It's Good To Share - Creating An Ideal Bathroom For Couples

By Rob

2nd Sep 2015

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How to make the most out of a shared bathroom.

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● The best of both worlds
● Ideal for couples

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Creating An Ideal Bathroom For Couples

Moving in with your partner can be an exciting time. Love is in the air and you finally have your own space together, however problems can arise when it comes to one area in particular….the bathroom. We’ve literally lost count of the amount of times we’ve heard people venting their frustrations about their other half ‘leaving the loo seat up’ or ‘taking forever to get ready of a morning’. If this sounds like you, don’t fret as there is a solution, a bathroom specifically tailored for the needs of a couple...

The best of both worlds

First and foremost, you need to turn your attention to the colour and general style you plan on using. Discuss your plans together in detail to ensure that you’re both happy with the outcome. It’s probably not going to go down too well with him if you choose a baby pink hue, or with her if the room ends up feeling overly rugged and masculine.

The best plan regarding colour is to stick with neutral shades as these colours are universal in their appeal. Whites, browns, greys, and creams are all great choices and will look great in any setting regardless of whether you decide to go for an ultra-modern or more vintage inspired look. Alternatively, a monochrome scheme is also ideal due to its timeless appeal.

There are an abundance of bathroom tiles and paints available to select from which will allow you to create the desired effect. Highlighting certain aspects of the room, such as alcoves, in a contrasting colour is a tried and tested trick that looks fantastic and helps to break things up a bit.

Ideal for couples

The key to creating an effective bathroom that you can share as a couple is to ensure that the crucial elements of it are chosen with practicality in mind. A great starting point here would be to install a double basin. This eliminates any annoying waiting while your partner finishes their seemingly endless morning routine.

There are numerous ways you can incorporate a two basin setup. One way would be to have a double basin vanity unit, which houses the basins side by side at the top and provides ample storage space underneath. This would be great for organisation as you can have a side each for your personal items such as razor blades or makeup. Besides this, having a large cabinet with twin counter top basins is another solution. For smaller rooms, two separate pedestal basins or wall hung basins will be the most sensible option to keep space at a premium.

Adding a bathtub will give your bathroom a luxurious touch, and double ended freestanding baths are a great way for both parties to relax. Depending on the size of the room, a separate shower is also a good idea as both people can then cleanse at the same time. Shower baths are also ideal in this environment.

Of course, when both of you are sharing a bathroom on a regular basis, you’ll quickly realise that storage is of great importance! No one wants to be sifting through endless hair care products or shower cream bottles trying to find their own stuff, so adequate storing facilities should be planned. As we mentioned earlier, a large vanity unit is a great idea as it keeps things neat and organised. Wall hung bathroom cabinets or freestanding bathroom units are also worth looking at if you have the room, as these products are designed to further reduce the amount of clutter on display while also looking fantastic in the process.

Finally, a selection of tasteful items and bathroom accessories will add a touch of personality to the room. A large mirror is a great idea as you can both use it simultaneously. Small additions such as bathroom sets, bathroom mats, and towel rails all help to complete the look. With the right products, an ideal bathroom for couples is easy to achieve, and who knows, it may just save your relationship in the process!

I hope this guide has inspired you to come up with lots of ideas for how you can design your bathroom around your relationship. If you found this article interesting then why not share it with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.



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