Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms

By Trinity

24th Oct 2022

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Small bathrooms can be awkward to design and have plenty of areas that light can't reach. So, make sure you get it right with our small bathroom lighting ideas.

Whit Bathroom with Round Mirror and Lighting

When it comes to small spaces and downstairs bathrooms, people often associate them with being awkward and even slightly dingy places. But your small bathroom doesn t have to be this way! You can achieve a stylish, light and airy feel with the right lighting and decor.

12 Lighting Ideas for Small Bathrooms

1. Revive Matt Black Round Tiltable Bathroom Downlights

Subtlety and simplicity is key when it comes to small bathroom lighting ideas. If you need some inspo for small bathroom bathroom ceiling lights, the Revive Matt Black Round Tiltable Bathroom Downlights are a great place to start. These lights are recessed downlights, meaning that they don t protrude from your ceiling. This will help to make the small space you have feel more open and less crowded.

2. Industville Sleek Edison Wall Light

If you want to implement some stylish wall lights into your small bathroom, make sure they match your theme! The Industiville Sleek Edison Wall Lights are ideal for industrial inspired bathrooms and will effortlessly tie a bathroom together. Matching your bathroom appliances and decor will help to make sure your space doesn't feel too busy.

3. Saxby Ikon Pro LED Floor Lights Pack

Sometimes when lighting a small space, you have to get creative. Small bathrooms often have awkward nooks that miss out on the main lighting in the room. Using lights that can be installed into the floor or shelf in an alcove can make an astounding difference. Uplighting also adds a dynamic edge to a room.

4. Toreno Ambient Colour Change LED Bluetooth Mirror incl. Touch Sensor + Anti-Fog

Opting for an illuminated mirror is both a stylish and practical way to add some additional lighting to your bathroom. LED bathroom mirrors add that extra bit of tech to your small bathroom. Plus, you re likely to already have a bathroom mirror in your space anyway, so why not integrate some lighting with it too!

5. Searchlight Chrome LED Flush Light with Frosted Glass Shade

Spotlights in a small bathroom can be super effective. They provide great ambient lighting which is the most commonly used lighting in any room of the home. It provides a general and indirect light throughout the room and is normally in the form of a ceiling light.

6. Revive Colour Changing LED Strip

For a truly creative and trendy way to light your small bathroom, bathroom LED strips are a great choice. This works great in small spaces because they re thin strip design makes them non-invasive and can be applied to any part of your room.

7. Revive Satin Brass/Opal Glass 3-Light Cross Arm Ceiling Light

Just because you have a small space doesn t mean you can t have exciting lighting in your bathroom. You can definitely incorporate unique and more intricate lighting designs such as the Revive Satin Brass/Opal Glass 3-Light Cross Arm Ceiling Light. Whilst still bringing a unique aspect into your bathroom, the design provides a sophisticated simplicity, making it a strong choice for a small space.

8. Revive Matt Black Pendant Light

Pendant lights throughout the home have soared in popularity. Their retro and minimal feel makes them an ideal choice for those looking to pull off a stylish small bathroom with finesse. The Revive Matt Black Pendant Lights are perfect for small bathrooms and cloakrooms due to their sleek design which will allow them to add to a space without overwhelming it.

9. Inertia LED Ceiling Light

If you have a small family bathroom, you need the lighting to be practical in its application but timeless in its design. This makes ceiling lights like the HIB Inertia LED Ceiling Light a good choice for a small family bathroom. Their sleek and stylish design will blend in effortlessly to any bathroom.

10. Revive Matt Black 1 Light Semi-Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light

Ensuites present you with an opportunity to design a small bathroom with a creative and personal touch. Ensuites are typically only used by whoever s bedroom they re attached to, so it s the ideal moment to inject some character into your decor. The Revive Matt Black Semi-Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light is an industrial style light that can also be incorporated into a variety of bathroom aesthetics due to its versatile design.

11. Aqua Cabinets - Internal Drawer / Cabinet LED Lighting

Task lighting is purely practical but an important asset of lighting to consider nonetheless. As previously mentioned, small bathrooms can often be awkward in shape and size meaning there are plenty of little areas that don t receive proper lighting. That s what makes cupboards and draw lighting a great addition to small spaces! Fitted with a movement sensor.

12. Cruze LED Round Shower Package with Concealed Valve + Handset

If you re looking for small bathroom lighting ideas that are on the more creative side, an LED colour changing shower is certainly a unique choice. The purpose of this lighting is to add an elevated sense of ambience to your bathroom. Not to mention, as the lighting is integrated into your shower head this won t take up any additional space!

Small bathrooms provide amazing opportunities to be creative and unique with your lighting ideas. It s always good to have a variety of lighting options in a room, and a small space does not mean you have to be limited in your lighting styles!



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