pared-back spaces highly desirable.

With this in mind, we’ve looked into the trend and found 7 space-saving loft bathroom ideas that will get the most out of your space in terms of style and practicality.

Our 7 Favourite Loft Bathroom Ideas

1. Slimline Suites

Unless you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a really substantial loft, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to accommodate big basins and cumbersome toilets in your loft bathroom designs. Instead, we suggest opting for a compact cloakroom suite - such as this stunning Milan Minimalist Floor Standing Cloakroom Suite.

The floorstanding unit boasts an incredibly slimline design that protrudes just 222mm from the wall while the diminutive close coupled toilet features a soft close seat and is constructed of hardwearing ceramic. A strong choice for loft bathrooms in need of full functionality without taking up too much floor space.

2. Quirky Quadrant Enclosures

If your loft bathroom designs call for a shower, be wary of the shower enclosure you pick. Rectangular and square enclosures can be unwieldy in tight spaces. Instead, go for a less conventional quadrant shower enclosure and install yours in a corner.

This Arezzo Matt Black 800 x 800mm Frameless Quadrant Shower Enclosure is ideal for loft bathrooms thanks to its curved quadrant design that still manages to be surprisingly roomy. In addition to its practical qualities, its matt black finish is massively on-trend, too.

3. Keep It Light

Another crucial thing to take into account when planning loft bathroom designs, inadequate lighting can make even the most well-planned spaces feel dingy and claustrophobic. Supplementary bathroom wall lighting, however, can easily remedy this.

Take this Revive Matt Black LED Bathroom Mirror/Picture Light, for instance. With its minimalist design and matt black finish, it can be installed above a bathroom mirror or picture frame to provide warm white downlighting. It’ll also effortlessly complement the quadrant enclosure mentioned above - an easy way to begin a consistent theme.

4. Stunning Splashbacks

Though tiling an entire wall in a loft bathroom may be overkill, applying tiles sparingly behind a basin to create a splashback can work wonders at amplifying your bathroom’s style and individuality.

With their impressive geometric patterns and pastel hues, Akara Geo Wall Tiles are our pick for high-end loft bathroom designs. We’re particularly fond of the way they look when paired with wood and wood effect vanity units.

5. Simple Storage

Unlike in master bathrooms, you’ll like only need to stock the bare essentials in a loft bathroom. With this in mind, instead of bulky cabinets and tallboys, go for simple storage options that don’t have much of an impact on floor space.

The elegant Nostra Ladder Shelf Unit will give you ample room to artfully display all of your most impressive bathroom products and make sure that everything is immediately at hand to make guests as comfortable as possible in your lovely new loft bathroom.

6. Perfect Placement

If you simply can’t go without a bath tub, perfect placement is key. It’s unlikely that you’ll have enough room in a loft bathroom to place a luxurious tub centrally, so we highly recommend making use of the eaves.

Bathing doesn’t tend to require too much headroom, so placing a back to wall tub (such as this fabulous Admiral 1685 Back To Wall Roll Top Bath) underneath the eaves can help you make use of space that would normally be wasted in a less shrewd loft bathroom design.

7. Make it Minimal

Space limitations can be the downfall of many loft bathroom ideas. If yours is especially small or you simply want to make it feel as roomy and welcoming as possible, the best thing to do is adopt a minimalist style.

Stick to fixtures and fittings with clean lines, adopt a monochrome palette and make sure that absolutely no bathroom clutter is left out on show. This Hudson Reed Leda LED Motion Sensor Mirror Cabinet is a great example of what the style can achieve and it also features plenty of storage space for tidying things away.


Enjoyed our loft bathroom ideas? Want even more inspiration for different types of space? Try our recent post Bathroom Layouts: Getting the Most Out of Your Bathroom Size. For all other kinds of bathroom inspiration, from style guides to DIY tips, check out the Victorian Plumbing blog.



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