How to Use a Toilet Brush

By Hannah

21st Feb 2024

5 mins read

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Knowing how to use a toilet brush may seem like an unnecessary task but it’s essential to achieve a clean bathroom. Read this easy tutorial on how to use a toilet brush.

white toilet with patterned tiles and brass toilet brush

Many people avoid using their toilet brush simply because they think it’s an uncomfortable task. Using and then subsequently cleaning your toilet brush the correct way will eradicate any discomfort attached to the chore. Following these simple steps will ensure that your bathroom deep-clean doesn’t grind to a halt once you’re faced with using your toilet brush.


What You’ll Need

Luckily, using a toilet brush only requires a couple of items (some more obvious than others). You will need: 

  • Toilet brush 
  • Toilet cleaner/ bleach
  • Disinfectant spray 

So, without further ado, this is how to use a toilet brush!


How to Use a Toilet Brush

Step 1:

While this may seem like an obvious step, make sure that your toilet is freshly flushed before you proceed. This ensures that you aren't spreading dirt and germs around your toilet while trying to clean it.

flush cartoon

Step 2:

Using the cleaning agent of your choice, preferably a toilet cleaner or bleach, pour a healthy amount over the toilet bowl surface. You can also pour some straight down the toilet, where the water sits.

cartoon bottle of bleach going down toilet

Step 3: 

Next, take the toilet brush and gently scrub the toilet bowl in circular motions until all the visible dirt is removed. Then, dunk the toilet brush under the water and scrub the part of the toilet that sits under the water as well as you can.

cartoon toilet brush down toilet

Step 4: 

The next step seems slightly counterintuitive, but bear with us. Whilst the brush is still in the toilet, press the flush button. Remember to hold on to the brush to prevent the water from moving around and splashing you or your surroundings.

cartoon of toilet with brush down the toilet

If you thought that was easy, wait until you realize how simple it is to clean your toilet brush!


How to Clean a Toilet Brush


Step 1: 

To clean your toilet brush, use a cleaning agent in the form of a spray, like disinfectant, and spray all around the bristles. 

toilet brush being sprayed by disinfectant

Step 2:

To successfully sanitize the brush, you need to wait for the disinfectant to work. Rather than standing and holding the brush while it works, you can lift the lid of the toilet and place the brush underneath. The lid holds the brush in place, and you can return in 10 minutes once the brush has been sanitized.

toilet brush being held under toilet seat

Step 3:

After at least 10 minutes, return the brush to its holder and you’re left with both a clean toilet and a clean brush!

toilet brush


What Toilet Brush Should I Get? 

When it comes to toilet brushes, there are many different options to choose from. Some opt for a traditional brush, while others opt for more modern, smart brushes. Some need a white bristled brush to ensure that they notice when it gets dirty, whereas others would prefer a dark bristled brush to hide the dirt. If you’d like to weigh up your options, take a look at our range of quality toilet brushes here



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