10 Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

By Antonia

28th Feb 2022

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Victorian Plumbing introduce lighting ideas for your kitchen. We explain how pendant lights create a unique glow that can transform the look and feel of your space.


Kitchens are a busy space and known to be the heart of most homes. It’s essential to understand the importance of lighting and how pendant lighting in particular can add a luxurious look that is bound to become a talking point.

Lighting brands Revive and Industville offer wide ranges of pendant lights in various finishes, shapes, and sizes to create a practical and welcoming kitchen.

Here, we reveal the top ten pendant lights to give your kitchen a unique glow.

10 Pendant Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen

1. Revive Glass Ball Pendant Light


Pendant lighting is a rising trend in kitchen lighting - and we understand why. They immediately add style and create a focal point in spaces that may have been considered dull or drab.

With a look of levitation, the Revive Clear Glass Ball Pendant Light makes a striking style statement that you can't help but admire.

The subtle, curved edges of the sphere glass create a warm and inviting atmosphere, not to mention the matching sleek cable that adjusts to a height suitable for you and your kitchen.

Ideal to hover above breakfast bars or kitchen islands, this neutral, chrome light effortlessly coordinates with all colour schemes and works well with both modern and traditional styles.

As the average ceiling is around 8 to 9 feet high, we recommend leaving 34 to 40 inches from the top of the table to the bottom of the pendant light for balanced and precise results. For higher ceilings, we advise to hang this pendant high out of reach to maximise lighting in the spaces you require.

If you have more space or desire additional brightness, try the larger 30cm Revive Glass Ball Light or incorporate three pendants to add symmetry to your kitchen.

2. Revive Glass Ball Pendant Light - Smoked Glass


If you prefer a delicate illumination, go for the same light Revive offer but with a Smoked Glass Ball. Introducing this darker shade will create a contrast and form an attractive and intriguing space.

Adding darker tones will also draw your eyes to brighter features like chrome or brass, forming a dynamic kitchen that feels cosy.

Victorian Plumbing customer Jen, has styled Revive's smoked glass ball pendants to perfection. Jen opted for three pendant lights above her grand kitchen island, they remove harsh glare and initiate an open yet intimate ambience resulting in a dream kitchen space for family and friends to enjoy!

Carry the same alluring effect into other living spaces with the Smoked Glass Lamp with Grey Pleated Shade. This lamp boasts a glass urn shaped base and an elegant grey pleated shade, ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings.

3. Industville Brooklyn 24" Giant Bowl Pendant


Exclusive from Industville, the Brooklyn Giant Bowl Pendant is a show stopper in any space it's installed.

At 24 inches, this hand finished design is intended to hang above the centre of a table, or kitchen island, to provide maximum light when eating or socialising. A work prep area is also a suitable space to display this vintage style pendant.

Made of copper and finished in pewter, the Brooklyn pendant brings an authentic and industrial feel to your kitchen. It coordinates well with dark fixtures such as radiators and door handles to help create a sense of sanctuary in your kitchen.

It’s IP20 rated, a recommended rating for kitchens, to provide reassurance that this light is safe whether you are cooking or cleaning.

Including an adjustable 1m black round fabric flex allows the Brooklyn Bowl to be hung at different lengths depending on the effect you desire and the brightness that you require.

4. Revive Black Braided Cable Pendant Light


An easy way to add a rustic tone and give your space the focal point it needs is with the Revive Black Braided Cable Pendant Light.

The simple sleek braided nickel wire is to be paired with an on-trend LED filament bulb. This combination guarantees the ultimate industrial look in your kitchen.

This particular stainless steel pendant light elegantly hangs by a decorative ceiling plate that features matching traditional design cues.

As mentioned previously, incorporating at least two suspending pendant lights will bring symmetry and therefore order and calmness to your kitchen. This allows more space and gives you the freedom to introduce other kitchen accessories without it looking cluttered or messy.

5. Revive Copper Pendant Light Fitting - 12cm


An effective way to inject sophistication and amplify the style of your kitchen is with the Revive Copper Pendant Light. Thanks to its silky copper finish and extravagant curved structure, this light will ooze luxury in any space it’s installed.

Copper brings warmth to a kitchen, it has the power to softens cooler colours to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

The sleek bell shape contains a standard E14 GLS (small screw) light fitting, meaning replacement bulbs will be easy to come by.

At 12cm wide, this light is ideal for smaller kitchens. You can introduce a trio of pendants or opt for the larger26cm Revive Copper Pendant to create a standout feature in a bigger space.

6. Industville Brooklyn 12" Glass Dome Pendant Light


The perfect blend of industrial and traditional style, Industville introduce a dainty glass pendant to offer elegance to your kitchen.

This versatile glass shade disperses light in an atmospheric way that complements any existing interior themes and brings a touch of luxury to any space. The retro design includes a ribbed glass shade that wipes out harsh glares and casts subtle shadows for a relaxing and ambient environment.

The minimalist pewter holder makes it the perfect option to accomplish the ultimate industrial and classical look, whilst maintaining a sense of magnificence.


Add practicality to your kitchen and hang this pendant light above countertops and workspaces to form a pleasing display and aid everyday tasks.

7. Revive Silver Fishermans Pendant Ceiling Light


Give your kitchen a retro feel with this silver pendant light. This fisherman light is ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere in dining kitchen spaces.

The alluring pendant with a durable clear glass shade reflects light around your room, making it appear larger than it actually is - a huge bonus for smaller spaces.

This light includes a clever adjustable wire that allows you to vary the lantern’s drop to best suit your space. You also won’t need to worry about finding replacement bulbs as the fitting uses common E27 (large screw) GLS lamps up to 60w.

Due to its unique shape and versatile finish, the Revive Silver Fishermans Pendant is an eye-catching feature that works with all colours and finishes, especially chrome, a very popular fitting within kitchens.

8. Revive Matt Black Pendant Light


The Revive Matt Black Pendant Light is an exquisite addition to a kitchen thanks to its compact structure and crystal detailing. The crushed crystal illumination combined with the matt black finish brings a complimentary contrast to your space.


Available in a cool or warm white light, Revive understand that certain spaces of your kitchen suit the characteristics of different light temperatures. Cool light is a bright white light that is generally a better pick for functional spaces like countertop or food prep areas. For kitchen tables or islands, a warm white is ideal to provide an attractive and welcoming glow.

The matt black pendant features a replicable GU10 LED bulb, making it ideal for single or cluster implementation.

With a drop of 1400mm, you can hang the diffused illuminations in the centre of your kitchen island to act as a focal point and create a modern and striking aesthetic.

9. Industville Brooklyn 13" Pewter & Copper Dome Pendant


Industville Brooklyn Dome range enhances features in your kitchen yet blend in with almost any kind of décor, from Modern Urban to Farmhouse, complementing both classic and contemporary styles.

A popular choice for putting the spotlight on worktops or counters is the Industville Brooklyn Pewter & Copper Dome Pendant. Complete with an adjustable 1m black round fabric flex, this stylish dome pendant brings texture and contrast to your space.

Made of sturdy brass and finished in both pewter and copper, the hand finished dome pendant is designed to become a focal point and ensure an authentic vintage look. It's available in a 13" or 17" option to suit kitchens big and small.

Whether you hang this pendant idle to provide a radiant glow or incorporate it as a trio, it immediately becomes a standout design that provides maximum comfort in your kitchen.

10. Industville Brooklyn 8" Wire Cage Pendant


The Industville Brooklyn 8" Wire Cage Pendant will leave a lasting impression in your kitchen due to its diverse shape and unique design.

It instantly initiates an eye-catching contrast against lighter tones and brings versatility to your space by sophisticating existing features, whether they’re a modern or traditional style.

Attention to detail can really impact the overall character of your kitchen and selecting this matt black Wire Cage Pendant will provide the ultimate luxury feel. Matt black features work well in neutral spaces and particularly complement stone and wood textures to form a contemporary look that won’t date.

Take kitchen style one step further and hang a cluster of pendant that sit at different heights to form a chic alternative of rustic industrial style.

We hope this blog has helped you determine the perfect pendant for your kitchen, for more choice, check out our full range of Kitchen Lighting.



Antonia is one of our in-house bathroom design experts. From style guides on all the latest trends to handy step-by-step DIY tips, you'll find her insightful writing here on the Victorian Plumbing blog.

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